DAN trip insurance
does anyone have experience with this?

Cruise Ships return to Cayman
As per Cayman Government reports on caymannetnews.com, the first commercial cruise ship since Hurricane Ivan is scheduled to arrive tomorrow, 1 November 2004. The claimed plan ...

Galapagos photos
Hi I put some photos of my last dive trip to the wodnerful Galapagos on my web site. Have a look at www.redsea-diving.info Choose Galapagos photos Peter ...

location été Contis plage dans les landes
-- A VOIR SUR http://contis.partout.org/

Planning a dive trip to Thailand?
The outlawed separatist Pattani United Liberation Organisation yesterday warned tourists to stay away from Phuket, Krabi and Bangkok, as it promised a new wave of violence in retaliati...

Miami or Grand Bahama?
Hi newsgroupers, we are 15 divers planning a trip to walkers cay, bahamas for one week in march 2004. Our flight goes through Miami so we want to stay there two or three days ther...

Alaska & Seattle
Can anyone recommend dive operators around Valdez & the Kenai Peninsular, Seward, Whittier.. Also possible E of Valdez, Cordova? I wont have gear with me or a buddy, will need to...

diving in Puerto Rico
anyone have any advice? experiences? thanks bob m

Ambergris Caye- Any New Restaurants?
We're heading back to Belize in November. Have any new restaurants opened there since we were there in May we should check out? Mark Lindsey

Patagonia ?
I consider a chance of scuba diving in southern Patagonia when sailing there around Terra del Fuego in January. The point might be local regulations, equipment avaiability, flight possibiliteies ...

Dominica & Puerto Rico
We're sold. Booking flights for mid-November to early December for probably 10 days in PR and 10 days in Dominica. Looks great, any diving advice re outfitters, etc will be most appreciate...

Boca Raton, Florida
I am going to Boca Rotan, Florida on November 9th (while my wife attends 3 day training for her work) and am looking for recommendations on nearby Dive sites and Dive shops (within 1 hour dr...

On Bonaire Nov. 3-13
This is a multi-part message in MIME format. ------=_NextPart_000_003E_01C4BC2A.FC0EE760 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1" Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-pri...

Job prospects in Peru
hi all, I've got a quick question, can anyone help me with any information on diving in Peru, i'm thinking of moving there next year and i really want to work as a diver, i'm goi...

Roatan in April
Anyone been to Roatan in April? What are weather conditions like? I've been there 3 times during months of Aug. and Sept. but never in April. Thanks for any responses.

Cave course in Mexico
My missus & I are planning to do a cave course in Xmas 2005. The most local place for us (Brits) would seem to be in Menorca, Gozo or the Balearic Islands, but it might not be warm en...

Saba impressions and pictures
I just returned from a diving trip to Saba in the Netherlands Antilles. I booked the trip with Scuba Voyages, and it went perfectly; I stayed 5 nights at Juliana's and did 3 days ...

Need help - 8 weeks in North Sulawesi with lots of photos.
Just came back from a 8 week diving trip form all over North Sulawesi. I really need some help identifying some of the critters I have photographed. I took about 800 pictures this summer but...

Red Alert ! Secret Al Qaeda bases hidden underwater ! ! !
I recommend to ALWAYS carry guns to fight the terrorists when you see them! They are dangerous!

Bonaire Neth.Antilles
Hello newsgroupers, Planning a visit to Bonaire in February 05. 1. Looking for nice place to stay, private home e.g. (off the beaten track) 2. Diving facilities / Location tips....

Live-aboards for December
I am looking to take a trip to the Caribbean in mid December and I was wondering if anyone could provide opinions on where to go. I am a single diver; some of the live-aboards I have read ab...

Going to Cozumel for the first time in early November. Any recommendations for the "best dive spots". Holo

Chissa se qualcuno parla italiano?
Come sono le immersioni nelle Filippine ? Qualcuno ci č stato? Sampaguita resort lo conosce qualcuno? Scusate l'intromissione ma sto valutando alcune proposte per questa primavera...

Snorkeling - Blue Hole, Belize???
I know this is supposed to be a killer diving spot so I'm wondering if it's worth the trip just for snorkeling?? I know its a long ride to get there but I'm more concerned that this popular...

Urgent : "The Save Ningaloo Reef Campaign"
I usually ignore mail chains and unsolicited mails, but this time I received a link from a friend that I wanted to share with you. I think Australia has many unique places we can help ...

Anyone dive out of Freeport Bahamas?
Hi: Looking at $99 R/T air to Freeport. Any info on diving out of Freeport is sincerely appreciated. Thanks, Ed

Thinking about Tahiti for our25th next year. Any suggestions on hotels/operators? Which two islands (we're looking at two weeks). -- dillon When I was a kid, I thoug...

Recommendations for shops around North Miami Beach
I will be going to Florida for a few days in November and will be staying at a place called the Newport Beach Resort in North Miami Beach. I have YMCA Open Water Certi...

conditions if reefs post hurricanes?
I will be going down to Grand Cayman, Key Largo, and Cozumel at the end of November. What will be the likely condition of the dive sites regarding the reefs and the marine life down there...

conditions if reefs post hurricanes?
I will be going down to Grand Cayman, Key Largo, and Cozumel at the end of November. What will be the likely condition of the dive sites regarding the reefs and the marine life down there p...

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