Tulamben Bali question
I will be traveling to Tulamben in June for a few days and was wondering if there are any places to just rent some tanks and weights and go in off the beach WITHOUT a guide. Have all other ...

Southern France / Sicily Diving
Folks, The missus and I are going on European Holiday this summer. 2 weeks will be spent in southern France and Spain. The exact I tinerary hasn't yet been worked out, but w...

Diving Holidays in Sicily
Dear Diver, we have the possibilities to let you and your family get a several discount (10% - 25%) in the Hotels, pensions or B&B of Taormina and Giardini Naxos at the oriental coast o...

Cuba dive centre info ??
Off on our hols in a couple of months, and decided to go to Cuba. Does anybody have any dive centre contacts, we will be based in Playa Guardalavaca which is on the North East side of the is...

Re: Still in Dahab at the Red Sea / Last Minute Info
I am very interested in going to Dahab very soon... Looking for any kind of information on this destination....... -- subaquaticus ------------------------...

Cabo San Lucas
I'll be down in Cabo San Lucas in June, and would like to get a recommendation on dive operators that anyone has used. Thanks. Larry

Belize Liveaboard - Sea Dancer II -11/05
Looking for a getaway? National Geographic Portal Trip or any number of specialties offered by Rich (PADI M-10927) the instructor on the trip. So why not travel to Belize, aboard the Peter H...

Wanted:: Aeris Atmos Pro IR download
Anyone have an IR download docking station for the Aeris Atmos Pro they are willing to part with? Mine is getting beat up and would like to get a new one just in case.

advice wanted for diving in spain, italy, or france
I will be in Italy and Spain this summer, and I am determined to dive. however, I don't know anyone who is knowledgeable about where to dive. I'm diving with some people who are newly ...

Is this justice or what?
My machine is protected by a hosts file that blocks inline adverts. It's a very good thing: "google" for "hosts file" and you'll find several sources that will help you with this...

KeAloha - The Keeper, New Hawaiian Mythology Book for Young Adults
Has anyone out there read this new book at Barnes & Noble (and Borders), "KeAloha - The Keeper" by Emel Kay? especially anyone on the Big Island or Maui? it's really cool. it's a submersi...

disgraceful Costa Rican policies
It was on TV last night -- about the Cocos Islands and how the Costa Rican gov't allows Taiwan fishing trawlers with their huge trailing nets that extend for miles to ply the waters around t...

Advice on Diving in Fiji next February
I have the chance to head to Fiji next February on a dive trip. Would be staying at the Koro Sun resort, doing mostly close boat dives with a few possible trips much farther out.

Calling all divers
We need your help. The oceans and their reefs belong to all of us. When you have a free moment, please read this: http://www.petitiononline.com/=ADlyngbya/petition.html

Where are the postings?
From time to time all the new postings are not available on the server of my provider. news.datazug.ch although the groups are still listed. On earlier complains my provider replayed that th...

re: Key Largo recommendations
Ditto to Quiescence comments. Although, I've dealt with them (specifically Paul, in days gone by) but never been on one of their boats, I suspect they're just as good at the boat part as in ...

CoCo View Roaton
Has anyone been there lately? How are the accomodations AND DIVING?

location corse
loue a sartene T2 meubl=E9 (a 10 mn de la mer) ,3 couchages,machine a laver, 487=80 la semaine sartene periode: juin,juillet,aout tel: 06 21 16 53 54 a confirmer pl...

Key Largo Suggestions
I will be visiting Key Largo overnight at the end of May. My son & I want to dive the Duane and the Spiegel Grove. We were thinking of an afternoon 2x tank trip on one of the two, then anoth...

Has anyone out there done Wakatobi? I have the opportunity in August but the price is rather high. I'm looking for any pertinent feedback. Thanks Michael <...

Info on Cozumel, Dive With Martin and Fiesta Americana
Hi All, We just came back from 6 days of diving in Cozumel. It had been 7 years since we were last there. We dove with Dive with Martin and stayed at Fiesta Americana. <...

Key Largo...
Try AquaNuts at mile marker 104............ http://www.morg.co.uk/malaysia/seaventures/index4.html Dave Morgan at work in UK

Recommendations & Ideas for Magaluf, Majorca
Can anyone recommend a dive company operating out of or near Magaluf in Majorca please. Never been there before,i'm a advanced open water level diver. Just looking for a couple of days of ...

Brothers Islands - is it too difficult?
Hi, My girlfriend and I are considering a diving cruise to Brothers Islands. We're both AOWD with 55-65 dives but we're a bit rusty not having dived for a year. We read that this ...

Northern Portugal
I've asked this before but thought I'd have another go: can anyone tell me anything about diving in Portugal, not the Algarve but about as far north as you can go there, up by the Spanish ...

Blackberrys In Cozumel?
Does anyone know if any of the phone systems in Cozumel support Verizon/Blackberry service? Also, I saw where one of the dive groups, Aldora, (no flames, please) was going t...

Bali and Lombok Trip from UK
For those interested in Bali & Lombok check this out 'www.scubadivingtours.co.uk' (http://www.scubadivingtours.co.uk) -- jason Padi divemaster -...

Key Largo/Islamorada Report
Hi All, We just got back from using Rainbow Reef in the keys. We had a great time. Good Outfit, knowledgeable folks. Had a friend get certified as a new diver. he enjoyed hims...

New Baggage Restriction - Cayman Airways Express
Now that Cayman Airways & politics has forced Island Air out of business, they're turning the screws to their customers... Therefore, before you book, better check out Cayman Ai...

Trip Report - Occidental Cozumel (Cozumel Grand) Palancar Dive Operator
My wife, 6 year old son and I just returned from a one week stay at the Occidental Grand (Grand Cozumel) all inclusive resort. I wanted to write about our trip so that others can adjust the...

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