Kenya & Malaria
Advise needed for diving at watamu. Anyone recommend which tablet worked best for you and any side effects. I know mefloquine is NOT recommended and that I need a prescription from my doc. <...

Anyone dive in Venezuela
I am planning a trip to Venezuela around mid to end October and am hoping someone could pass on some tips or info regarding dive sites and operations etc. William.

Diving Sri Lanka
I'm a relative newbie (6 post-qual open water dives) & I'll be looking to dive in south-west Sri Lanka (Bentota Beach area)in the last week of November. Any hints / tips / recommendati...

Curacao - Breezes All inclusive
I have an opportunity to go to Curaçao next March. We would be staying at the "Breezes" all inclusive. The price is right, and its a 4/5 star resort. The diving will be extra. I...

Dominica Diving
Anyone been to Dominica lately? Have any of the hurricanes done any significant damage?

Dominica Diving
Anyone been to Dominica lately? Have any of the hurricanes done any significant damage?

Dominica Diving
Anyone been to Dominica lately? Have any of the hurricanes done any significant damage?

Dominica Diving
Anyone been to Dominica lately? Have any of the hurricanes done any significant damage?

Scuba Operators in Cayo Coco Cuba
We are going to the TRYP resort at the end of October and were wondering whether anyone has feedback, contact information, etc. about Dive Operators in the general area? I would like an ope...

I thought everyone in England accepted this...

Manta Lodge Tobago
We are traveling to Tobago in November and would like to know if anyone has experienced Manta Lodge in Speyside and/or gone diving with Tobago Dive Experience. We are staying at Manta Lod...

Venezuala locations?????
Hi, Have never dived of Venezuela and was wondering if anyone has any info. I'm planning to go down about mid to end October, and will be in Caracas on business and of course will...

Dive in Aqaba
Hi all, I'm thinking going dive one week more or less in february in Aqaba. Did some one dive there? Is it a good dive/price rellation?? any tip?? :-) just questions, questions, questions :-...

Cayman dive sites
Hi all, I spend a nice week diving in Grand Cayman one year ago, and now after Ivan, Jeannine and who knows wich one more... I was wondering how the reefs are? Did they still in good??? I re...

Looking for an instuctor named Gavin McKenzie
Hi all. I am looking for an English guy called Gavin McKenzie. He is a PADI instructor and a TDI instructor trainer. He is has most likley arrived in Thailand or Red Sea areas in the last co...

Sinhala leaders tried to suppress the free expression of Tamil leaders for Fifty years
Abrogate CFA if you want war, JVP told [TamilNet, September 25, 2004 10:32 GMT] "You embarked on a loose, infantile ar...

Sinhala Dracula in UN
TNA criticizes SL President's UN speech [TamilNet, September 24, 2004 01:11 GMT] Sri Lankan President Chandrika Kumara...

Current Tobago Info?
Anyone--I'm interested in the current water termperature range that is currently being experienced on the WindDancer, and on how much Hurricane Ivan has affected the diving (visibiility, dam...

Ever dive in Belize?
Looking for comments on diving in Belize. Also, for the non-dive days, how far and nice are the Mayan riuns in the region? Clint Free Spirit Gallery http://www.FreeSpi...

Touring Central & North FLA
We will be spending the 3rd week of October in Orlando for business. The last week of Oct. we will be touring. I know a dive operator just south of Palm Beach in Boynton Beach. I dove wit...

Bodega Bay incident?
Someone on a plane Sunday told me that an abalone diver was taken by a shark, presumably a great white, in Bodega Bay (CA, ~50 miles north of San Francisco) on Saturday. Anyone else hear ab...

Mussels near North Pole hint at warmer Earth
Mussels near North Pole hint at warmer Earth OSLO, Norway (Reuters) -- Mussels have been found grow...

Ocho Rio, substitution dive location for Grand Cayman
Hurricane Ivan changed the itinerary of both the Pacific Princess and the Royal Caribbean for today (Sept 20) from Grand Cayman to Ocho Rio. Since I had never dived there before,...

aruba diving?
Can anyone give any info about aruba diving? Maybe taking a trip this fall. Thanks

Green Island, Australia
Hi , I was checking to see if any one has been there? the resort or just diving-any ifo would be appreciated, thanks, Sara

Saba info
We're considering a trip to Saba in December. It appears that there are 3 shops on the island. I'm interested in hearing about experiences with these shops. (I checked the Google archives ...

Any recommendations for an operator? Cheers

Man Friday Tobago, Gone?
Ciao all, Seems they have ceased operating. Anyone know anything? Anyone got an email for the guys? Pip pip }<////("> -- Chris Notton Replace...

Turks & Caicos hurricane damage?
Has the recent hurricane inflicted any damage to the undersea world in Turks & Caicos? Lawrence

Thailand - Khao Lak
Hi, we plan to go to Khao Lak in February / March 2005, probably to the Bayfront Resort with included Dive Centre. Any recommandations or hints ? Thank you in advance Reinhard ...

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