Cayo Levisa and Havana (Cuba) diving
Has anyone had experience of diving on Cayo Levisa? Planning a trip to Cuba with hopefully a good balance of seeing the place as well as diving. Will be in Cayo Levisa for 3 days so w...

The FIRST time ever my SOB dived without me!
It finally happened! My good wife is the SOB in question. We are SOBs of each other (aka Self-Reliant Divers) because it is very common occurrence that we are 100 feet apart...

Hugh Huntzinger always tried to NAME SMEAR, but will NEVER succeed
For those short on ATTENTION SPAN, skip to the last TWO paragraphs of this post on HOW to search for ANY topic, in scuba, statistics, probability, air and cruise travel, and what Reef Fish ...

Deciding which scuba components to buy
I am getting dizzy regarding the variety of regs,octos gauges that are available. I try to use ScubaDivng's ratings to guide me. I want gear that is "low profile" for easier transpor...

San Diego cruise / scuba
Does anybody know of any dive operators in San Diego that will work around cruise ship schedules? The ships typically offload after most dive boats have already left for the day. ...

Travel Easy Everywhere with VoIP Phone works like a mobile phone - no PC is required!
Internet (Voip) phone service plan thru wireless network,can reduce telephone charges compared to standard telephone services. It's giving you greater freedom to roam throughout ...

About Dallas, TX lakes
I am new to scuba. Any recommendations about lakes in the dallas area for a day trip? I heard about Athens and Clear Springs and Athens seems to be more popular. Why ? Any suggesti...

Chankanaab Scuba, No Mas
I still remember the days when it was $1 entrance fee and $5 to rent a tank. The last time I dived at Chankanaab, few years ago, the park entrance fee was about $5 and I was ...

Putting together scuba gear
In my last post I requested feedback regarding different pieces of gear I'm considering buying. What I forgot to ask was: I assume all these components from different mfrs. are ...

Recommendations for gear
This is my first purchase of Scuba gear and am considering the following based on reviews I've read, price etc.. For tropical waters only. I already have the Cressi Aq...

Recommendations for compact analog 3 gauge console
Would appreciate recommendations for "compact" analog 3 gauge consoles. Thanks, Sy -- Please post and reply to [email protected]

Offshore Drilling Bill Advances in Senate - Good for America, good for the fish and good for fishermen/Spearos
Offshore Drilling Bill Advances in Senate By H. JOSEF HEBERT | Associated Press Writer Posted July 26, 2006, 11:16 AM EDT

Khao Lak, Thailand
We has just booked a week at the Royal Bansak Beach Hotel, Khao Lak. I would welcome any suggestions for a diving operation. We will be there just seven days over the New Year period...

Questions about diving SE Alaska
We are taking a 10 day Alaska cruise next month, and I am looking for info on dive shops and dive charters in Juneau or Ketchikan. Has Channel Dive Center in Juneau gone out of business? T...

Need Male Diving Buddy
Looking for a nice male diving buddy to dive with me on the weekends in the flroida panhandle...If you are interested please e-mail me at [email protected] or instantant message me on y...

Alabama Diving???
Is there any diving off of the Alabama gulf coast? We are planning a family trip to Dauphin Island (a barrier Island off the coast of Alabama) and most are not divers and the rest are cas...

Miami area Diveing center
Hi guys, I'll be in Miami area on first W. of September? Could someone suggest me the best diving center in Miami and Key Largo. Thanks a lot. Ciao Andrea

Cape hatteras diving/lodging/air $800
We had 2 divers bail at the last minute. We have 2 spots in a rented house. this trip includes 5 days of diving 80' to 165'. Food, air (nitrox you pay the difference) and boat. August6,200...

El Cid Hotel in Cozumel
Was wondering if anyone has stayed at the El Cid Hotel in Cozumel? I want to stay in a reasonably priced (not all-inclusive) hotel that has a gym, pool, business center and...

Travel BCs
The August 2006 issue of "Scuba Diving" has ratings of BCs beginning on page 50. I am considering purchasing a BC and am interested in the "Travel BCs" on page 56., specific...

Diving in the Caribbean was never like this
Here's a group of locals you're not likely to meet any time soon diving in the caribbean, at least not judging by what happens to the one at the end. Check out the funny video. ht...

Cozumel Water Temperature
Will be in Cozumel for 10 days starting Saturday. What kind of water temperature are they getting currently? Chris chrisb1erg*NOSPAM*

Missed me by that much;_ylt=AqJPN4iCbWMMeYV6hoqolztI2ocA;_ylu=X3oDMTA5aHJvMDdwBHNlYwN5bmNhdA-- "A powerful earthquake sent a 6-foot-high tsunam...

Rental gear?
During our vacation to Aruba we were trying to rent gear from the local 5 or 6 dive stores. All of them had a policy of only renting equipment if you have one of their instructors with them....

Name of Dive Shop at the Fiesta Americana Hotel in Cozumel
Does anyone have the name of the Dive shop at the Fiesta Americana Hotel in Cozumel? Also can anyone recommend SSI or NAUI Training Centers there? Thanks, S...

Pictures of Europe
Free of rights high resolution pictures of European landscapes. Geography and history and digital antique maps of Europe.

Returning after absence
My wife and I want to return to scuba diving after a 7 year absence. We have not kept up with information regarding locations. We have previously been to Grand Cayman and Cozume...

sites with links and information about bonaire:

Pictures of Europe
Free of rights high resolution pictures of European landscapes. Geography and history and digital antique maps of Europe.

Question re: BCD, regulator, weights
I need some recommendations for equipment that I hope to buy in the near future for warm water diving. Excuse my newbie terminology. The BCD's with the pockets for weights...

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