Back from Bonaire
Hi, I'm just back from Bonaire; we chose a package from Blue Divers It included a studio, car rental and no limit air air. The studios are simple, but co...

Only 23 days until Coco View
Two weeks at Coco View Resort, all inclusive, full moon, night dives, great shore diving. Wreck in the front yard. Anyone want my fully paid for package from Toronto for half price? ...

Caribbean Divers in Freeport?
Has anyone tried Caribbean Divers at Freeport Bahamas? Opinions please? Clint Free Spirit Gallery Inuit Art

Maui & Kauai
Could I get a few recommendations on good dive shops and also dive locaions in Maui and Kauai? Thanks! You can also reply via email... dr.szarek at gmail dot com

Sipadan (with a kid)
As we'll be visiting Borneo in July I thought of going to Mabul for 4 days. I've been using Google and have found quite some info (also on this NG), but still I need some advice. Our 9...

Diving in Oz
This has come up suddenly. Carol is headed to Australia for business and is going to take a few days before in Sydney. Suddenly I find a dynamite price LAX-SYD. So I stay with her in Sydn...

The Greatest News Ever! << The Greatest News Ever!

The Greatest News Ever! << The Greatest News Ever!

Maui diving, shore diving? Kapalua dive co?
We'll be staying near the Kapalua Dive Co. I understand they do shore dives daily. How are they as an operation? For boat dives, the hotel mentioned Extended Horizon and La...

Cozumel Plaza Hotels
My wife and I usually stay at Plaza Las Glorias when we go to Cozumel. With the changes made to PLG this is probably no longer an option. I can not remember any of the hotels right on the...

Florida diving

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St. Thomas, USVI Chamber
For info:

Jais Aben - Madang PNG
Has anyone stayed there recently?

Cuba Water Temperature
Hi, I'm visiting Cayo Coco in Cuba next week. Anyone know what the water temperature will be be? Thanks Rocky -- The Earth Is One Country and Mankind i...

Sorrento Italy
Have to be there for work next month. Is there any diving that I might take advantage of? -- ------------------------------------------------------------------ Scott F. Miga...

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Help: Diving in Sudan
I got some infos from sounds interesting. But I am a bit scared about Sudan, I was not there before. Any personal Experiences ? Greets

Bonaire info if you please
Just found your site, way too much politics! I am looking for personal suggestions for; Best car rental Best place for dinner and any other info that may be had for June/July dive ...

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Puerto Rico
Hey Greg, did you go to Puerto Rico yet? Let me know! [email protected]

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Wakatobi in Indonesia anyone been there?
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Best diving Thailand july-august 2weeks ?
I would like some recomondation for the best divesites in thailand that can be reached in a 2 week holiday in july/august. My preference is big marine life and wrecks. Experience 10 yea...

Diving on
Hello to all, I want to signal the section to my site dedicated to the Diving, I started my diving adventure in October...

Exposure Suit recommendation for Cayman Islands
What exposure suit is recommended for diving Cayman this time of year? 3Mil? Full? Shortie? Skin? Thanks Jerry

Philipsburg St Maarten
I will be in Philipsburg, St Maarten in early June (on a cruise). Anyone have any info on dive shops there that they would recommend? I hate diving with the cruise line - too many divers....

wanted - used dive computer
Hi Group - Hope you can help. As a newbie diver (and a poor student) i am looking to purchase a used dive computer, either a Mares M1, a suunto gekko or a vyper - any reccomendatins? ...

padi or ssi advanced courses
I'm taking my advanced course but can't decide which program to use - Padi or SSI. doesn't anyone have any experiences they can share? Tks Steve

Wall dive from Eden Beach Grand Cayman
Someone told me that we could dive the wall off of the Devil's Grotto/ Eden Beach shore dive. Is this really possible, and how long of a swim is it?

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