Single-day Florida trip recommendations
Hey everyone, I'm taking the family to Orlando on the 19th of October and my wife and I want to see if we can squeeze in a day of diving. We have managed to get someone to watch ...

Turks & Caicos - Beaches
Thinking about taking the family to the Beaches resort in T&C. Does anyone have any feedback on their diving operation? Is it geared towards the "non diver" or will they provide avid cer...

Wedding underwater in Belize?!
Odd one I guess. Is anyone in touch with or knows about some reigstrar in Belize who also has a diving certificate that would certify underwater? I've done a search and could not find a...

Canadian Divers
Hi im trying to get in touch with Canadian divers please email me at [email protected]

Diving in Saipan
I have been trying to find some info on diving in Saipan. Seems that the two reccomended shops All American Divers web site has not updated since 2000 and Abracadabra's no longer exists. Any...

Boracay Dive Trip?
Hey Folks, I'm interested in organizing a dive trip to Boracay during the Chinese New Year Vacation (January 28th - Feb 6th) or so. I live in Taiwan and it is a relatively s...

1mm for bahamas diving
Would a 1mm fullsuit be enough for diving in June from a liveaboard? 3-4 dives a day max. What about for diving the wrecks off Key Largo? Just typical 2 tank dives to 130 ft. I d...

Turn any trip into a diving vacation!!
Hello all, my name is Dena and I am a personal travel assistant as well as an avid diver!! Let me plan a diving vacation for you. I can turn any cruise ship vacation or land package into a...

New web site
New web site a new web site listing dive sites in the usa...drop by and check it out. please share your favorite dive spots...share the wealth !!!! ...

New web site
New web site a new web site listing dive sites in the usa...drop by and check it out. please share your favorite dive spots...share the wealth !!!! ...

Wet Set Diving Puerto Morelos
Has anyone dived with Wet Set Diving in Puerto Morelos, Mexico? I will be there next month. Wet Set requires payment before you get there, to get a good price on diving. I usually like to se...

Scuba Diving among Aruba Ship Wrecks before bad-mouthing Aruba
Something you might want to think about ? --------------------------------------------------------------- Just having returned from our third Aruban dive trip, we thought the info belo...

Puerto Rico in February
Hey guys, I've read some posts about Puerto Rico, seen some serious amounts of angry being thrown around by people pissed at others for posting advertising for the places. <...

Diving around St. Martin
Hello, I'm heading to eastern Caribbean (to St. Martin to be precise) in late March. I'd be thankful of all info related to diving in that area, e.g. good dive operators, visibi...

Diving in Iraq
I'll be taking a vacation in October and I was wondering who the best dive operators are? I have fond memories of the middle east when I was there during the first gulf war, and I must say ...

pacific mexico
Can anyone tell me about diving in Los Cabos or Ixtapa

Asmaa - Red Sea Liveaborad
Any body know anything about the M/v Asmaa out of Marsa Alam?

Hawaii - Kona shop with snorkeling vest CO2 cartridges?
It looks like transporting CO2 canisters via plane is not allowed so I'm looking for a shop near Kona on the Big Island that stocks CO2 cartridges for inflatable snorkeling vests (the CO2 ...

Insurgent Attacks Target Scores of Poor Shiites Insurgent Attacks Target Scores of Poor Shiites By Borzou Daragahi, Times Staff Writer BAGHDAD, Iraq -- At their uncle Hamid Gha...

Bahia Principe Tulum
We stayed at the Bahia Principe Tulum resort 3 years ago.... and there was a dive operator right on the beach...that went out with a small boat just off shore... we didn't dive with them a...

Should I purchase a full-length wetsuit?
I'm planning on diving the Kona Coast in late November-early December. I know the water temp will be about 75-78F. I have sufficient "insulation" so that I wear only a bathing suit in wa...

Galapagos drysuit or wetsuit
My husband and I are planning a trip to the Galapagos in November on a liveaboard. When I dive in the Caribbean, I wear a 5mm long wetsuit, a 2mm shorty over it and a vest with a hood. I am ...

Galapagos Luggage Restrictions?
Anybody been to the Galapagos Islands recently that can provide info on luggage restrictions. Everything we read indicates you can only check one bag each - has anyone been recently that has...

Looking for Chuck in Florida
Chuck we met at Vortex. I would like to talk to you more about the Aqua Cam you had? I can't find your website. If you read this, please email me. Thanks, Laurel -- To...

Hawaii - island trade-off
Might be able to choose between the two locations for getting in a quick dive or two later this first diving opportunity in Hawaii. Given the choice, which one would you pic...

Any good place in Quebec province
I'm looking for good spot near Montréal in the Quebec Province (canada) Stf

visibility in Sipadan Nov/Dec
Any good?

Western Australia
Any recommendations from the group on dive operators and dive sites in Western Australia? Only have a day or two on the trip there for some diving... Thanks in advance.. ...

Costa Rica
I could just fucking Google it, but I'll ask instead. Any opinions on Pacific coast diving in Costa Rica? Some friends are headed that way and have gotten mixed reviews. Any dive ope...

Hints traveling to the Maldives ?
Hi there, I traveled to the Maldives 6 years ago and I was single. Now I think about traveling there with my wife arround end of September. My requirements are privacy,...

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