One Day on Oahu
I'll be in Oahu for a few days (Waikiki, unfortunately), but will have just one day to dive, and I'm looking for recommendations of operators and locations. I'm buddyless this tri...

Hi all, Off to Florida at the end of September, is there any good scuba sites/centers that are worth going to? I'm there for 7 days before heading up to washington. <...
hi every body i want to show you its a site with all kind of information about Puerto Vallarta, you can find restaurants, bars, tours, doctors, spas, etc.

Cruise to GC, Roatan, Belize and CZM
I've got a few berths on a cruise next January to all four. If you're interested, you know how to reach me. The price is great and the amenities are worth a small chunk of change. -- ...

South-west France
Does anyone know (or can anyone recommend) any dive outfits in or near Narbonne, on the Med coast? Or anywhere between, say, Montpelier and Perpignan? I'll be near there for the 2nd half o...

Oriskany dive report, Memorial Day 06, Heep Big Boat
0315 rise time in order to make 0600 roll call at The Scuba Shack in Pensacola. Took about 50 minutes to drive there, doing the speed limit. Checked in and paid. Boat (the Wet Dream) was r...

Need a date look here.
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Dive In Bunaken and Lembeh , Manado-Indonesia
Below is our General Information about Bastianos Bunaken. B astianos is a PADI Resort & Diving center which located on the west part of Bunaken Island (PADI PIRA member R-34063). Accom...

Here is our General Information of Bastianos Bunaken :
Bastianos is a PADI Resort & Diving center which located on the west part of Bunaken Island (PADI PIRA member R-34063). Accommodation at Bastianos in traditional wooden bungalows, we have 10...

Tip - Water World Diving Center in El Quseir - Marsa Alam - Egypte In May 2006, our group of 12 Belgium friends, of which 9 dive buddies from dive center Scuba College in Mechelen (, visited the ...

Oriskany pics Vis looks pretty good, though a bit murkier @ 130 on that last pic? Trying to line up a spot on a boat for Monday--no luck so far... ...

tioman island diving & Snorkeling
Hi all, Anybody with recent experiences in Tioman. Are there any shore based snorkeling? Please post Thanks Davis AZ

Indonesia -- Flores Diving
I am traveling to Indonesia and plan to dive in Maumere on Flores. I would be grateful for any recent info on dive operators, resort/dive packages and cost, reef conditions. I am an experie...

Diving Tuscany Italy
Hi, HAs anybody information about scuba diving on the coast of Tuscany. The area i'll be visiting is about 25 km south of Livorno near Castagneto Carducci. Any info...

Great places to SCUBA
I'm a student in a college class. I've been assigned by my professor to ask you where is your favorite place in the world to SCUBA dive. Thanks for your help!

Favorite place to go
Hello, I am a college student and have been assigned by my instructor to ask all of you in this group where your favorite place is to travel.

punta cana
I'm going to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic for a week in July, the first 4 days of which I'll be working. However, I'd really like to do some diving over the weekend before flying h...

Bonaire by Cruise
We sail there in November. We've never been there. My husband is mostly interested in the off shore diving. I'll probably do an excursion to the Harbour Village Resort while he dives. ...

WHERE's the fish?
Looking for a new place to go. We Really enjoyed Akumal, Mexico. We felt safe there. There were good places to dive and snorkel. Good stores for food, good places to stay, good div...

Belize robbery
Another agent at Dugan's received the following email Since you have clients traveling to western Belize with us in the near future, we want to make you aware of a recent threat...

Diving in St. Vincent & the Grenadines
Looking for information on diving in St. Vincent & the Grenadines and looking for recommended dive operators. Thanks, Koog

(1st time 2) Cozumel trip report May 3-10. then 11... (long)
For those who care... Pics have been posted at Rumor has it, folks in the office are looking to do the Oriskan...

If you need Google Adword & Yahoo SM keywords for vacation condo certificates, I'm compiling a list now
If you need Google Adword & Yahoo SM keywords for vacation condo certificates, I'm compiling a list now If you need them, they're here:

CPR/AED Course for Scuba
My local Health Club is giving a Certification course in CPR/AED (Automated External Defibrillator) under the auspices of the American Heart Association. I have read that ce...
New diving web site is on-line! Guide to diving in Croatia. You should be able to find every relevant Croatian diving site over there. That's the idea. It is not complete ye...

Florida Keys ??
We will be in Tavernier this June. We're looking for info on dive companies, dive sites, resturants and night life. Any and all info would be appreciated. Ken and Company

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What are the best scuba cruises in Caribbean?
I'm considering taking a liveaboard scuba cruise on one of the scuba fleets like the Aggressor, Netkon, Peter Hughes or any other fleet operating in the Caribbean. I don't want to be...

Diving in Guanica, Puerto Rico
Several weeks ago I posted an inquiry regarding diving conditions on the Southern Coast of Puerto Rico. Some of the feedback I received wasn't especially encouraging but I w...

Bequia, a very enjoyable place to dive
Visibility and Diving: While we had 40' on a few dives we more often experienced 60+. The reefs are very healthy and colorful for the most part. And I was enchanted. Lots...

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