Planning to go to Culebra (porto Rico) only for diving. Any suggestions about accomodation, diving place and visibility ? Tnks in advance.

REQ: Hawaii Big Island Dive Operators recommendations

Blackbeard's Cruise Report, May 14-20-2005
Blackbeard's Cruise Report, May 14-20-2005 Just back from a week on the mighty Sea Explorer cruising in the Bahamas. What an adventure. Blackbeard's provides a great combo of tr...

I'm thinking about trying a live aboard called Blackbeard's. Has anyone been on this cruise or heard anything about it? Aaron

How is it? -- R*Horse

Been to Scotland?
How is the diving? -- R*Horse

Dive operators in Aruba?
Hi, I am plnning to go to Aruba in Nov. and I am looking for dive operators that run only 6-8 experienced divers and provide transportation to and from resort. I am going with my...

how to take a camcorder under water?
Hi, I haven't started scuba diving yet, but have been doing some snorkling. I have a Sony camcorder that I'd like to take down a few feet to record the fish. Can anyone suggest a ...

Tahiti in July???
anybody know?? thanks Gunny

Egypt? July ok? tips?
any info on Egypt would be great thanks Ginny

Scuba Near Murcia Spain
My wife and I are going to be in Murcia next month for a wedding and wanted to do a dive while we were there. Any advice on operators, conditions, water temp. etc.. Thanks for any advice <...

Diving in Derawan Island
We just started our dive resort located in Derawan island, Borneo, Indonesia. Anyone interest to go there or arrange a dive group? 6 pax will get 1 free (accommodation and dive tour) Who int...

caye caulker?
Does anyone have any suggestions for accomodations and dive shops? (I've been there a few times, but just day trips from San Pedro or as a stop back from the outer atolls.) <...

Diving in Sicily
Dear Diver, we have the possibilities to let you and your family get a several discount up to (10% - 25%) in the Hotels, pensions or B&B of Taormina and Giardini Naxos at the orien...

Raja Ampat
Hello all, I'm new to the newsgroup. I want to schedule a return to Raja Ampat. I dove there last year and even though the diving was beyond extraordinary, the boat I was booked on, M...

Off topic--Buying Property in Cozumel
I think we are ready to take the plunge and buy a place in CAM. We are leaning towards a condo simply as we are not quite ready to retire and live a life of leisure. We also don't want the...

Cozumel-Trip Report
Just got spite of USAir's best attempts to delay our trip to and from there. We missed our connection from Charlotte. Our option was to wait one day for the lone flight each ...

Caye Caulker?
Recommendations for dive shops and accomodations? Joledy

Costa Rica resorts
any help wopuld be great...Pacific side thanks Ginny

Eating in Los Cabos
I wonder if anyone can recommend any restaurants in Los Cabos? Specifically, I'm looking for good local food. E.g places locals go or, probably at a higher price point, places aimed at...

Upgraded system, call for morons
Okay, I've upgraded my system, and changed news-readers. So all you strokes, morons, oxygen wasters, and pinheads, post to this thread. Respond if: -You're male,...

discount gear?
Hi, I'm just beginning to learn about scuba diving, and don't want to put much money into it until I find out if I'll want to do much of it. Right now I'm looking for the best pri...

Best Dive Operators in Los Cabos
I am going to Los Cabos next month and wondered if anyone here can recommend (or warn against) dive operators? Many thanks

OT - For Greg Mossman
Greg, I started reading this NG because I love diving and I love travelling, but... I have to admit I'm staying because you kill me. You are too funny, keep on writing, you hilarous g...

Tulumben, Bali
I will be traveling to Tulamben in June for a few days and was wondering if there are any places to just rent some tanks and weights and go in off the beach WITHOUT a guide. Have all other ...

Photos/Movies from Lighthouse Reef, Belize on-line
I spent 3-4 months this winter at Lighthouse Reef in Belize aboard my sailboat. We dove on average 2 times a day. I had just replaced my Se & Sea film camera with an Olympus C-8080 digital...

Bazaruto Archipelago in Mozambique
Has anyone here ever been diving at the Bazaruto Archipelago in Mozambique? Can you share some thoughts? Are there any dive guides available? We're considering a trip to South Africa ...

Re: Diving in Vietnam
On Wed, 18 May 2005 07:11:50 -0600, Daniel Arrepas wrote: > > "Grumman-581" <> wrote in message > news:[email protected]_s71... >...

Grand Turk
We're thinking about going in late June, looking for others' experiences with dive shops and accomodations. How about mosquitos? al

Diving in Vietnam
I'm planning a short 1 week dive vacation around end of July or early August. Places that have been suggested to me are Nha Trang, Whale island and Hoi An. Has anybody dived these areas...

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