East End Grand Cayman
I was thinking of going to the East End of Grand Cayman this summer. I have been there before and stayed at Cayman Diving Lodge. Their website says they are closed due to extensive damag...

Fiji Dive Operators and accommodation
Anyone have recommendations on dive operators and accommodation in Fiji. For accommodation, I,m looking for a place that offers a small kitchen (I like to cook my own meals) and private (no...

Coral Spawning in Bonaire/ House Sitter Needed
My 2 bedroom house is available for 5 weeks Labor Day - early Oct. if anyone cares to house sit. I have a dog and some cats. Email me for the specifics. Walk to the sea minut...

best cenotes location ?
Hello, I am planning to go to Playa del Carmen, can you please tell me what are the best cenotes to dive? Where are they located respect to playa del carmen ? how far? dive ...

Saba 12/04
We booked our flights through USAir, and bought a diving/hotel package from Sea Saba. We stayed at Juliana's in Windwardside. The Winair flight from St Maarten to Saba is a crap shoot...

diving in Cuba ?
I read mix experiences on diving in Cuba. I am not sure. Any of you have being there? what location? how was it ? WHat are the best divign locations in Cuba? best dive centers? ...

Abu Dhabi/Oman
Abu Dhabi/Oman? Anyone got any advice on hotels, diving and flights from UK to this area? Bof

currently testing a photo voting system
Hi, I'm currently testing a photo voting system on my website, any comments? Also if you can see any bugs in the cgi code please let me know! http://www.kazdivephotos.com/cg...

Re: Note: The AOL Newsgroup service will be discontinued in early 2005.
Censorship at work!! !! Ya, right!

Greg on His Women and Drinking :-)
Greg> I can get females in natural settings (like bars) t=ADo=AD possibly Greg> stick around a little with creative conversation and =ADoffers Greg> of fre=ADe alcohol. ...

Fiji - Best Diving ?
Hi, Travelling to Fiji in June and have never been there before. Where is the best diving? I don't mind travelling off the beaten path and would prefer to avoid spending a ...

Meatball's return from vacation - and shocked at direction of post
Hi all! Thanks to those of you who responded to my seemingly innocent request for advice on effects of stopping smoking and diving. After having spent a long week in Jamaica, I can repo...

New York Divers Club
Dive in new york? come check out our online club! its free -- www.nydiver.com ONLINE meeting rooms

sudan and thebest of the red sea
Hi, If you are looking for the best diving in the Red Sea have a look at my non commercial dive web site www.redsea-diving.info hope you like it peter

Shore-Access Snorkeling/diving areas in the Florida Keys
Hi From doing a bit googling and searching I understand that the shore-access snorkeling/dive-spots at the Florida Key are (very?) limited. To reach the reef you will in the mos...

Any internet-knowledgeable folks care to comment on this mesage from AOL??? "Please Note: The AOL Newsgroup service will be discontinued in early 2005. For members using AOL over...

Where to do dolphin dives?
I went down to Grand Bahamas a few years ago and did the dolphin dive with Unexso. The dive masters got two dolphins to do silly tricks with the divers underwater like kissing you w...

Welsher Greg has NO verifiable IQ test record to show
Greg took the 13-minute test suggested by IDIOT Jason O'Rourke, which I had analyzed and stated why it's an "IQ Test for MORONS". Greg bragged about his score, on that test with True or Fal...

Whale sharks in july
Do you know where I might find whale sharks in july besides the galapagos islands?

Galapagos Islands
This is a multi-part message in MIME format. ------=_NextPart_000_001C_01C5008D.F620F170 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1" Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-pri...

Advice on Diving Madagascar and Mauritius please?
Greetings! I would like to dive Madagascar and /or Mauritius, but can find scant information about either. Where to go, good dive ops, accommodations, etc. Can an...

Hey, Lou Vallone . . .how was Fantasy Island?
Did you enjoy the resort? How'd you enjoy the diving? Was the weather good to you? Did you see any of the island?

FINAL ANSWER on Greg's 3 bets and 3 welshes
On Bets 1 and 2, earlier summarized as CHAPTER 1 and CHAPTER 2, see "LAW for DUMMIES (including Greg)" in http://tinyurl.com/5ex5y and "Greg Mossman's SMOKING GUN" in http://tinyurl.c...

Greg Mossman's SMOKING FUN
See Greg's smoking fun in "Law for Dummies (including Greg)" http://tinyurl.com/47s5d -- Bob.

Dive operator in Jamaica
Hey, I'll be at Sandals in Montego Bay very soon. I dove with a non-hotel/resort affiliated dive company the last time I was there but I can't remember the name. I can't find a...

Hey there, I discovered scuba diving while I was on vacation in aruba - I got a deal on a package that I probably couldn't get again. I'm looking for places to go diving that a...

I had heard from someone that there are islands off the coast of Honduras that are pretty cheap and excellent diving. Anyone know? [email protected]

LAW for DUMMIES (including Greg)
There are STANDARDS in Law in the U.S. to guide the lawyers, judges, and members of the jury, on HOW to decide on a "guilty verdict" in various courts of law, from civil to criminal. <...

Bonaire - Hotel Shore Diving & Kids Club
Do you have recommandations for a nice hotel with direct acces to dive and a good kids club for a 5 years old boy Thanks

The question of SMOKING and CAUSATION
It's really amazing how a thread that started by Meatball on his quitting of smoking -- turned into a tree-hugging crusade by Greg Mossman, who has absolutely no knowledge about how CAUSATIO...

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