Mike Ball denies negligence in death of novice diver
Mike Ball manager denies negligence in death of novice diver in strong currents Go to http://www.cdnn.info/safety/s031031/s031031.html

Cruising and Diving in French Polynesia (LONG)
Marquesas Itinerary: October 20-30, 2003. INTRODUCTION AND GENERALITIES. This is my third Cruise-and-Dive trip (on the islands of the ports of call in the French Polynesia ...

Scuba Cuba ???
I was thinking of trying to put together a trip this winter to Cuba.... Any thought on going? Is diving good? No hassle trip? Safe? Fun topside? Any info will be appreciated.

Just Got Back From Atlantis Resort
Well I just returned from my vacation at the Atlantis Resort. Positives: Fantastic Physical Structures. Most impressive resort I have ever seen. Largest man-made marine habitat in the wo...

RIP Baby...
http://www.legacy.com/atlanta/LegacySubPage2.asp?Page=LifeStory&PersonId=1554792 Kimber

Scuba diving in Mocambique?
Hello, Who has been scuba diving in Mocambique and can tell me what the better dive sites are? And can you also recommend good diveschools? thanks, Maurice ...

Roatan in Winter?
We went to Roatan for diving last January and stayed on the North side of the island. The weather was cold and rainy. I don't know if that is the usual weather for Roatan in January or...

Guadalupe Island ?
Is it truly a deserted island ? I Googled for the island and diving and came up with some Horizon dive trip reports but that was about it. The island(s) sure look spectacular fr...

Best diving spot for an openwater diver?
My wife and I are just back from the French Polynesia, where we did our openwater dives and got certified. Although we know of no other places to compare, Bora Bora and Moorea fully gra...

Memorial Service info for AirHog
For those of you who are not on rec.scuba: There will be a service of remembrance for Mickey Smith, better known as AirHog around these parts... The service will be at 11:00...

Tobago Pictures
As promised, I have posted Forest Aten's and Patti's (PHD photo pro on the Wind Dancer) pictures of Tobago diving. The first group of pictures are those Forest took. The second group, starti...

Diveshop Recommendations Request
Does anyone have some dive shop recommendations for Barbados (Bridgetown), Martinique (Fort de France), or St. Kitts (Basseterre)? TIA --Crystal

How to make a lot of money.
Send me a few bucks and I will tell you how to make lots of money using the internet. Your contribution will enable me to visit the Florida Keys, strictly on business of course, pay no atten...

Belmar - Bonaire
Snowing today in Winnipeg! Planning a trip to Bonaire in the New Year. Two couples wanting a two bedroom condo for two weeks. The Belmar has been reccommended to us. Any comments?...

Live Aboards Palau
I am thinking about taking a diving vacation to Palau. Does anyone have any good recommendations for live aboards?

Opinions on Dumaguete Philippines diving
Am contemplating a dive trip to Dumaguette Philippines (Atlantis Resort) this upcoming Christmas holiday. The resort also offers day trips to Apo island, Balicasag, Siquijor and Sumilon & L...

Marigot Bay St. Lucia
Has anyone stayed at Marigot Beach and Dive Resort who could give an impression of the place? They use FairHelen as a dive operation.

Velavaru in the Maldives
Hi Just go back from two weeks in Valavaru in the Maldives, Had a fantastic time, nice Island, good food and good diving. Pictures are here www.fisches.com Gary <...

Elba Isle (Italy) diving for sale
For any informations: www.divinginelba.com

Hugh - how was the Divi?
Do you plan on doing a report? -HW "Skip" Weldon Columbia, SC

This is not a joke - please be sensitive.
I know Mickey is loved by some and hated by others. Goddamnit I don't know how to do this. I loved him more than anything... and now he is gone. Mickey passed away in his ...

St. Maarten
I go to SXM yearly and am an avid diver. Usually diving is mediocre for Carribean, but much better than Albany,NY in Feb. Last Jan-Feb it was great. Reef is steadily improving from Lenny...

I need a great/low cost place to go
I'm looking for a great, but low cost dive destination for a group of 6 divers. Does anybody have some suggestions. Looking for complete package. Thanks Mark

What is going on with Micros**t?
What the hell is going on with all this "Microshit" spam and bullshit attachments and why the hell isn't Microsoft doing something about it. I have to get myself a new email address ev...

Palau questions
+ What kind of electricity plugs do they have? Ie: standard two-prong plug? 110 volts? 220 volts? Is an adapter and converter necessary when trying to use an appliance that operates on s...

Comments on Allegro Cozumel?
Anybody know about Allegro at Cozumel? Especially comments on niceness of beach, crowds, food, snorkeling on-site and bar. (We like all-inclusives.) Thanks.

Re: Question: Split-fin in strong current
In <[email protected]> "Kimber" wrote: > > "Drew A. Dunn" <[email protected]> wrote in message > > > You know... you cou...

Mike Ball Spoil Sport guest dies diving Yongala wreck
Mike Ball Spoil Sport guest dies diving Yongala wreck http://www.cdnn.info/safety/s031023/s031023.html

St. Martin
I am going to St. Martin for a long weekend. How is the diving, and any recommendations as to operators? Thanks cagey

Red Sea Liveaboard advice
Hi, does any one recommend a good Liveaboard preferably Sharm El Sheikh based that will do the Southern Red Sea as well as the northern itenerary , or must I go to Hurghada or Safaga for tha...

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