Awaiting my new Bio fins.
Getting back into the boat on my second last dive in Catalina, one of my Force Fins slipped into the water and disappeared in the current. I made a feeble attempt at retrieving the lost fi...

Anyone have experience with Gilan traveller lamp?
Hi, I'm looking to buy a new tank lamp and am considering the Gilan Traveller 12.5w HID lamp (the one without hand lamp option). The price of 600 euros seems pretty good for a 3...

Pt-016 Underwater Housing
I own an Olympus Stylus 410 digital camera which has a sliding cover which turns the camera on and off. I can't tell how the PT-016 underwater housing controls this cover? Does ...

FA: Cochran Commander Nitrox Scuba Dive Computer w/PC Link
A Cochran Commander Nitrox Scuba Dive Computer package complete with plastic scratch guard, Serial PC Interface with adapter, Analyst PC software disk, Original User manual, extra long wrist...

It's in virtually new condition.

FOR SALE US Navy MK 12 Helmet
EXCELLENT CONDITION Complete Helmet with jocking system, ready to dive. $3,600.00 USD Regards Joseph _________________ Josephp at surfbest dot ne...

Teaching a Spouse
have a theoretical question here. Sposin' one had a spouse who showed an interest in diving, but who only wanted lessons from *YOU*, i.e. who didn't want to attend classes. 1. Wh...

The antique
The antique for your collection Polish regulator from 1960. 100% genuine.

New Equipment
I am a 58 year old, experienced scuba diver (with over 20 years of diving under my belt) who was hit by a car in 1989 & hasn't been diving since. I now want to get back into the sport but,...

Why do they make it so hard?
So I'm looking to buy TWO decent mid / upper mid level BCD & reg combos for my wife and myself. I know pretty much what I want and I know I want to buy from a LDS.. I got the name...

hookah/shell hogg info needed
Hello all A couple of years ago I bought a surface supplied dive unit (hookah) on ebay. It is called a "shell hogg" and I lost all the literature in a fire and don't have ebay account a...

Vyper vs Quantum
I am looking to purchase a new dive compute. I seem to have the choice down to Suunto Vyper or the Apeks Quantum. Please can anyone that has used one or both of these advise me on which th...

underwater camera case - c-3040
Anyone know where I can get a good underwater camera case for my Olympus C-3040 digital camera? Ikelite has one for $600, but that can't be the real price....there must be one cheaper - c...

3 horse power single phase motor 240 volt?
Does anyone have a second hand one for sale? or, know cheap place to get one from in the UK? Thanks for any help.

dive compressor oil?
Does anyone know what oil you put in a hamworthy / bristol 2.4 cfm dive compressor? Thanks for any help.

underwater video
Hi in case of interest, on, AMPHIBICO HOUSING VH1000 & SONY VX1000E, low price on this link

Sea & Sea viewfinder for Nikonos
Hi I am looking at getting a 16mm Sea & Sea wide-angle adapter (secondhand) from my local uw-photo shop for my 35mm lense (on a Nik 5). I will of course need to buy a v...

A new digital camra for diving
I need help selecting a digital camera for diving. I am planning on getting a new digital camera with underwater housing to at least 40 meter. But i am a bit in the dark abo...

Dive compressor wanted (UK)
I'm thinking of buying a Dive compressor (air only - 200+ bar), but also possibly capable of higher pressures for hydraulic self-testing of my tanks (350 bar?). Ideally I would want a secon...

O ring problem
I Need to replace a couple of O-rings and replacements are Not available off the shelf nor from the manufacturer. The problem is the rings have compressed with time. Isn't there a substanc...

Travel BC
I've lost a significant amount of weight and my old bc no longer fits. I no longer dive in the northeast. My principal diving is tropical liveaboards and/or the family vacation to the...

Cochran Gemini
I have a Cochran Gemini FO2 computer. The unit has switched to the second gas (demo) at depth for some reason. It has done this several times. One of the user settable configurations must ...

SeaDoo Seascooter Question
Does anyone have any experience with the seadoo seascooter? I tried one today and it was a lot of fu...

Drysuit.... How dry are they?
Do they let any water in at all? How much?

Any experience/opinions: u/w strobe for digital photography
Comparison shopping : - Sea & Sea YS-25 Auto - Sealife SL960 - SunPak G-Flash thanks.

FS: Semi Vintage regs, Scuba pro, AMF Swimaster, Dacor
#1 $40 Farallon Console No Name first stage AMF Swimaster primary SW Octopus #2 $30 Oceanic Console Conshelf first stage Conshelf ...

Rubber Mask straps vs Neoprene slap straps
I took a scuba refresher course today and had problems with my mask. It is a new Oceanic Lite Vision 3 with the standard rubber strap. I kept having to tighten one side because it kept comin...

Problem w/ UWATEC Aladin Air X Nitrox
I have an Uwatec air integrated computer that I purchased new back in "99" at the considerable expense of $900. It is now locked in the error mode. It worked fine on it's last dive to the ...

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