Ocho Rios
Any good diving there, or should I leave my gear at home? For that matter is there any good diving in Jamaica at all these days?

Travelling w/ a dive knife.
Any problems w/ international travelling w/ a dive knife, if it's in my checked in luggage? I assume carrying it in my shoe ( thats a joke NSA/TSA) is out. Recommendations, experiences appre...

French and English articles on Bonaire
Hi everyone! Well, after I wrote my article on Bonaire ( http://www.mvpix.com/articles/20030503%20-%20Bonaire%20in%20May%202003.html ), my wife decided she would write one too. :-...

Diving Isle de Gaudalupe

Penzance Trip Report
OK, I originally advertised my trip as going from Porthleven, but in the end we went out of Penzance in sunny West Cornwall, UK. It was a good weekend and I've put my trip report onto ...

anyone knows website links on the following South Florida dive sites:
Hello, If you see aroung any links regarding the following south Florida, USA dive sites please let me know: Poseidon Wreck ( Biscayne Bay ) Homestead State Park dives ...

CDNN News: DAN's Dirty Peter Still Dripping with Money Lust
CDNN News: DAN's Dirty Peter Still Dripping with Money Lust http://www.cdnn.info/article/peter_bennett_dan/peter_bennett_dan.html

Curacao trip report
We have visited Curacao in the Dutch Antilles during late June. Here's a short report or our trip: http://www.niksula.cs.hut.fi/~mdobruck/diving/curacao/curacao.html Marci...

Bali Pondok Sari Beach Bungalows Hotel......Info please
Like to know all about this place from people who have been there. Is there maybe a better alternative? And even maybe more important: "Which dive-operation should we take?" Tha...

Bonaire Divi Tiara Trip report
Report and pictures located at pictures located at http://www.rummelraiders.com/webbies/cmire/bonaire/bona2003.htm TRIP REPORT only: We began our adventure as Scuba Divers in 1997...

snorkeling belize
hieveribody we're touring through guatemala belize and mexico in august. we'd like doing some snorkeling in belize if the weather is fine. we're a rather laid back couple but we l...

diving in playa del mar
experienced diver going away for family vacation last week in august one a all inclusive package in the allergo hotel.. I would like to spend a few days diving , have been to cozumel diving ...

Diving on the Isle of Man (UK)
Three of us are going to be in Port Erin on the Isle of Man in early September and we need to get some dives in. There is the possibility of dives with a couple of local SCUBA club on ...

Key Largo Trip Report
My wife and I recently got back from Key Largo. She was completing her Open Water dives while we were down there. Overall we had a pretty good time. Key Largo is not Cozumel but for the pric...

scuba diving software; looking for images
Hi, I participated in the developement of this software: http://scuba-diving.idealog.net Please let me know what you think. I am also collecting images for the splash and the web ...

Recos for diving off Irish Coast in August
Would appreciate any recomendations re. diving in Ireland. I'll be in Clare and Kerry in August. Thanks Mike.

We dove Mahahual - Costa Maya!
Thanks to all who helped direct us to a dive operator in Mahahual / Costa Maya, Mexico. We were there last week off Grand Princess looking for new dive site to try. We did have an...

OT: Capture of 200 dolphins for Cancun park
Source was CNN.com -- http://www.cnn.com/2003/TECH/science/07/22/mexico.dolphins.reut/index.html CANCUN, Mexico (Reuters) -- Environmentalist groups fear for the physical conditio...

Interested in St.Lucia?
For anyone interested in visiting/Diving in St.Lucia,I have just purchased a three bedroom,3bath villa which is available for rental on the island. You can view it at www.a1vacationproper...

Great Lakes
I will be moving to Ohio soon from NC and was curious if many people dive in Lake Erie or the other Great Lakes. What about other dive locations near central Ohio?

dive report w/ pics Begg Rock, Nic, & SBI
see http://diver.net/bbs/messages/37718.shtml

Arrived in Roatan
Well...we made it out to Roatan about 4 this afternoon. Looking forward to 5 days of diving and snorkeling. We're in West End Village. I'll post agian when we return from the island

Diving in Phillippines?
Hi divers. I'm planning a 5 day (3.5 days for diving) dive trip to the Philippines in September/October out of Singapore. As I do not want to spend 2 x 1day for travelling I am looking ...

Recommendations sought for Bonaire resorts
First off, my sincere thanks to everyone who weighed in on the hurricane avoidance question that I posted last week. After much debate we've settled on Bonaire. Now, I'm hoping t...

Suba Diving in MADEIRA
I am Living in Madeira near the natural reservation of Garajau east of Funchal, Madeira's capital. The diving is fantastic, lots to see - Giant groupers,barracudas,Moroccan White seabream, C...

Diving Maldives
Anyway ever dived at Summer Island Village in the Maldives. Off there in October this year and just wondered if anyone had any experience with the dive school on the island and any general a...

Cancun dive operators
My wife and I will be in Cancun from 7/26-8/2 and are looking for recommendations on dive operators. Has anyone had any experience with personaldiving.com? We will be staying at the Ca...

The Reefs Of The Caribbean Are Dying
It's old news maybe, but this is the latest report, from a UK research firm: http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/ap/20030717/ap_on_re_us/coral_decline_2 Wonder if divi...

CDNN News: Johnson Outdoors Inc warns of stock crash after Scubapro Uwatec dive computer recall
Johnson Outdoors Inc warns of stock crash after Scubapro Uwatec dive computer recall http://www.cdnn.info/industry/i030717/i030717.html

Dive Computer Recall Alert
Check your computers, folks. If you have a UWATEC Smart PRO or Smart COM and bought it within the last two years, call UWATEC at 1-800-806-0640 or register at www.uwatec.com for a replaceme...

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