shallow diving?
I tried to clean my sailboat hull the other day, using my normal snorkel, and I couldn't quite get the job done. It may have had something to do with my old wetsuit being a little tight for...

Odd behavior from Ikelite strobe
I'm having a problem with my Ikelite DS-50 strobe that makes no sense, and I'm hoping one of the wizards here might be able to explain it. I'm using the DS-50 with the manual controlle...

Deciding which scuba components to buy
I am getting dizzy regarding the variety of regs,octos gauges that are available. I try to use ScubaDivng's ratings to guide me. I want gear that is "low profile" for easier transpor...

FS Oceanic Mako DPV
2001 model year Mako for sale. Motor was completely rebuilt by Curt at DPV Repair in April of 2006. All new o-rings installed, two new reed switches installed, and a new set of batteries wer...

:... > New XCEL ICON SHORT SLEEVE S/S Wetsuit >

Putting together scuba gear
In my last post I requested feedback regarding different pieces of gear I'm considering buying. What I forgot to ask was: I assume all these components from different mfrs. are ...

Recommendations for gear
This is my first purchase of Scuba gear and am considering the following based on reviews I've read, price etc.. For tropical waters only. I already have the Cressi Aq...

Suunto D9 and D6 recall
Just saw this, someone else may have already posted it Suunto Dive Computers Recalled Due to Decompression Hazard WASHINGTON, D.C. - The U.S. Consumer Product S...

Recommendations for compact analog 3 gauge console
Would appreciate recommendations for "compact" analog 3 gauge consoles. Thanks, Sy -- Please post and reply to [email protected]

Recommendations for 1st UW Dig. Camera please
I would like some feedback from this group on any thoughts and recommendations you may have for my fist UW dig. Camera. I want to be able to use it in low light without additional strobes (...

Citizen - Hyper Aqualand Pro Watch
Anyone have one of these? Looks like it's pretty much a dive computer that looks like a watch. ...

Where to start with equipment
I've just signed up to start a five week, closed water scuba course and then three open water dives. I've been told that I need to purchase a bunch of equipment but without paying the real...

My first Tanks
Hi All. Just purchased my first set of tanks (Worthington X7-120)'s Steels, rated at 230bar/3442psi as part of my new RAS setup (also purchased an AL30 Pony). They came from the LDS...

Gavin scooter trigger modification for cruise control?
I just recently purchased a Gavin scooter, and I would like to modify the trigger assembly somehow to incorporate a lock down of some type that would hold secure yet easily be disengaged. A...

Differences between the Suunto D9 and Suunto Vytec DS ??? Suggestions?
Hi I am looking to these two diving computers to replace my old Aladdin with something more advanced and able to manage in a better way decompression stops and different gas mixes. ...

El Cid Hotel in Cozumel
Was wondering if anyone has stayed at the El Cid Hotel in Cozumel? I want to stay in a reasonably priced (not all-inclusive) hotel that has a gym, pool, business center and...

Travel BCs
The August 2006 issue of "Scuba Diving" has ratings of BCs beginning on page 50. I am considering purchasing a BC and am interested in the "Travel BCs" on page 56., specific...

Adjusting Cyclon Regs
Hi, I was reading a post on the newsgroups about the cyclone second stages. It said that the venturi tube adjustment is critical. I have been fiddling with mine thinking it...

Dive Log Book Stamps
please visit:

Rip Van Winkle wakes up
I bought some US Divers gear 20 years ago, used it for a few years, then it sat stored until now. A daughter is about to take her open water class, so I pulled out the gear, dusted it off an...

Canon WP-D4 Case Question
Does anyone out there own this waterproof case for the Canon Ixus 50-60 pocket camera range? I have just received one. It is a quality bit'o'kit and I'm looking forward to gett...

Real differences between Apeks ATX100 and ATX200
Hi to everyone. By looking to the specs is difficult to understand the real differences between the Apeks ATX100 and ATX200. also.. are the the differences worth the money? ...

Name of Dive Shop at the Fiesta Americana Hotel in Cozumel
Does anyone have the name of the Dive shop at the Fiesta Americana Hotel in Cozumel? Also can anyone recommend SSI or NAUI Training Centers there? Thanks, S...

mares divemate / orca pilot audio
As a diver with bad eye-sight I'm very interested in this Finish made product. It seams that it is no longer made and nobody is sellign it anymore (even not on ebay). cheers, AD <...

Question re: BCD, regulator, weights
I need some recommendations for equipment that I hope to buy in the near future for warm water diving. Excuse my newbie terminology. The BCD's with the pockets for weights...

Try this - auctions on equipment
Hi there, All stuff related to equipment can be found cheaper on auction sites. Find out how, tips, tricks and links to the most popular auction sites on: http://auctions.wo...

Question to Buyers - Best way to sell a Housing
Folks, I'm trying to sell an Ikelite housing for a Canon G3/G5 camera, but I'm not getting any bites.

Alladin Air X Upgrade
Has anyone used the Scubapro upgrade option to get a Smart Z by returning an X and paying an upgrade fee.

Uwatec Aladin Prime IrDA issues?
Anyone else have problems with getting the IrDA to work with XP Home? When I install I get the option of COM3 or 4, not 1 or 2.

CANO EOS500 housing
I would like to find a housing box for my CANON EOS 500N, film camera !! :-) It seems now it's almost imposible don't get suggested by the digital dark side, :-), but I don't want to throw...

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