New novel by Hickam
Just read a very good novel by Homer Hickam (October Sky). Titled The Keeper's Son.. Lots of adventure and romance. A great book to curl up in your chair with a cup of hot chocolate and j...

Lake Champlain wreck sites ?
Can anyone offer any advice (wreck locations, charters, website) for Lake Champlain. Was thinking about a trip next summer. I await your collective wisdom. Dave

Need Reco for checkout dives in Belize
I need to send two good buddies, both Newbies, to the best PADI cented in Belize for their checkout dives (and hopefully, for more days of diving afterward!). The Belize Academy of Diving wa...

Nina needs a holiday
Dear Friends, Since 2001 Nina Markx has had no vacation taking care of me after I broke my spine. Now is the moment to send her for a scuba diving holiday. She is a ** warm ...

help needed by newby
hiya folks how do I change my email address so I stop getting spam? many thanks in advance.

Hoeveler will be remembered as Glades hero
CARL HIASSEN Hoeveler will be remembered as Glades hero Hoeveler always will be Glades hero For those who've fought so long to save what remains of the Everglades, it's...

Indonesia-West Papua
I have just finsished my report on diving in West Papua (former Irian Jaya):

Looking for buddy in Los Angeles area to go find some lobster
Lobster season started today. I'm looking for some or one person to go find some lobster with me. I've been diving for 15 years but i'm still new to the Los Angeles dive scene. I ...

Help with Cozumel picture
There is a picture at (lower right corner) showing a beautiful beach. Does anyone know if this is actually a picture from Coz and if so, where is it? Look...

Cozumel on a budget trip report Sep. 2003.
Just back from my first trip to Cozumel, what a great time. Attempted to do this trip as a last minute budget dive getaway. Chose Cozumel for the caliber of diving which is very high, and ...

For Lee Bell
I think I found the ISP spam filter you wished someone would invent. It's SMTP proxy server that screens your mail first. I haven't tried it yet, I ju...

Blackbeard Cruise for older, relative newbies?
Would older (late 50's) folks fit in with the crowd on a Blackbeard Cruise? Is it possible to sleep, for example? Any other insights are appreciated. TIA, Ed

Anyone been to Koh Tao - Thailand?
My wife and I are thinking of travelling to Koh Tao in Thailand to do our Divemaster courses. Is this a good place to do it?

Who to dive with in Belize
I was wondering if anyone has a suggestion on what company to go diving with in Belize. I am going on a cruise and we will be stopping there. I would rather not book through the cruise lin...

Grand Cayman "the glove issue"
We just got back Saturday night from G.C. to a hurricane savaged town....but that's another story. We dove with three different operators on the west and east side. Nothing was m...

Beaches and Dreams
Has anyone stayed at this hotel in Belize recently? Reactions? Also, how far from the reef and the offshore atolls (Lighthouse and Turneffe)? Is the diving any good? Thanks.

diving India/sri lanka
Hi NG. Anyone in here with experience about scuba in India/sri lanka ? I'm planning to go there for half a year, but cant really find any good sites about it. Im ...

dive location miami
I will be going to Miami next weekend, and am looking for a great dive shop/charter to do some dives. Can anyone suggest a shop/charter? I would also like a website or phone number for the...

CDNN News: Johnson Outdoors Battles Allegations It Covered Up Uwatec Dive Computer Defect
CDNN News: Johnson Outdoors Battles Allegations It Covered Up Uwatec Dive Computer Defect

CDNN News: Jailed Scuba Quest Owner Faces More Child Pornography Charges
CDNN News: Jailed Scuba Quest Owner Faces More Child Pornography Charges

Beaches Resort - Provo
All, I'm taking the family to T&C late next month. Since they have a pretty good day care program I figure the wife and I can do some diving. Question - Beaches stay includes dail...

Good Diving Locations for October & November?
Was thinking of learning to dive in Utila, Honduras in October/November, but have heard this might not be the best time of year (rainy season). Any idea of somewhere else in Central America...

St. Croix
Hello, all ... Looking for a nice resort in St. Croix, optimally with expansive beach, readily available snorkeling and diving (preferably shore-based), and child-friendly (on...

RENT 2 apprtments in Serre Chevalier

west end roatan
Can anyone recommend a cheap clean hotel in the west end of Roatan. Any thoughts on diving out the west end?

I'm thinking of a liveaboard trip to Thailand/Burma in February or March. Any recommendations or thoughts? Particularly with respect to the Ocean Rover versus the AquaOne? Thanks!

My e-mail address
As some may know, I've been having a terrible problem with my e-mail. Specifically, I've been getting so many messages from people infected with the W32.Swen.A virus that legitimate messages...

Sharm or Hurghada
I've been to Sharm many times now, I was thing of Hurghada is the diving better or worse than Sharm. What can we expect. Darren

Miri, Sarawak
Anyone dove the reefs off Miri?

Izu Oshima, Japan
Can anyone give me some information on diving at Izu Oshima, japan? I'm going to be there for a few days next week and would like to do a dive or two. I can't seem to find any current inform...

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