bye guys
thanks for the help. We catch our plane to Seattle in about 2 hours, then off to the Yucatan, PLG in Coz the second week of May. Thanks for all the tips and so on. Penny

Dive shops in Nice, France - any recommendations? Good dives?
My daughter and I are hoping to squeeze in some diving during a trip to Mougins in July. Does anyone have a recommendation for a dive shop or any good dive sites in the Nice vicinity? ...

Sri Lankan Buddhist Singhalese will shoot any tourist, if you have white skin???
Curfew in hill town, three Tamils shot dead [TamilNet, April 29, 2004 07:30 GMT] Three Tamils were killed and four were wounded when Police opened fire on crowds in Kandapol...

Diver Rescued by Boy Scouts
My sister just sent me this from the news service she reads: ================================================================= Updated: 08:59 AM EDT Diver Rescued by Boy Scouts

Newport Beach CA--Diver adrift for hours The New York Times April 29, 2004 Diver Adrift After Boat Crew Forgets Him By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS ...

Honeymoon. Help! :)
I'm in charge of planning our honeymoon for this November... oh joy :) I'm considering some of the resorts in southern Belize, around Placencia, as well as possibly Guanaja/Roatan, or even C...

Grand Cayman info
Hi and salutations to all, well my wife has gotten bit by the cruise bug again and we are off on an seven day-er the first part of Jan. what I was hopping to find out from you worldly d...

U/W mojo/"dancing"
Heard of a salty tall tale of randy divers today doing the 'luuurrrve' thing beneath the waves? Anybody heard of folk taking donning Aqualung and getting their mojo on U/W? ...

Underwater "dancing!"
Heard of a salty tall tale of randy divers today doing the 'luuurrrve' thing beneath the waves? Anybody heard of folk taking donning Aqualung and getting their mojo on U/W? ...

best time of year to dive on each of the following red sea locations?
Hello, Regarding the hot months of June to September which of the following Red Sea - Egypt areas is better to dive? Sharm, Dahab, Marsallam, Hurghada ? Which one...

I Strangled My Dog Then Fucked it
Pictures of me strangleing and fucking my dog bobo

Old ex-diver requests resort suggestions
I want to go sit on a pretty Caribbean beach and read several books. Other criteria: Peace and quiet (not lots of people) Good food and drink Few-to-no connections fro...

mini-NEDfest in Bali -- and a Mola Mola Dive
It was a 4-day diving mini-NEDfest in Bali, after the ADEX 2004 (Asian Diving Exposition) in Singapore, consisting of NEDs from 4 continents, including several whose names have appeared in ...

reccomendations for diving in Croatia
Me & the missus are interested in diving Croatia in a few months time, probably near Split. looking for recommendations for dive centres and accommodation. Especially wreck and...

Cheapest place in Europe for PADI divemaster
Hi, I was wondering if somebody can give me an idea about the cheapest(how much should I expect to pay..) place in Europe/Eastern Europe/Turkey to get my PADI Divemaster certificate. ...

Florida July 2004 Location Advice
Hi, I 'm off back to Florida (Kissimmee) this year and would appreciate any advice this group can offer. Last year I dived with Jim Abernathy in West Palm Beach, a 3 Tank Dive trip,

Current Belize Water Temperature
Can anyone provide an accurate read of the current water temperature in Belize? I'm trying to figure out if I need to bring a wetsuit on my liveaboard trip next week (I'd have to by a new o...

Samsung Digimax V4
Anyone familiar with these products? I just purchased the Samsung Digimax V4 digital camera and their SPH-V3/V4 Underwater Housing. (about $850 CDN in total) I do a lot of ...

Florida - Ft Lauderdale, Boynton Beach
I will be in the Boynton Beach/Boca Rotan area May 01-08/04 and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for dive shops to use for a few two tank trips out to the reef/wrecks in the a...

wreck diving locations guide book ? mediterranean diving locations guide book ?
Hello, Can anyone recommend me any guide books that cover: best dive locations of the world? best wreck dives locations of the world? best dive locations in parti...

Floating bar (drinking kind) in Tortugas ?
Several years ago when we were diving around the Tortugas we visited a bar that was essentially a 2 story houseboat. Does anyone know the name/URL for this place? If there's more than one,...

ADVERT: New dive t-shirts from
New range of dive t-shirts now available on Painor Glory have always supplied great extreme sports t-shirts and have just branched out into dive clothing.

Hi there, What would be the best place to go Scubadiving in the Brisbane area in Australia. Not only fish and coral but also some wrecks and deeper dives would be nice.

Mahahual. Chinchorro Mexico
Anyone used dive operators in Mahahual, Quintana Roo, Mexico? If so what was the diving like and what was the service like from the operators? -- nitrogenaddict...
In a little village near the white sandy beaches of Tropea and Capo Vaticano we rent a nice, fresh, relaxing and cheap holiday house. TV, refrigerator, whashing machine, barbecue, Ideal...
In a little village near the white sandy beaches of Tropea and Capo Vaticano we rent a nice, fresh, relaxing and cheap holiday house. TV, refrigerator, barbecue. Ideal for an economic ...

Passport to Cozumel??
This is a multi-part message in MIME format. ------=_NextPart_000_000C_01C427F6.A1640020 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1" Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-pri...

St Kitts - Saba water temp ?
Any body know what the current water temp is around St Kitts, Saba area?

(think Dean Martin) When you're diving at night, and your feet feel the bite, that's a moray When your hand's in the cave, suddenly you'll need to be saved, that's a moray <...

Location Bretagne Sud , France
A louer grande maison Le Croisic 44, tranquille, tout confort, 6 personnes, cour ensoleillée. Location à la quinzaine, du 21 / 06 au 17 / 07 et du 31 / 07 au 15 /08. 650 euros la semaine en ...

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