Honduran airport closures
La Prensa, one of the major daily newspapers for Honduras has reported that ALL four airports in Honduras are closed due to haze caused by massive forest fires. Tegucigalpa, San Pedro Sula, ...

Grand Cayman & Cozumel
I'm going on Carnival's 5 day cruise in July. My small group will consist of one very experienced Navy diver, his newly certified teenage daughter, and myself who falls in between. We wi...

Diving Holidays in Sicily

Online meeting for New York divers
NYDIVER is having there online chatroom meeting for the New York Long Island divers at 8 pm eastern, everyone is welcome to join 4/28/05 - we try to have one every thursday anyone ...

Nekton Pilot - Southern Belize
Has anybody been on the Pilot recently when it actually did the Southern (i.e., Glovers) itinerary. I was on the April 9 trip, and got the impression from some of the crew that they almost ...

Conzumel - Should I rent a car?
Subject says it all. The wife & I are going in July for a week. Staying in Conzumel at one of the all inclusive resorts. Wondering if we should get a rental car for the week or use public...

Scuba World, Negros Oriental Philppines?
I'd read where they were going to open up at the former Coconut Plantation Inn in Barangay Masaplod, Dauin. Has that happened-are they doing dives out of there yet?

Scuba Montserrat
best diving in the Caribbean on the island of Montserrat, www.scubamontserrat.com -- Message posted via http://www.scubamonster.com

Cancun, Maui or La Paz?
Where is great for Snorkeling (girlfriend doesn't dive yet) at end of May? Thanks

2 for 1 sealife vouchers
Hundreds Available 2x 2 for 1 sealife vouchers. Sent Anywhere In UK For Just 1 pound by paypal send payment along with name and address to [email protected]

I'm on my way!!
More Westend, Roatan for me! Meeting up again with my great buddy who lives on the other side of the continent and in another country. Be good to one another while I'm gone. :^) ...

Khao Lak
I dived a super site called Boumsong Wreck a couple of years back. It is about 3 kms from the shore. Has anybody dived it recently? Did it get affected by the 26 December earthq...

Summer diving on Belizean Cayes
Anyone have experience diving in June or July from Ambergris Caye? I am looking for an unbiased report of the air/water temps & weather conditions. Heard many good things about Ramon...

Snorkeling Hawaii Insiders Guide
http://www.snorkeling-hawaii-insiders-guide.com Enjoy! :)

Snorkeling Hawaii Insiders Guide
Try this awesome website, it's brand new, very rich content: http://www.snorkeling-hawaii-insiders-guide.com/

Puerto Vallarta diving
My fiance is heading down there in May. Any good diving to be done? Decent dive shops? Thanks, Tom

Good Place to Learn Scuba and Become Certified?
The subject header says it all. A friend and I want to try out Scuba diving for the first time and hopefully get basic certs at the same time. Can anyone recommend some good place(s) to go...

Costa Rica diving
Where's the best spot to stay in Costa Rica for diving? I'm ready to go!

Utila Dive Center/Mango Inn (Dive Trip)
Has anyone had any experiences with these 2 places? Utila is a dive center and I believe they work in conjunction with Mango Inn as their recommended place to stay. I am new to diving and so...

Dive Operators in Hawaii (Oahu)
I am taking off for Hawaii next week and wondered in anyone had recommendations for a dive operator on Oahu? I am trying to stay away from any big cattle boat operations. Thanks...

St. Maarten, St. Thomas, or Grand Bahama Island for diving?
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eBay scam warning.
The return address I use for News Groups is unique. The current one is only a couple of days old. The link leads to a page that lets you give them all your credit card data and ...

Eastern Caribbean
Anyone doing the Navigator June 4th? (St. Thomas, St Maarten, San Juan and Nassau)

Cruise Diving West Caribbean
I am going on a cruise to the Western Caribbean in December. We are going to Belize, Roatan and Cozumel. I wanted to book the diving outside of the crusie ship and did not know how to go...

camper/ diving tour cuba Scuba-en Cuba
Has anyone had experience of the Scuba-en Cuba camper/diving tour that they offer? I like the idea of setting my own itinerary, doing some sight seeing as well as diving. I am ...

Diving in Croatia
Noticed the header and wondered if this was still a LIVE conversation or one that was being beaten to death. In March 2003 I spent a week on the island of Vis just under a...

Exotic diving in the Caribbean
i found this very cool website on diving in northern dominica...not an area many of us know about....i spent hours looking at all the video clips, and i must admit i'm pretty impressed wit...

Key Largo Diving
Anyone had any recent good experiences with shops in Key Largo. THinking about finding a 6 pack for a few days of R&R Thanks in advance David

Dominican Republic Scuba Fun Dive Center
I will be staying at the Viva Wyndham Dominicus Palace in early May. This is near Bayahibe, where Scuba Fun Dive Center is. I have searched the newsgroups and I do not see much informatio...

Grand Cayman trip 4/20-4/27
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