James Bond Wreck Dive Video
My Vulcan Bomber (Thunderball) and Tears of Allah Wreck (Never Say Never Again) dive video is up on Google. Go to http://video.google.com, click on playable video, and search for James Bo...

how to do white balance underwater w digital camera?
Hello, Can you please tell how pratically I can do the white balance adjustment with the canon ixus 700 digital camera underwater? Please explain me if I better do it at the...

mares airlab: good computer ?
hi all, sorry for the double posting (i've just posted the same message on rec.scuba; but I think it's more on topic here (^_^;)) i'm considering of buying a mares airlab, as i've...

oceanic computer interface
Anybody out there knowing a site with details about building at home a computer interface cable for oceanics computers? Thanks Marco

keep clean my scuba Mask ??
this is pain-%^%

OT snorkeling equipment questions
My wife and I have enjoyed snorkeling yet are tired of sore feet, and sucking in water while using rental equipment. I know that snorkels come in a wide variety of styles, some have a 'flo...

Hose Wont Fit??
I just bought (on ebay) a Genesis 4 gauge console & am trying to connect it to my aged (but recently serviced) Sherwood regulator's first stage. The (male) connector of the console is to l...

FA: complete set of DIR gear: backplates, STAs, Halcyon wings, scouts, etc.
DIR style diving gear up for auction on ebay... check my feedback, I've taken good care of everything, and pack carefully and ship quickly. pair of Halcyon Scout backup dive lights:

Maintenance of silicone dive masks?
When I discovered that yet another rubber dive mask and succumbed to dry rot, I got a new silicone mask. Its definitely more comfortable for long periods of wear, and I've heard that ...

Mares Vector 1000 MRS
Any comments about this new BC? I'm looking forward to buy this new BC. What is more improved compared to the previous or other BC? [email protected] STF ...

Nice Big Barracuda photo
Hey guys , if you have a big barracuda photo please linkme the site is for a school proyect . TX BBC

Computer Veo 180 look nice USB connection ?
I buy a veo 180 , but i see that have a USB interface for connect to the computer , mean is this great? , work fine ?? BCC

Connecting a guage console to a regulator
I just purchased a 4 gauge console (from ebay) to connect to my old (but just serviced) Sherwood regulator. Is it easy to connect or should I have my local dive shop do it?

Knife for scuba ?? i don't know witch one ?
hey : how i know what knife to use ? BBC

Parts for AquaLung Aquarius
I am looking for a rebuild kit (o-rings, etc.) for the Aqualung Aquarius (1st & 2nd stage), does anybody know where I can get it from? My local LDS says that they can no longer find them, an...

Sony DSC-W7 or P100 for underwater use
Anyone have experience with either the DSC-W7 or the P100 P150 for underwater use (in a Sony housing of course)? Adam

********************* *** Scuba Motion **** ********************* V=EDctor - Scuba Trainer (787-604-6959)INFO . $39.95 excursion / Include bote from beach to dive site...

Scuba locations in the Northeast U.S.A.
I live in Central New Jersey. I have YMCA Open Water Certification and wanted to check out some places off of New Jersey, Maryland or Virginia. Can someone recommend ...

HID Dive Light for Sale

Scuba diving off North Carolina
I have YMCA Open Water Certification and wanted to check out some places off of North Carolina. Can someone recommend some good locations and dive shops there? Thanks, ...

Time Share Rental -- St John -- Oct 8-15
Nena, my wife/dive buddy, and I will not be able to use our time share week in St John this year, so we are offering it for rental. Please email me if you are interested. Please feel fr...

FA: otterbox 2600 waterproof PDA case - NIB NR
Up for auction, an otterbox 2600 waterproof PDA case. Otterboxes are a lot like Pelican cases... some people say one is better than the other but I've used both without noticing any differe...

FA: parts for light heads (cannister light)
I read the dive light companion from airspeed press (airspeedpress.com) and got started making light heads. I never finished and now I'm moving, so I've got a bunch of machined parts ready ...

FA: DUI compressed neoprene dry suit - size Medium
For Auction: DUI compresses neoprene drysuit size Medium. I've had DUI install new zipper, new intake valve, all new latex seals, and service the exhaust valve. Suit is ready to dive....

FA: oxygen regulators, masks, kit
I'm moving overseas so have LOTS of stuff to get rid of. I've put together two oxygen provider kits. One is a regulator with 0-25lpm constant flow, 2 DISS ports, demand valve, hose, n...

Looking for DS-01 adapter for Sea&Sea YS60-TTL strobes
I'm looking for an adapter to connect an YS50-TTL and an YS60-TTL to my Sea&Sea MM-II EX. Sea&Sea doesn't supply this adapter, called DS-01 (for Sea&Sea connectors), anymore.

FA: housing for Sony DSC F828
Like new at half the price.... http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=7538296001

FA: Housing for Sony DSC F828

USB interface cable suitable for Suunto Vyper
In case anyone is interested, we have recently started to sell a USB download cable suitable for the Suunto Vyper dive computer. It is very compact and easy to install. Take a look here:

TUSA computer woes
I just got an older TUSA Imprex II computer when I bought some gear. The battery seems weak and the indicator shows same. The manual from the TUSA website says I can replace their ba...

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