Fantastic Dive Trip
HI, We just returned from an unbelievable stay in Guanaja, Bay Islands of Honduras. We stayed in a villa that is built on a reef, so you are right out over the ocean! The view is awesome an...

Maldives live aboards ...
Dear Friends, I'd like to book for a diving trip next summer at Maldives. I'm looking for a dive boat that can be directly contacted saving the costs of the agency. Is there anyo...

Dive buddies in sw france
I am moving to france in 3/4 weeks time and looking for dive buddies. Thanks Winker

Anybody Been on the Aqua Cat?
I read their website and did a GAGS so I have some info. My question is, with 22 (or maybe, up to 28 ) passengers, how crowded is this boat? Dan Bracuk If we don't succeed, ...

Belize or Cozumel?
If you could go on a 2-week vacation to either Belize or Cozumel, which would you pick, and why?

Trip Report - Little Cayman Beach Resort
Service Provided By Air Canada (, Cayman Airways Express ( and Little Cayman Beach Resort ( Executive Summ...

Don Smith, Dockmaster of Bimini Big Game Club, dies in Chaulks Crash
For any of you who have visited Big Game over the years, Don was the friendly man would would ride his bike out to meet your boat and offer an island welcome. He always had a kind word an...

Good Bangkok Info
Bangkok, steamy, hot city of angels and angles, equally brash and butal, sexy and mysterious, hot and holy, mad and sublime, crazed and cultural, the world's most beautiful women and nasties...

Accommodations in Palawan, Philippines?
Hi All, I know this is long shot but can anyone recommend a place to stay in Palawan near Coron Bay (near enough to dive it a few times a day)? The only places I've found so fa...

Oman, Muscat at Nabucco extra divers resort
We're off to Oman in January (9 days!) and would appreciate any trip reports, info. etc about the destination. I believe that the Nabucco Extra Divers Resort was formally the Oman Dive Cen...

Grand Cayman - Cayman Reef Resort Info Needed
We are headed down to Grand Cayman in mid-January for some diving and beach time. Yes, I'd rather go to Little Cayman, but we want to have some fun, hit the beach, etc.We've quickly discov...

Sharks' Bay diving center Sharm el Sheikh
Anyone used this dive center in Sharks bay Sharm. Just looking for any reports. Thansk Darren

travel info
for cheap air tickets try for good hotels

Thailand- any good spots left?
I would appreciate any recommendations for Thai diving locations..upscale resorts and quality dive operations thanks Ginny

WiFi in Aruba??
Hi, I plan to be in Aruba for 2 weeks next month. Anyone know if there are WiFi hot spots on the island? Or any place where a visitor with a lap-top can check e-mail? Or anyplac...

Thailand live aboards?
Hello divers, I'm looking for suggestions on Thailand live aboards that you have experience with. I'm interested in up to 9 days live aboard, possibly the ones going to Burma as w...

Water temp?
Anyone know what to expect as to water temp for Akumal/Playa de Carmen ... mid January Thanks, Graham

Puerto Vallarta Dive Shop?
My wife and I decided to get certified during our vacation to Puerto Vallarta in January, so I paid a $100 deposit to Chico's Dive Shop for 2 certification courses. Since then I've read a lo...

I got your email, did you get my reply?

I'm going to be in Mozambique, based in/around Maputo, and I'd like to to some diving in that time. I probably won't have a car. Does anyone know if there are dive bases nearby, ideally...

Sea & Sea MX 10 camera for sale on ebay

Dive operation recomendations for Cancun?
Anyone have recommendations from personal experience? ~~~Fortes Fortuna Juvat~~~ ~~~~~Veritas Vincit~~~~~~~

Akumal diving
Getting close to a trip to Akumal (middle of Jan 2006) can anybody fill me in as to the conditions after the Hurricane? What am I to expect for water temp for diving and/or snorkeling? ...

Curacao Resort Info
I have been reading this newsgroup for a few days.... AND I think the best way to get an answer to my previous post is this. Has anybody been name calling while they stayed at Kura Hu...

Scuba resort design
Hello Group, I am in the process of purchasing an Inland scuba park and need some input on the best design of restrooms, showers, lockers ect. I am looking for all type of ideas. ...

Where are the postings?
From time to time all the new postings are not available on the server of my provider. although the groups are still listed. On earlier complains my provider replayed that th...

anybody have recent experience with either habitat,lions or sunset. does anyone know which hotel has the quickest boat trips to the best reefs? thanks bob

Bolifushi Island Resort Maldives
Hi: I'll be in the Maldives in late February - early March for a week on a liveaboard and few days in a resort. The liveaboard part is all booked, but I'm still unsure about whic...

Dive Accident Insurance
I'm again shopping for dive accident insurance. My problem with the coverage generally offered (including DAN's and PADI's) is that the coverage is secondary to any other insurance. In...

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