11 Mar 2007 16:37:23
Tasmanian Adventure

Hi all,

I'm Margie. I'm a fun loving but quiet girl who enjoys getting out
and discovering new things. My partner and I have just finished a 3
month camping trip around Tasmania and I wanted to tell people about

We started out in Hobart, a beautiful little city and headed south, as
far south as you can go on any road in the world. Then headed north
when the weather decided to turn on us. The Tasmanian weather is a
fickle thing at times, one minute it is warm and sunny the next you
are getting snowed on. The sound of snow on the tent was something I
will never forget.

We made a complete circumnavigation of the state, enjoying the scenic
views from different locations, camping in free campgrounds, walking
different tracks and bushwalks. The unique wildlife showed us what
they are capable of, as did the insects. It was a rush watching the
sun come up in the mornings and seeing the magnificent sunsets over
the west coast. I must say that the only way to experience Tasmania
fully is by taking it slowly and watching everything that happens.

We enjoyed the experience of seeing Tasmania so much that we decided
to build a website, Real Tasmania http://www.realtasmania.com,
dedicated to informing other people about it. I am writing a blog
journal, as we speak at Real Tasmania, where you can read about what
happened and where we went. There is also information about Tasmania,
a gallery, and a forum where you can ask questions about anything

Hope to see you all at Real Tasmania and if you have been to Tasmania,
why not join and tell us about your Tasmanian experience.