Sri Lankan chauvinist forces are marching to prove that Tamils atrocities are right.
War mongrels monkeys are marching under pretext of Oslo Conference on "Road Maps to Peace in Sri Lanka" - 20 August 2004 Norway representatives will be the victim of false propaganda. Sri La...

dive burma / myanmar
What is the current situation in burma now regarding scuba diving? I heard there were some territorial disputes with thailand that restricted live aboard operations. I also read a...

Anyone familiar with Lake Lanier?
Hi, I'm hoping to learn to do some scuba diving, and will probably start in Lake Lanier. Can anyone suggest some interesting places to dive on this lake? Even if they are to...

Diving in Brazil
Anyone know about the opportunities for diving in Brazil? -- Jeanne "Laugh at yourself first, before anyone else can." --Elsa Maxwell

Cozumel weather at Thanksgiving
We're going to CZM the week after Thanksgiving. Having only been there in late spring-summer, what's the weather like that time of the year. And what's the water temp? Do we need to bring...

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE JULY 29 2005 SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA For Further Information and Interview: Patric Douglas CEO Absolute Adventures-Shark Diver www.sharkdiver....

times and prices of diving Great Barrier Reef (or New Zealand)
Hi first time post: I have the opportunity to travel to New Zealand this Oct./Nov. And am trying to determine if a side trip to Australia is a good idea or not.Qantas has some spe...

Florida diving
I may be spoiled, but do Florida divers seem rude? I had made reservations with Horizon Divers. Their boat was broke so they arranged us with Ocean Divers. We boarded last and we kept hearin...

Anybody know what the shore diving is like in Ontonagon? Anything to see or do in the water? Good places to enter, etc.

Scuba One Travel Agent
Has anyone used Scuba One for travel, did the deliver what they said they would. thanks

Spanish Bay Reef Resort
Has anyone been to the Spanish Bay Reef Resort in the Grand Caymans. If so, would you recommend it, or stay there agian.

Snorkelling locations in the med?
Any suggestions for snorkelling locations in the Mediterranean ?

location libre contis plage
location villa Contis plage libre semaine 35 fin aout tout équipé neuf lave linge seche linge contact Manolo 06 87 52 02 76 -- A VOIR SUR http://contis.par...
Hey HL, you made ahbou. -- dillon When I was a kid, I thought the angel's name was Hark and the horse's name was Bob.

Some 2nd best shore diving locations?
I've been to Bonaire a couple of times and really love the shore diving, only use the boats to get to Klein. And maybe I'll just go once more, but I'm up for trying something new and diff...

Question for Sandy about Westend Roatan
When your daughter dove Suena del Mar, where did you guys actually stay? Did you become familiar with any other resorts/hotels in the area? What kind of boats did Suena del Mar have/us...

Diving on the Mayflower
Am looking to hear from anyone who has dove on the Mayflower - stern paddlewheeler that sank Nov. 1912 in Kamaniskeg Lake near Barry's Bay, Ontario. Would like GPS coordinates and most recen...

Keys Must See Spots?
Okay, I'm gonna take a week off come August and I'm gonna go diving in the Keys with a friend (we're both damn well due for a vacation). I haven't been down to the Keys in awhile, so what ar...

diving guide books or video of Malta? not to miss dive sites?
Hello, I will be soon going to Malta, can you please tell me if there are any good dive locations guide books or videos ? and please if you have being there tell me the dive sites...

Arnold Schwarzenegger Commits Suicide
Early this morning Arnold Schwarzenegger was found hanging by his neck from the large oak tree in his Californian garden. In a suicide note found at the scene he tells of his sordid sex life and lack...

What the Discovery Channel didn't want you to see
hey shark freaks - Some of you may have seen these new Shark Week commercials - but you probably didn't since Discovery big wigs axed them soon after they aired. I was able to ta...

Has anyone dived or know anyone else who has dived "The Saratogo" near Lulworth Banks. Uk Any info at all would be great. Tony

Fiji diving
Going to Fiji in October. Any recommendations on reasonably priced dive trips and what to not do, I am only moderately experienced. Nitrox needed, I get sick at times on air. Thanks, Paul...

Antigua - Who are the best dive operators ?
My wife and I are going to Antigua in September. We will be in the St John's area. Can anyone give me some feedback regarding which dive operators to consider using and which ones to av...

Dominican Republic trip report
I have recently returned from a 2 week trip to the Dominican Republic where my wife and I vacationed and I dove. I haven’t seen many trip reports from there so I thought I would describe o...

Roatan in February
Any one know what the weather's like in Roatan in February?

Live Aboards in the Caribbean?
Hi! delurking a bit to ask the question: Does any know of good diving live aboards in the Caribbean sea? Preferably something like the australian "Undersea Explorer" w...

Belize suggestions please
Hi, We have decided to go to belize for our honeymoon in November and have done a little research on belize through the web. Trying to get more tips from people who have been there.

Diving in Poros, Greece
Hello, Do anyone know of dive centers on or near by Poros Isl., Greece? Regards, Henrik

photos brothers and sudan
hi , For those who are interested I put some photos from the Brother islands, Sudan , Daedalus reef and Elphinstone at my dive web site choose photo gallery ...

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