Suunto Stinger locked after shallow dive
Hi, I experienced a strange behaviour of my Suunto Stinger due to an unusual dive profile. I explain: 1st dive at max 40 m. for 35 minutes. Got 2 minutes deco stop at 3 meters...

Disabled gent needs help with funding/equipment
Hi all. I 'm a Disabled gent eager to learn to Scuba dive but need help to do so. Please view my web site for further details at Id be very grateful. Many th...

Question on hookah equipment.....
Does anyone know the specific model of the compressor used on the Airline or the Brownie? I know it is a Thomas Industries, direct drive, wob-l piston, etc. Can't find the same exact comp...

Knighthawk dump question
Hi all, Wondering does anyone know how the dump valves come off this BCD? My old BCD just unscrewed for easy filling/draining but not this one. I'm afraid to apply much force lest...

current vented open-heel fins ?
Looking for vented open-heel fins and I'm coming up with less than a few years ago (is the scuba industry going through a consolidation like most other western businesses ? shame if so, mon...

WTB Steel Tank
I am looking for a used 71.2 cubic foot steel tank with current hydro and VIP. Thanks, James

Is there such thing as a low cost Drysuit??
HELLO! I am looking to buy a drysuit. I do not react well to the water, but I love swimming, and so the dry suit is the only way that allows me to stay in the water. But on my s...

FS: ebay Luminox 3100
Hi I'm selling my Luminox 3100 stainless steel navy seal edition diver's watch on ebay if anyone is interested.

Casio watches, diver watches
great place to buy these: good customer service, and excellent store!

Dacor Omni Pro - Source for replacement oring ?
Anyone know of a source for a replacement oring for the Dacor Omni Pro dive computer ? (battery compartment) Thanks,

Drysuit wrist seals?
Do I need to buy wrist seals for my DUI drysuit from DUI, or will other manufactures seals fit as well? Al Bottoms Up Divers

Video of Diving with Sea Scooter Any one try this product before? Kinchi

Best scuba equipment brands
I am looking at buying new scuba gear and i need to know what you guys think is the best brands....right now im struggling between Mares and Aqualung

Add money to your Paypal account with OPRAH 1[3g
Read this message until the end, and you will find out how the money flows in easy !!!!. Follow the steps and it WILL work. Trust me !!!!!. It's NOT illegal and it is NOT a scam !!!...

viewfinder vs LCD screen underwater use
The camera I'm now considering buying is the Fuji F30, which has no viewfinder, just the LCD screen. Any comments whether the viewfinder or LCD screen are better for underwater use in a ho...

Selecting a fin
Is there a sizing chart for the VTECH split fin? How do I know which fin size to get? Does the fin need to cover the whole heel?

Fuji F30
Anyone have any knowledge of the Fuji F30 or the Canon SD700 in underwater use? Adam

Travel BCD
I saw the similar thread posted but it seemed to get tied up with backplates etc I am looking to purchase a new BCD for travelling with and am looking at either the Aqualung Passp...

EBAY ACTION: Whites PI 1000 Underwater Metal Detector Thanks for looking Jay

Opinion re:Cressi Archimedes II Computer Console
I just received the Cressi Archimedes II Computer Console (computer+psi gauge) I had ordered. Though the computer gives the depth reading, the Manual advises that you have ...

Just started
A week ago or more I asked here about getting equipment and got some great respones. THANKS. Last night I started my "in pool" cause and unfortunetly all we got to do was a lot ...

Prescription Dive Mask Questions
I have not dove in a few years due to bad sinus. Used to dive with contacts, now wear glasses. I am going to order a prescription mask for snokeling. I am blind with out my glasse...

maximun depth underwater case ?
Hello, My CANON Ixus 700 digital underwater housing case DC70 says maximun depth 40 meters, how much more deep you think I can take this housing? I have taken it up to 45 me...

Surface to diver radio?
I am looking for some used equipment if I can find any. I am looking for Surface to diver/diver to diver radio. I believe they are FM. Looking for used because the units run arond $700 new...

last day!: New XCEL SHORT SLEEVE Wetsuit
XCEL Icon Wet-Suit (New)

atomic regulators
Sure, I know most of you people prefer Apeks, but what is the opinion on Atomic regulators?

Whites Dry Suit
Like new Whites dry suit ... cost $1500 will sell for $450.00. Can send pictures if interested. Will fit about 5ft - 10 inch to 6ft .

Seac Sub Pro 2000 Manual
Hi I have recently bought a used Seac Sub Pro 2000 (original model) BCD and am trying to get hold of a user manual for it. The Seac Sub website has only manuals for its current k...

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