Dutch Springs PA
Good morning all, Wondering if anyone has been to Dutch Springs, I just finished my certification course and I was curious about the site where I will be doing my check dives in...

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Dive Pictures
Just thought that that you would enjoy some of our dive pictures. We try and update this site often. Twice a month usually. Anyways, it's easy to navigate. Send me your comments also. I lo...

virtual cave dive, Wakulla Springs
explore this site and you will find the virtual dive, use your mouse to drag the diver into the cave: http://www.floridasprings.org/exploration/featured/wakulla/

Scuba near Rome and Venice, Italy
Anybody have any info? TIA, Chuck

Bonaire for Singles
If you are on Bonaire the week of March 20-27th and are a single traveler there will be a treat for you. March 20-27th is Singles Week being hosted by two ex pat women who left the rat race ...

Travel/Diving in the Philippines
Anyone been there done that? I have a friend I am visiting that lives east of Manila about an hour. It's my first time there and I'm interested in knowing what to expect as far as the travel...

Lake Ontario dive sites
Does anyone know of any dive sites in the Rochester, NY area? I would really love to see some wrecks up there.

Some new photos
Just some surface scenic shots from West End Village in Roatan. Taken December 2004. http://www.geocities.com/westie97/honduras/roatan05.html

Bali lodging suggestions
A coworker has wrangled a business trip to Bali for 10 days next August. the company willpay but he still has to keep costs low. Any suggestions for lodging on the island? ...

Grand Cayman resorts and shore diving
I have been scouring this news group and a variety of Web sites for Cayman info but can't quite get a finger on what I need to know. Hopefully, some of you experienced readers can help. I a...

Divetrip to Trang (Koh Muk), Thailand
Hi there, We're planning to make a trip to Thailand in first half of may this year with 2 families (3 kids, 5 til 11 years). Our first plan was to go to kao-lak and make trips to ...

Daer friends, We are DODORO diving center from island of Vis, Croatia. Water around island is declared protected (like National parks regulation) for unguided dives and it is one...

Ihlabella (Brazil) diving in April?
Hello, some friends and I were thinking of going to Ihlabela, Sao Paulo in April for a couple of days of diving. Anyone have any information re: air/water temp, quality / quantity of ...

Aruba Recommendations
I am going to Aruba in late March for my 15th wedding anniversary and am looking for recommendations on a decent dive operator. I prefer a smaller dive operator and want to avoid large, c...

Destin, FL diving?
Are there any good dive locations near Destin, FL?

Recommendations for Caicos
Were planning a June diving trip and thought Turks and Caicos sounded like a great dive. We are experienced divers (30yr olds, husband/wife), who prefer remoteness/solitude to modern conv...

Just say NO to Bin Ladin!!!!
Hi all I am helping a friend promote a web site. You see a childhood friend of hers lost her husband at the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001. She has run into some hard times and my frei...

Fire coral
I recently returned from a sailing/diving trip to British Virgin Islands. I hit my arm hard against fire coral while diving at Blonde Rock (was trying to get a photo of a lobster).

Cozumel Condo or Hotel Recommendation
My wife and I are going back to Cozumel in May. Inasmuch as Plaza Las Glorias still isn't open and may become all inclusive, what other places are w/i walking distance of downtown and hav...

Baja California / Cabo Diving in March
Has anyone done any diving around Los Cabos / Cabo San Lucas in March? Looks like I will be there a little out of season but wondering whether it is still worthwhile? Steph...

Underwater ancient city, temple wall uncovered by tsunami
Underwater ancient city, temple wall uncovered by tsunami -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Associated Press, THE JERUS...

USA Directory for scuba diving

Belize - Ambergris Caye vs Atolls??
Considering a Belize trip in May. Have heard that Atolls are the way to go, but costs big $$. Can anyone comment on Ambergris Caye diving compared to atolls? Or, do dive boats from Ambergr...

Cancun..Playa del Carmen..Cozumel
We are going to spend some time in Playa del Carmen and are looking for recommendations on dive operations there as well as Cancun and Cozumel (we understand it is only a ferry ride away). ...

Caribbean vs Elsewhere
So it seems that most of the talk has been about the caribbean - Aruba/Curacao/Bonaire, Belize, Honduras, Puerto Rico... Where are some of the other decent spots? Not looking to drop...

New Online Scuba Sales Site
I have to share this. Check it out they better prices then Leisure Pro http://www.ndc-online.net I bought from them and they know about Scuba and answered all my questions. ...

Puerto Rico
I know it's a bit early for planning a trip next year, but my wife, kids and I are going to Puerto Rico next February. I am in the middle of getting certified as an Open Water diver in ce...

Maho Bay, Saint John USVI
Anyone stayed here to know how it compares to other places on St. John? Apparent appeal is that they're a low impact ecotourism organization. Website is http://www.maho.org/

We like to give our best diving service at Sea Garden diving center when you are in Kusadasi/Turkey. www.seagardendiving.com e.mail: [email protected] -- ko...

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