Palau Liveaboard
I am hoping to go to Palau next year, I have read several comments thats liveaboards are the way to go. It appears that the only options when I am there are the Ocean Hunters an...

SoCal Lobster Dive - First Week of Season!
We need to get a few more bodies on this boat! We have 5 now so there are 11 seats left for big dive fun: OCTOBER (2), 3, 4 & 5th Limited Boat - 16 Divers Max on 22 seat boat.

River Diving , is a experience ??
I am a newsbies in diving , someone have a River Diving experience to share?

Mares or Oceanic First Stage ? and second stage?
Mares or Oceanic First Stage ? I need and advice , which one is better for first stage Mares or Oceanic. I want to spend no more than $600.00 Bucks. BlackBCDiver

dive locations within the UK?
Does anyone know of a website that that has a database of inland dive locations within the UK?

going to Turks...what dive center to use
I read about Dive Provo from Trip Advisor and wanted to ask if anyone here has any other suggestions? How do divers get from their hotels to the docks? Thanks!! Eddi...

Marathon? diving
Some friends want to take their newly certified grandson diving. They are coming from San Antonio and are interested in Marathon Key (I don't know why) for 4 adults and the boy. I am ...

Learning to Dive on Grand Cayman
My husband and I are considering spending a long weekend (3-4 days) over Thanksgiving on Grand Cayman to take an intro scuba course. I'm a good swimmer and fairly experienced snorkeler, but...

What to do in Fiji on the surface?
Planning to go to Fiji in June to dive with Aggressor. Interested in horseback riding afterwards. Any suggestions? Thank you very much in advance. Please respond off list to egoltsATsan.rr.c...

Culebras ! a Tropical Paradise
Is posible to eat well in this place , yesssssssssss of course ! BBC

Malaysia, Sipadan - fires, kidnapping?
Hi. I've got a trip scheduled for Sipadan the 5th of Sept. I've heard that this may not be the best time to go. Anyone been there of late or heard anything about kidnappings or ...

La Parguera | La Pared (The Wall) La Parguera Wall , Puerto Rico /USA "Located six miles of...

Puerto Rico Great place for diving !
Hi : I what to share this fantastic interactive Map from Puerto Rico. Is a great place for diving in the North The Atlantic / in the South The Caribbean Sea. The of the two nice w...

Curacao - SuperClubs Breezes
Interested in going to Breezes in Curacao in November. Anyone been there??? Thanks, Heather

Shark attacks research diver
I looked up "Holy Crap" today and it said see this... CANBERRA, Australia (AP) -- A marine researcher is missing and presumed dead after he was attacked by a shark off a popular...

Diving Turkey in Bodrum/Gumbet?
I'm off to Turkey next month. I'll be staying in Gumbet next to Bodrum. Any recommendations for dive operators/clubs and sites in the area, preferably C.M.A.S. Cheers Eugene, ...

West Yorkshire diving places?
Where are they? Interested in rivers, lakes, tarns etc.

Bonaire Express
Has anyone used this airline to get from Aruba to Bonaire? Is it reliable? I usually fly Air Jamaica from Newark to Bonaire (through Montego Bay). But, since Air Jamaica is stoping all fl...

Any Good Diving In DelRay/West Palm Florida?
I will be spending a few days in Del Ray Florida around early Feb/2006. Does anyone know of any good diving in that area? If so, does anyone know of any local dive shops that could hook me ...

Lohifushi is on North Mal=E9 Atoll. It takes about 30 minutes by speedboat or 1.5 hours by dhoni (fishing boat/ferry) to get here from the airport at Male, the capital of the Maldives....

Puerto Rico -- Scuba Dive | Fell the Emotion / August 28 Beach Los Tubos Manatí
********************* *** Scuba Motion **** ********************* Víctor - Scuba Trainer (787-604-6959)INFO . $39.95 excursion / Include bote from beach to dive site ...

********************* *** Scuba Motion **** ********************* V=EDctor - Scuba Trainer (787-604-6959)INFO . $39.95 excursion / Include bote from beach to dive site...

Any Austin, Texas divers out there?
Like Matt, I would like to meet fellow divers. I live in Austin, Tx. I just returned from a dive trip to Papua New Guinea... outstanding! thanx, shawn abbott

Fiji diving
Hi All, we live in Australia and want to go diving in Fiji, we are looking at staying at Susies Plantation with pro dive... would like to know if anyone has been to Fiji di...

New Houston, TX Based Dive Site
Hello all, I'm a PADI DiveMaster, suffering through a life in Houston, TX. I've found lots of information on clubs, schools, and shops, but I just wanted a site where divers co...

Houston, TX SCUBA Site
Hello all, I'm a PADI DiveMaster, suffering through a life in Houston, TX. I've found lots of information on clubs, schools, and shops, but I just wanted a site where divers co...

Scuba locations in the Northeast U.S.A.
I live in Central New Jersey. I have YMCA Open Water Certification and wanted to check out some places off of New Jersey, Maryland or Virginia. Can someone recommend ...

Coral Sea
This is a multi-part message in MIME format. ------=_NextPart_000_0143_01C5A57C.5C10CDA0 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1" Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-pri...

Bonaire/Galapagos Connection
I am a travel agent specializing in Bonaire. Since KLM has a non stop flight from Quito to Bonaire I wish to start cross promoting the two dive spots. Does anyone have an excellent contact f...

Cruise Ship Dive Excursions
I am an experienced diver (over 20 years but just recently got certified) who has never dove anywhere but New England. I am planning a cruise next February (the main reason I finally got c...

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