sailing & diving: Abacos or St Martin
My wife and I are trying to plan a combination sailing & diving trip. We had a fantastic trip to BVI last year, and we plan to do Tahiti in a few years. We've narrowed our choice this year...

Continental to Bonaire? Hot damn.
Bulletin (June 24, 2005) In a ceremony that heralded a first for Bonaire - a US carrier flying to Bonaire non-stop-Continental Airlines signed an agreement to begin weekly flights from Ho...

Looking for suggestions.
My bride to be and I are looking to go to a dive destination for our honeymoon. She is a non diver so we are either looking for a place with scuba/snorkeling sites, or a place where she can ...

Viz off Cannery Row Monterey CA
Will be in Monterey next week and deciding whether or not worth carting gear. I hear the viz off the Row rarely exceeds 15 ft. in July and could be 3 ft. Any experiences? Jim

scuba spot resources?
Where can I find a really good list of scuba spots worldwide? Does anyone know of a good compiled list of reefs, wrecks, etc with names and/or latitude/longitude coordinates?

dive chinchorro
visit , If you want a friendly ecological resort Chinchorro In front of Costa Maya is Chinchorro, part of the second largest reef in the world and It'...

Aggressors Go Fishing
Recently received a newsletter from the Aggressor fleet that mentions that they are going to offer fishing charters on a couple of their boats. Doesn't appear to be anything on their websit...

Place in New Jersey, somewhere in Augst
Hey, We live in Union County, NJ and was looking for a place to go diving as my first post-cert. dive. I know it would be a bit cold, but I am willing to rent a 7mm or drysuit...

looking to dive protea bank south africa
hi anyone know if anyone is taking charters to the protea banks south afica thank you for your time

A Novice In Coz
I went to Chankanaab park a couple weeks ago (6/15/05) and had the best dive ever. I've really only had the opportunity to dive in murky Texas lakes so this was like Heaven. Nowadays at th...

A louer à la semaine France Vosges
A louer pour les vacances à Gérardmer (Vosges) F2 d'environ 55 m² Couchage 4 personnes (adultes) Appartement entièrement équipé situé en plein centre ville de Gérardmer (face à la ...

Cayman Brac: Divi vs. Brac Reef
I understand that Divi Tiara is closing for a month this Fall. Is that true, and if so, for how long? Otherwise, are they in full operation? How is their dive dock progressing? ...

Q: Diving to Norway-> Hoddevik
Hi there, We are going to Norway at july for surfing. We would also like to scubadive there. To be more accurate we are going place called Hoddevik, check out picture -> h...

Desperate to dive Scapa Flow
Hello all, I am DESPERATE to dive Scapa Flow in September. Have tried SO MANY places with no luck. Can someone throw me a lifeline? Single diver, looking for day ...

Roatan advice needed
We are considering a Dive trip to Roatan and are thinking about 3 resorts; Anthony's Key Resort, CoCo View resort and Inn of Last Resort. We are looking for an All-inclusive (meals included...

Whitsundays and GBR
My wife and I enjoy taking vacations that combine sailing and diving (most recently we went to British Virgin Islands). We are considering a trip to Whitsunday Islands. We would rent a sai...

Any recommendations concerning Malta? Need shallow dives on account of young daughter, and good hotel for rest of family. Thanks

snorkel vacation for the moderately disabled
My wife and I are planning to take a vacation in the last week of July and we'd like to go someplace warm, with some good snorkeling. I realize this is a scuba list but I assume many of you ...

Red sea
I would like some information about diving in the red sea. Can anyone give me some guidance. I would like to know if a land based or live-aboard is better. Names of hotels and dive shops, be...

Global warnig and ..sharks
From: The Times Friday June 17 2005 NEWS 27 by Simon De Bruxelles --------begin------- Sighiting of the sharks have increased by 65 percent in Scottish waters over the ...

Hawaii in December?
Starting to look at a small ship cruise from Hawaii to Tahiti and might add some extra days onto the trip...probably on the trip's front end. Tentatively, we're looking at the Honolul...

Aruba / missing Natalee Holloway news videoclips
Aruba / missing Natalee Holloway news videoclips http://nataleeholloway.tripod.=ADcom/

Protea banks
Hi anyone Diving the Protea Bank in South Afica ThankYou

Australian Live Aboards
We're going to be in Australia later this year... We are looking for some recommendations on live aboards and best dive trips (sites)... This group has provided us with some...

Australian Live Aboards
We're going to be in Australia later this year... We are looking for some recommendations on live aboards and best dive trips (sites)... This group has provided us with some...

Australian Live Aboards
We're going to be in Australia later this year... We are looking for some recommendations on live aboards and best dive trips (sites)... This group has provided us with som...

cartoon: Deep-Sea Creatures' Biggest Problems
Members of this group may enjoy this cartoon. :-) DEEP-SEA CREATURES' BIGGEST PROBLEMS See it at Mar...

"Lake Powell: Arizona lake level finally returning"
Lake Powell: Arizona lake level finally returning at

Anyone have recent dive experience aboard Turks and Caicos Explorer II?
I'm leaving very soon and would like your thoughts. thanx, shawn abbott

Air New Zealand and Air Qantas ground Handlers at Brisbane Air Port. Did they Still my luggage?
Well the Air quatus personnel at counter said he would call the for the transfer he had the tickets and the description of the luggage only one of two arrived in Png. Every were i go i ...

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