Let.s fight against InfoRelation - spamming service!!!
Hallo, Here is Jilly. Let.s do something with this crazy InfoRelation. By accident I have visited this web... and I am teriffied with what people wish to know and the money they o...

location cauterets
-- A VOIR SUR http://perso.wanadoo.fr/con/HTML/MAISONNAVE.htm

Travel Advice
Has anyone here used EVA? I'm flying to Bali in a while and EVA easily has the best prices sitting up front. Saving the money would be nice, if the airline is a good one. My itine...

Diving related books on eBay
Hi, Just thought I'd bring these to the attention of subscribers, the first particularly relevent. http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=4508018415&ssPageName=ADME...

what to do in sharm el sheikh
hi ppl going to sharm el sheikh on 4th july from scotland and am looking for advice on what there is to do apart from diving as my girlfriend isnt able to dive. i also would...

Eating local in Cozumel
We’re just back from a quick trip down to get our place ready for the rental season. On many of our trips to Cozumel, we find that our eating pattern follows a theme. One trip ...

Pricing for one-on-one dives in Miami area
I would like to do some one-on-one dives in the Miami area. I have Open Water Certification. I was quoted a price of $175.00 to include boat fee,equipment,guide. Does this ...

scuba Web site needs monitors!!
We are a site in New Your www.nydiver.com

Australia diving questions....
I am going to Port Douglas, Australia for my honeymoon in about 3 weeks and have a few last minute questions. 1.I would like to go for with a small group. I see some of the boats ...

Does anyone know about solmar V and socorro island diving in February? TIA

Cozumel internet
Are there any internet cafes in Cozumel? My m-i-l is kind of freaked because we don't have a phone in the room and she wants to be able to reach us "in case something happens". So I figure...

new club in new york
Want to join?? It just started It could be fun!!! www.nydiver.com

Happy Thanksgiving
Over the many years, I've had more than my share of joy, more than my share of friends and more than my share of love . . . and I'm a diver. Just when I thought I had it all, along came J...

Hi everybody. I'm planning to visit Micronesia, any advise ?? Which is the bast island to dive ? Palau and Truk are a good choice ? Any suggestion for the island hopper plane ?

Returned from Cozumel
Thanks to everyone for the info regarding Coz. I had an awesome time while there. The group I went with included a professional photographer. Check out his website if you want to see some...

Bastas de India
Has anybody ever dive the exclusive Bastas de India atholl? Your comments will be appreciated. thanx Clive

Snorkeling Costa Rica
While I'm a confirmed diver, my kids are not (yet). We're headed to Costa Rica and I was wondering where the best snorkeling from shore would be for them. Thanks for any tips

Allegro Cozumel by Occidental
Has anyone stayed here? We are scheduled for Jan 1 -5 and am curious about the location, weather during that time, and any good dive shops nearby. Jason

Cozumel Mexico 7 Days! at The Park Royal Hotel
Cozumel Mexico 7 Days! at The Park Royal Hotel http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=2287219556 This wonderful vacation rental, for one full week!, at The Park Royal...

Cozumel- December 3-11... anyone else?
My family and I will be going back to Coz and was wondering if anyone else will be there at the same time. We'll be staying at The Coral Princess Pete

Re: Cuba Referrals
Apologies to the group , but my original question was a legitimate one. I did not intend to start a political argument ( although it seems that has what has happenned !!)

Bikini Atoll
A Google search of Bikini Atoll yielded seven pages of results. Surprisingly few of the posts appeared to be from visitors to Bikini Atoll. Travel: You're route may vary b...

Diving in Eastern Caribbean
Hi, I'm taking a cruise just after Thanksgiving in the Eastern Caribbean. We're stopping at St. Maarten, St. Thomas, and the Bahamas. It's one of those huge cruise ships. I wan...

Cuba Referrals
Does anybody know if it is possible to do either a PADI or BSAC course in Cuab after doing a referral in the UK. I have been asked by someone who is going to Cuba and would like do ha...

Hi all. Will be in Vanuatu in May '05, and am seeking opinions on accom and dive operators on Santo (the President Coolidge beckons!). Have googled somewhat and Aquamarine seems to have...

Diving in Cabo San Lucas
I'm planning a trip to Cabo San Lucas for the end of March 2005 and I was wondering if anyone here has been there and can fill me in with your experiences. Good dive operators, and ones to ...

VH1 Seeks Scuba enthusiasts
AMERICAN GUYS Are you ready to take it off, take it (almost) all off? VH1 and Pilgrim Films & Television are in search of wholesome, attractive guys with big personalities ...

Dive in the antique port of Alexandria / Egypt
Hi, Who had dive in the antique port to see statues and so one ...? Does it fantastic or ..... ? Did you see something with enough visibility ? Thanks ....

Tenerife dive Seasons
What are the main dive seasons on Tenerife. Planning a holiday in 2005. Any info would be welcome. Major

Cozumel after Thanksgiving
We fly out of Houston to CZM on the 27th for a week. Anybody here going to be there during that stretch. Wouldn't mind meeting up somewhere for a beer or six. -- dillon

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