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CDNN News: Female Sex Tourism--Hot Trip But My Scuba Instructor Had a Small Dinghy
CDNN News: Female Sex Tourism--Hot Trip But My Scuba Instructor Had a Small Dinghy

Trip to Belize
Hi all! My wife and I are planning to go to Belize on Aggressor later this year. Has anyone been on Belize Aggressor before? Any positives/negatives and/or advise are appreciated. ...

Scuba in Thailand - early Oct.?
Hi, I will be making a stop over in Thailand for a couple of weeks early Oct. and thinking of Scubadiving there. Howerver reading throught some sites, it looks like it is rainy s...

Interesting news out of Utila, Honduras
The two major daily newspapers in Honduras, La Prensa and El Heraldo carried a news story on Thursday about a recent plebiscite held on Utila titled No más alcohol - no more alcohol. The sto...

Belize Timing
I would like to plan a drive trip to Belize this year, but was wondering when the best time to go is. I'd love to go in November but am concerned about the weather. Are we better off wait...

Re: Red sea in October
Hi all, A group of us are going to the red sea early October, El gouna to be precise, and were just wondering what the average sea temperatures are. Thanks in advance. ...

Divers - I need your help
Calling all divers, We need your help and the benefit of your experience. We are trying to compile a list of top tips for a "tip of the day" database in website,

Lets Recover this Cuban 51 Chevy
Lets Recover this Cuban 51 Chevy for it's Historical Value and Tour the state fair circut with it!! .Like the Bonnie And Clyde Mobile, it too is now riddled with bullet holes! 5 miles from ...

trouver des locations pas trop che r pour le ski

Found place sells/rents GSM phones/international SIM cards... john

Cayman & Cozumel
Looking for recommendations on dive shops on these islands that may cater to the cruise ships? Recommendations overall?

CoCo View Trip Report
Where are the archives for this newsgroup? I'd like to look and see if there is a recent review of CoCo View, Roatan, Honduras. Jeanne

Has anyone been to the Coral Beach Tiran in Sharm
We're heading out in 3 weeks time, but just received a letter from the tour operator saying that there is a hotel being built next door. It does say however that the structure is all built,...

Where to go in October/November
Hi! I'm looking for a scuba holiday for me and my girlfriend for this October/November. I've been looking at Bonaire or the Maldives as possible destinations, but would like to ha...

San Onofre Snorkling?
Okay besides all the sharks in San Onofre how is the snorkling there? I heard that near the nuclear power plant there is very warm water because of the power plant which caused an increase ...

Photo recommendations for ABC Islands
I have a week of vacation to use up and I'm leaning toward spending a week in Aruba, Bonaire, or Curaçao primarily taking u/w pictures. I would like some recommendations: which i...

Isla Guadalupe Great White Dives
Hey all. Been a couple years since I've read/posted. Was wondering if anyone has taken the Great White trip out of San Diego that goes down to Isla Guadalupe off the coast of Mexico. ...

Hi - Lo season in Caymans
Why is summer considered low season (tourist wise) in Cayman Islands - seems like it ought to be quite popular time of year. (I'm considering a summer visit) Thanks ...

[PHOTO] Sipadan pictures
I've just returned from a trip to Sipadan and have some pics to show you: enjoy! F.

South Africa help
Looking at going to South Africa Mid Sept to end of Oct anyone know of any Dive tours going. Email a few people but dont seem to be getting any replys. Thank -you for your time Ben ...

"Spirit of Freedom" Liveaboard - Great Barrier Reef???
Can anyone tell me anything (good or bad) about the SOF Liveaboard Boat on the GBR. I am thinking of going there with my Girlfriend in October!!! Any recommendations for the GBR. All Advi...

"Spirit of Freedom" Liveaboard Boat on the Great Barrier Reef???
Can anyone tell me anything (good or bad) about the SOF Liveaboard Boat on the GBR. I am thinking of going there in October!!! Thanks.

In <[email protected]> T wrote: > Anonymous via the Cypherpunks Tonga Remailer wrote: > > > Not religious, demiurgic. Apple creates; everyone else spends deca...

Diving in (or near) Tuscany, Italy
Hi. I'm looking for reputable English-speaking PADI dive centres in Tuscany in Italy, that might be able to take my wife and I diving at the beginning of September. Does anyone have any reco...

In <[email protected]> The Source wrote: > Today, Sun, 24 Aug 2003 02:36:12 GMT, Two Buddha read a post from > "Doug" <[email protected]&g...

advice: diving in Florida
We're thinking of doing a dive trip to Florida for a few days the second week of September. I would like to go snorkle w/ the manatees, but we arent really set on a location. We just want to...

Bush Military Suspension and Punishment
Transcript News Conference Requesting Records: George W. Bush Military Suspension and Punishment Senator Inouye Senator Bob Kerrey Excerpt: "Durin...

Big hat, no cattle
PHONY TO THE CORE: The "Ole Family Ranch" in Crawford is a Set Completed the Same Day the Election was Stolen By Cheryl Seal Have you seen all those article and pictures of Bush "...

Support from Divers needed
This plea was sent to the Shark-L list and as this issue affects scuba Diving in this and likely other locations- I am send this to this list to see if there may be interested divers that ...

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