Hotels and Diving Locations in Guanacaste, Costa Rica
I recently stayed in Playa Flamingo which is in Guanacaste on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. I received my Advanced Open Water Certification while there. Was wondering if...

Easy fins with arthritis?
My wife has juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and her left knee does not bend fully. She has been snorkeling for years but she does get flare- ups. Does anyone recommend any fins for snorkel/sc...

I want to buy a pair of X-shorts but I'm not sure of the sizing. I'm a small female. Do you think that their smallest size fits a 26 in waist? The dimensions on their website have me confus...

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Din or Yoke
I want to thank all that replied to my question as to which was more popular ... DIN or yoke for personal compressors. The response was overwhelmingly DIN. HOWEVER ... so far I...

Notebook computers for less!
Find Great Deals on Laptops via our webpage at:

Women's Wet Suit for sale. Size 14+
WOMEN'S WET SUIT FOR SALE, Size 14+, Full length Bare Velocity: Vancouver, BC Colour: light and dark blue. 5mm hips and legs, 4mm in areas where you need to stretch (ie shoulders...

Wattage and LEDs and the Greenforce light
Does anyone know how the Greenforce Flexi Funstar LED light compares with the Princeton Tec LED in brightness? They don't have a lumen listed on their page so I can't get any idea how bright...

tri-laminate drysuit from Whites
I'm intending to buy myself, finally, a nice tri-lam drysuit. Somebody pointed me towards the Nexus from Whites. This is a bi-laminate suit, but available on the South African market and com...

Mares BC maintainance
Hi, I just got a used Mares Jubilee BC on ebay. Its in very good condition and used less than 1 year. Holds air firm and tight overnight. No problem with the inflator. Other than rins...

New Mask
Just got a new snorkel set. I've heard of using toothpaste (the paste kind not gel) to clean the whole thing but am not sure if I should do that. Any experienced advice would be apprecia...

Long Island Diving
The Long Island Diving Web has been UPDATED!

Digital cameras with underwater exchangeable lenses
Hello, For the last 8 years I'm photographing with Motormarine II-EX and I like very much the feature of being able to install at the same dive both a wide angle lens (20mm) and a...

Prescription mask versus contact lens
My wife, a novice diver, wants to go on wearing her contacts when she starts actively diving this summer. Our instructors from our NAUI- affiliated dive shop have recommended prescription ...

help with picking underwater housings
I have a fujifilm finepic A 360 and I can't seem to be able to find an underwater housing for it. Does any one know if theres a housing made for it or know of a universal housing that will f...

Cressi-sub vs Picasso
Hi, I am considering to buy a speargun but i could not decide which one. Which one would you suggest, cressi-sub or picasso?

Advice re: Problem with bottom of right big toe & fins
A few weeks a go I got my Advanced Open Water Certification. Everything went well except for the fact that I got some ulceration from the fins I was using on the underside of my ...

Not new but a repeat
We are looking for dive buddies who might be interested in sharing an > inexpensive live aboard trip to Andros Island in May or early June of > this year. The intro trip wil...

Sealife DC500 - Problems
Joe Iocona the export manager of Sealife has just emailed folk with the following page of issues with the DC500, rather hidden on their site at:

Any good diving near the City of San Pedro Sula, Honduras?
I will be traveling to San Pedro Sula, Honduras in a week or two. I have Advanced Open Water Certification. I realize that the Bay Islands are about 1 hour away by air but was <...

Travel aid
--_NextPart_00009763-00000C1C-0D68BC4C-BBDB Content-Type: text/plain Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit Check out for some of the best travel rates <...

Great Job Board
--_NextPart_00009763-000008F1-0CFDDBFA-0B8B Content-Type: text/plain Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit There is a great job board located at the employment section of http://ww...

A great onestop spot
--_NextPart_00009763-00000250-0C1E1486-C8B4 Content-Type: text/plain Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit Here is a site that was definitely worth checking out at http://www.gabbyinc.b...

[Ebay] For sale: full optionals Sea&Sea MotorMarine II underwater camera
For sale on Ebay: full optional Sea&Sea MotorMarine II underwater camera. Details and auction here (worldwide shipping)

Any knowledge of XS Scuba's Sea Air Tri metal Regulator, Aeris ai computer
I am looking to replace an aging Scuba Pro mk10 G250. For the past several years I have read about how good the Sea Air Tri Metal is in the slick magazines. Does anyone have experience with...

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