Equipment Problem in Costa Rica
I recently dove in Northern Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica. I tried several dive shops (Aquacenter in Flamingo Beach was the most professional of them all) but had a problem at one p...

Illegal Immigration, the Non-Issue of the Week........................
Our politicians loved talking about it this week, but they won't do anything about it. Get the details from The Expert: <...

Today's Content Quality Rating For <#newsgroupname#>
The content quality of rec.scuba.locations has been rated by its users at least once in the last 24 hours at To rate this group's content and/or view up-to-the-seco...

PADI Pearl Diving Speciality
Has anybody taken the PADI Pearl Diving Speciality Course in Bahrain yet? Would like to do that one as one of my specialities for MSD. Any input appreciated - thanks. ...

Trip Report: Nekton Pilot, Belize
After a red-eye flight to connect with the morning flight from Houston to Belize, we were exhausted upon arrival in Belize City. The second leg of the trip was a misery for me. After suffe...

Dear Group Members, We are a group of students and avid diving fans, carrying out a project on Diving Vacations. We would appreciate it if you could take 5 minutes of your time to...

Where to snorkel / stay on Maui???
Hi, We loved our one & only visit to Maui south of Kihei about 15 years ago and can't wait to go back. We stayed at a Makena Surf condo and loved snorkelling right out our <...

Truk Oyssey?
Does anyone have any recent experiences with this liveaboard?

Belize, Honduras?
I'll be leaving in a couple of weeks for the above destinations. I'll be in Roatan first, and I've gotten pretty good advice about dive shops there. In Belize, I dive out of Hopkins ...

receptive in Bahamas Islands
Hello, I am looking for a receptive in Bahamas. I need the prices for the flights between freeport and grand bahama, hotel prices and transfert in/out.... you can contact me at sa...

Hello All, Does anybody in this group have been to Togian recently for resort based diving? Please post ease of travel to get there and quality of diving. Thanks ...

New St. Lucia Forums -
After realizing there was no big St. Lucia forums around on the net while planning my April trip to there I decided I would make a new forums for St. Lucia so people can find and discuss information m...

Sorry guys. The spam stuff was not my intent. I do oppoligies and won't happen again. I have never been on newsgroups before and not sure how to work them. I hope you guys can forgive a b...

Man I have found this site that has the cheapest ink for any printer. You can compare prices and then review the companies on service and quality. <> Let me kn...

Self Catering Accommodation on the Island of Gozo - Malta.
Minolta Holiday Apartments offer good value for money self catering accommodation on the island of Gozo - Malta. All Apartments have a balcony overlooking the sea, from where sunset is a sce...

Costa Rica dving and driving
Can someone recommend a great Costa Rica dive spot which is also close to some canopy tree sightseeing? We're thinking of renting a car in San Jose after we land and driving

Subic Bay
Hello, Does somebody know the dive operator Ocean Adventures in Subic Bay north of Manila. Beside diving with killer whales they offer reef and wrack diving. How are ...

diving in sharm
one world divers in sharm el sheikh is presenting a very proffesional affordable diving service. check our website and contact us for discounts and more offers. info...

Diving in springs
I've been reading about a place called "Ginnee Springs" in northern Florida. I hear it's a great place. I live iin N.J. and was wondering if there's anything similar (I know

Best diving in the Andamans?
Hi, I'm going to the Andamans next month- what's the best diving operation? 73, doug

Bob Crownfield is the MOST IGNORANT Bob in the history of USENET
Not to mention the most land-locked IDIOT who hasn't dived a single time this millennium, and hangs around GANGS in rec.scuba.locations and rec.scuba making nothing but NOISE and a damned fo...

Great Prices on Swimwear, Island and Beach Wear, Cover-ups and Lingerie
Explore the depths in a new bikini or sexy one piece suit. Lounge on the boat deck or on the beach in your new swimsuit complemented by a mesh cover-up! After the day of diving is done, g...

Singles Dive Trips To Bonaire
Good day, Each time I am flying home to Bonaire I notice most divers come down with groups or families or friends but wonder what do singles do? Do you travel alone? How do ...

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Weasel Awards

Self Catering Accommodation on the Island of Gozo - Malta.
Minolta Holiday Apartments offer good value for money self catering accommodation on the island of Gozo - Malta. All Apartments have a balcony overlooking the sea, from where sunset is a sce...

Oriskany Dive
The ship is not even sunk yet and I already have people lining up to dive on it. I sense another rec.scuba dive in the making. If it's going to happen, I might as well start keeping trac...

PADI Training vs.. others
I received my YMCA Open Water Cert. about 6 years ago and recently received my Advanced Open Water Cert. through PADI. The latter dive instructor was very knowledgeable and ski...

Good/Bad Experiences/Recommendations for Great Barrier Reef Liveabords?
Hi All, I'm looking to do a liveabord trip on some part of the barrier reef in the next few months so I wondered what experiences others have had? + name of operator? +...

Egypt/red sea
I am thinking of going to cairo and the red sea in july but I am not sure if its safe. This is my itinerary: 3 days in cairo, 4 days on a nile river cruise going to Abu Simbel, Aswan Luxor, ...

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