anyone out there returning from southeast Asia who was involved in the December tsunami?

diving in Bretagne (Fr)
Who has experiences with diving in Bretagne (France), especially in Ploumanach or Perros-Guirec? Philip

Tsunami Relief
Remember that trip you took to Thailand, the Maldives, the Seychelles, India, etc? Remember that woman who made your bed every day, the bartender who served up cold fruity drinks...

diving UK virgin islands
Does anyone dive in this place?? recommendations? coming from Europe which will be the cheapest way to reach, flying first to UK and then there? or form US?? I would like to div...

Lee Bell & Curtis
I am doing a cruise in June out of Miami. I Will be arriving the day before early(maybe). Thought I would be a little forward see if maybe a dive with you two might be doable. If not ma...

Merry Fucking Christmas
Santa Claus is coming to town. http://paddy.home.comcast.net/ -- "We're going to rush the hijackers." -Jeremy Glick, aboard United Airlines flight 93, September 1...

Tsunami: American diver underwater during catastrophe
Thought this might be of interest to fellow divers: http://www.cnn.com/2004/US/12/29/tsunami.diver/index.html CNN) -- An American woman who was scuba diving with her husband in Thailan...

Khao Lak disaster
Is there someone with news of Mai's Quiet Zone in Khao Lak. We are terribly worried for our friends Mai and Doug and the staff there. Thanks Fred and Federica [email protected]

From Miami to Grand Bahama by ship
Hello, I need your help again: We (group of 11) need to get from Miami (or Fort Lauderdale) to Grand Bahama in March, I found some possibilities by airplane but also want to ...

Wakatobi and Earthquake
Has anyone heard of any information about the recent disaster and if it affected Wakatobi ???? Thanks Mike Seeley [email protected]

Update Phuket Thailand and Fantase Divers - Ocean Rover Cruises
Fantasea Divers - Ocean Rover Cruises was not affected by the earthquake off-shore Sumatra and the subsequent tidal waves in Phuket. Ocean Rover is currently in Myanmar's Mergui Archipela...

Flordia Keys Liveaboards?
Does anyone have any recommendations for a live-aboard operating from the Keys? My buddy and I want to do the most diving for the money, we aren't too worried about night-life (except on t...

seabeam - any news south thailand?
does anyone have or know where to get news about the south thai situation? - koh butang - koh lipe (satun district) bangkok officials say "about seven dead in trang and satu...

Photoshop Miami
Hi, finally in May we´re heading to miami and grand bahama. For the dives there I want to buy some accessories for my existing underwater photo equipment: a domeport for my Inon U...

MV Panunee - Safe
Just heard from my friend that MV Panunee is Safe.

MV Panunee - Safe
Heard MV Panunee is Safe....

Phucket, any news?
They are OK, thank God Were on the M/V Mariner One Wish everyone else in similar position good luck

Thailand Earthquake cean Rover
To all who are concerned about the passengers, crew and staff of Ocean Rover Dive Cruises. . At the time of the disaster the boat was, and continues to be, in Myanmar Mergui Archipelago whi...

Blue Island Divers - St Thomas
Charlotte Amadie to be specific. I am tentatively on a cruise that will be at Charlotte Amadie in early June. Anyone have experience with the Blue Island Divers? I have done t...

Giant Tidal Wave in Thailand.....
http://www.turkishpress.com/world/news.asp?id=041226123548.eimrlc5x.xml Anyone knows how the situation is at Phuket, Kao Lak & Similan Island?

Phuket Tidal Wave - How bad?
Hi All, I'm was supposed to go to Thailand in two days. But now that a tidal wave has hit, http://www.news.com.au/common/story_page/0,4057,11785540%255E1702,00.html and diver...

Bad experience with Reef Raiders in Key West
Just got back from a diving trip in Key West and was referred to a dive outlet called, Reef Raiders. This was the worst dive experience ever. He over charged what he quoted on the phone,...

Low key Maui or Kauai lodging with snorkeling
Anyone have ideas or personal experience for oceanfront lodging with a kitchen on Maui or Kauai where my wife, 2 kids (7 & 10 yr old boys) and I could stay, and have worthwhile snorkelling w...

Malta Diving
I am trying to get any information on a diving set-up called ' Subway Scuba Diving ' , which is based at the Riviera Resort. I am looking at the 10 dive boat package trhey do. ...

Jan. trip to Fantasy Island Roatan.
This is a multi-part message in MIME format. ------=_NextPart_000_002D_01C4E8DA.138340E0 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1" Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-pri...

Jamaica vacation
Hello, I'm planning a 2 weeks vacation in Jamaica for next may in "Beaches Sandy Bay Negril". I'm wondering if someone could tell me more about the destination and the resort. <...

Family Friendly Phuket/Koh Samui
Anyone recommend a family friendly resort for day trip diving with excellent, safe child care facilities for a 13, 10 and 8 year old? Possibly the 13 year old will learn to dive. Thanks...

Anyone been diving Staniel Cay in Bahamas?
Looking for information on diving neat Staniel Cay in the Exumas-Bahamas. Any information would be greatly appreciated. I know there aren't any dive operators in the immediate area. I do hav...

Trip Report - Cozumel Iberostar 2004-12-11 to 2004-12-18
Service For This Trip Provided By Air Canada Vacations, http://www.aircanadavacations.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/HomeView?storeId=10001&langId=-1 Iberostar, http://www...

great gift!!!!!!
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