Strobe Servicing
Guys Further to my recent posting on strobe batteries (I have just taken delivery of a present, a Nikonos V, 35mm lense, plus Sea & Sea YS50 strobe plus Ocean Optics close up len...

Advice on Suunto Mosquito
I am a newly qualified OW diver looking to get my first computer. Looking at computers on the market I have been eyeing up the Suunto Mosquito. It has all the functions of the Vyper but in ...

Has anyone tried sony W7 + Marine pack
Has anyone tried this package out and if anyone knows, is it comparable to the sony dsc p93 in quality in that they both come with the super had ccd chip?

Newbie BC Problem
I got certified last summer and made five post-certification dives in the fall. Then was out for six months as a result of major surgery. Dove in the Casino Point Catalina Marine Park yeste...

dsc p93 un-available
Is there anyone out there who can suggest a comparable or better camera than the p93 that also has the housing/marine pack Thanks Linz

Air analyser
Does anyone make a small portable device which can be used to analyse the quality of air in a scuba tank. I am not talking about an oxygen analyser, I am interested in checking for CO and ...

Looking to Buy Used Equipment
I'm looking to buy Used Scuba Equipment. New or used gear. Doesn't matter how old it is either. Please email me at [email protected] with a description of what you have along with your ...

U.S. Divers Scan 5 dive computer manual
Hi, I just won a U.S. Divers Scan 5 dive computer on e-bay. I am usually pretty good about finding things on the internet, but I can't find a download site for the user manual a...

I read some reviews on LeisurePro after I received a Dacor BCD from them that had manufacturing defects. I was very worried about sending it back to them and having them honor any kind of w...

8 lb soft weight pouch
Need an 8 pound soft weight pouch. Know anywhere cheap I can buy on the internet? Thank you.

Oceanic VEO100
Good morning, I've got an Oceanic VEO 100 Scuba Computer and I need to connect him to my pc? Someone knows were I can find a PC cable for this Scuba PC ? Or better, someone...

FA US Navy Diving Manuals,1&item=7163041054&sspagename=STRK%3AMESE%3AIT

Buy diving equipment or advertise it, in Croatia

FA: Genisis SPG (Pressure Gauge) -- ____________ Robert

gas booster
Dear fellow divers i am trying to locate a booster capable of boosting he and 02 does anybody know of any -- erik Message posted via : www.dacor.d

What do I need for good underwater SEX ???
I want to fuck underwater for hours and I want all the fishes watching us having sex. What do I need ?

Breathe Underwater Without Oxygen Tanks Don't shoot the messenger.

FS: Canon WP-DC300 waterproof housing
Canon WP-DC300 waterproof housing Fits Powershot S30/S40/S45/S50 Safe to 30m (100ft) underwater Virtually brand new, nev...

Scubapro MK20 problems
Someone has more informations about this Security alert? L.

Citizen Hyper Aqualand
Hallo, I can not transfer data from my watch to my PC. Do I need updated software ? I have version V2.1.0.0 I am using windows xp Thanks for your support.

For Sale Morse Mk12 Helmet
US Navy Version Mk12 with Original Navy jocking harness. Entertaining offers email: [email protected] ullwn at

Bonica SeaPix camera recommendations?<<>>
Just wondering if anyone has this camera and what results/satisfaction they have with it? Thanks!

Bonica SeaPix camera recommendations?<<>>
Just wondering if anyone has this camera and what results/satisfaction they have with it? Thanks!

beginer equiptment
I am a relatively new diver and am looking to purchase first time full gear set up. I want budget yet descent gear. Any suggestions?

How to reset cobra?
I just bought a used Cobra annd would like to clear it out. The manual doesn't mention anything or I've over looked it. So how can I clear/reset everything? Also anyone try the k...

Back Plates. Any differences?
Hi All, I have been choosing between a Dive Rite and a Halcyon Back Plate. they both look the same, with all the holes and cuts in very very similar places. Is there any difference in...

Backplates for sale
I have two brand new regular size stainless backplates for sale. $75 each plus shipping.

Aqua Lung Mistral Regulator
Anyone had a chance to dive the Aqua Lung Misttral double hose regulator. Any first hand opinions. The way the description reads this reg would be a good combination of the old double ho...

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