Little Cayman Trip Report, January, 2004
Little Cayman diving trip report January 20-26 2004 This was my first trip to the Cayman islands, renowned for its diving and often sited as the "Best diving in the Caribbean" Havin...

Flying monsters on Utila, Honduras?
Heyas, Me and a friend's planning to go back to Utila for a couple of weeks. When I stayed there last time I clearly remember all the flying kamikaze animals pestering us all the ...

Staying off resort in Bonaire
How do I go about finding a good beachfront condo or home in Bonaire that both divers and non-divers will enjoy? If we went that route, how would we get the diving package for the divers in...

Cozumel Accommodations
I am looking for recommendations for places to stay on Cozumel next January. Any spots that are highly recommended?

St Lucia - Ana Chastanet?
Hello all, My wife wants to go to St. Lucia and stay at Anse Chastanet. It looks to be a very nice resort but any insight on dress code (will I need a jacket for dinner?), diving wa...

Akumel trip report
I am usually a lurker here, but thought I should do this trip report because not many people go to Akumel and there have been some questions about the area lately. Akumel is a tiny suburb ...

Gozo, Malta! Worth a visit or not????? Eddie --- Outgoing mail is certified Virus Free. Checked by AVG anti-virus system ( Version: ...

Australia Liveaboard?
Choosing between these 2 liveaboards: Trip is at the end of June, 2004 Opinions? ...

utila or roatan
anyone have a preference, and why. going 2/2/04 for 10 days

A Very Memorable Dive in Cozumel
Two divers from Germany who had never seen a juvenile drumfish were diving with us. We went to Las Palmas for the second dive as a location likely to encounter those juvenile drumfishes. <...

1st week of April
I'm planning a trip for the above time period. Cost is not an issue (as I'm going to splurge this trip) and I prefer liveaboards. Where do you think is the best place to go at this time of...

Normandy air fills
Hi, Does anyone know where you can get air fills in the Normandy area??

Blackbeards Cruises - Bahamas
Hi everyone. My girlfriend and I are seriously contemplating booking a week liveaboard in May with Blackbeards Cruises, which depart Miami for the Bahamas. Has anyone been on one o...

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First trip to Hawaii
I just registered for a professional convention in Waikiki this July. It'll be my first time visiting the 50th state, and I definitely want to do some diving while I'm there. Can you ...

marsa alam anybody been ?
planning a trip here in may this year just wondered what to expect thanks

Sipadan Info Request
Hello! I'm Italian (so sorry for my bad English) and it's the first time I write on this NG. I've booked for this August two weeks at Sipadan - Pulau Sipadan Resort. I have used go...

William Rampartson how was the Ocean Rover trip?
How did the Ocean Rover trip go? Was Strickland on board?

Diving in the Republic of Panama
Thanks to those who responded to my earlier posting. Because of other considerations, I will be traveling to Panama City, Panama and was wondering if anyone had any experie...

sk15 2pn #41

Roatan - Question about Bay Islands Beach Resort
Hi, Planning a trip to Roatan. Will be my first time visting. I'm looking at CocoView Resort, Bay Islands Beach Resort and a few others. Question. Is the shore divin...

Treasure Island, Grand Cayman, Dive Options
Anyone know the best options for a couple days diving at this hotel? I see Bob Soto is on site and offers boat packages. Is there shore diving at the property? TIA

Good diving locations in Central America
I have traveled throughout Central America but have never done any diving there. I hear that Roatan (Bay Islands) is very nice and was wondering if there are any other place...

Belize or Live Aborad Caribbean style
My friend and I have debated whether to try a Caribbean live aboard or go to Belize this year. My only Caribbean dive experience was Capt Don's Habitat which was OK but kind of spoiled by t...

Cabo San Lucas - any diving??
My wife won a weekend trip to Cabo - so we're going soon - she's looking forward to spending time at the spa... so I'm looking for things to do. I've never heard of anyone going to Ca...

Diving Ko Surin
Hi there, will be in Thailand next week and was wondering if anyone has info on diving in Ko Surin. I've been to Khao Lak before and was hoping to be able to grab a package or fin...

Scuba shops
I was wondering if anyone knew of any scuba shops or companies that operate in multiple dive destinations? I'm so tired of playing craps with the dive shops. You try your darndest to get g...

Diving Vietnam
Anyone has been to Vietnam recently? Any info is welcome ;-) F.

Cozumel: Resort Course or Open Water Certification?
I've checked the archives and found some good info on Cozumel dive shops, but I could use a bit of help in thinking about whether or not to do the resort course and then a couple more shallo...

San Diego Shops and Locations
Can anyone recommend a good shop in the San Diego area? I will be travelling there for work in May and would like to get a few dives in. I have read lots of sites about the great diving in t...

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