Underwater video recording errors, compression artifacts? overheating?
I'm struggling with a problem shooting video when snorkeling. Maybe one of you can help. I'm using a Canon GL/1 in an Epic housing. I'm getting excellent results for 20-30 min...

voice your gear opinions at theScubaGuide.com
The Scuba Guide is a site I helped to build last year, which recently added a huge new gear directory. In just 7 months, The Guide has become so popular and grown so fast, it's difficult t...

Difference Bewteen a Wreck Reel and Dive Reel?
I have a quick newbie question...Just gotmy Open Water and Nitrox certs and I am hooked!!! What is the difference between a wreck reel and a dive reel? And what should I look f...

Where to get the best prices on 3 complete setups in Houston, TX
I just got me two 15 year old daughters cirtified and want to buy them complete setups and myself new equipment and was wanting to find out if anyone knew where the best prices were in the...

what happened to abyss?
Where is Abyss. I needed a new code to unloc software and the site is down

Akona AKB144 Rollerbag
Any opinions? According to the online documentation, the total linear dimensions (H + W + D) are about 66", which exceeds the airlines restrictions by about 4". Has anyone had an...

Larger Cumberbund
Yes, is it possible to replace a cumberbund for a 2003 Oceanic OceanPro BC? I have size XL model. Thanks!

Lerger Cumberbund
Yes, is it possible to replace a cumberbund for a 2003 Oceanic OceanPro BC? I have size XL model. Thanks!

FS: Scubapro BCD - Medium $200
Lightly used Scubapro BCD Glide 500 model, medium size. Only used on vacation trips. Approx. 4 years old in great shape, $200.00 CDN OBO In the Ottawa. Ontario, Canada area.

Back Plate Systems: Which one?
Hi All, Been looking at getting myself a back plate system. But cant seem to decide on Dive Rite or the Halcyon stuff.... Anyone out there know of sites that have reviewed bth it...

i like scuba eq
I like scuaba. -- R*Horse rwinner.blogspot.com

Source for Regulator Parts
I have two Oceanic Omega II 2nd stages on Oceanic BP 1st stages, one Mares MR12 III 2nd stage on a Mares BP 1st stage and a Sea Hornet Command Air nd on a Sea Hornet Sea Hornet 1st. I also h...

Diving in Sicily
Dear Diver, we have the possibilities to let you and your family get a several discount up to (10% - 25%) in the Hotels, pensions or B&B of Taormina and Giardini Naxos at the orien...

Re: a previoous post
quote: > I have a problem with some equipment that I returned to the local > office here in Phuket, one a warranty item, and two that were factory > recalls. > It's bee...

Mares Mens Isotherm Ice Millennium Semi-Dry Wetsuit
Anyone have an opinion on the Mares Isotherm Ice Millennium Semi-Dry One Piece Wetsuit. I need to replace some worn equipment and I'm looking at different suits. TIA Rich ...

Upgraded system, call for morons
Okay, I've upgraded my system, and changed news-readers. So all you strokes, morons, oxygen wasters, and pinheads, post to this thread. Respond if: -You're male,...

Opinions of quality by country
When it comes to buying scuba/snorkeling gear, does the country of origin make a difference to you? I was told that the quality of the Taiwanese manufactured snorkeling gear is tops right no...

Bazaruto Archipelago, Mozambique
Has anyone here ever been diving at the Bazaruto Archipelago in Mozambique? Can you share some thoughts? Are there any dive guides available? We're considering a trip to South Africa ...

Computer interfaces
I just purchased an Aeris AI dive computer. My wife has an Oceanic Versa Pro computer. Does anyone know if I can use her USB interface cable to download dives from the Aeris? Or could I p...

Aqua Lung double hose Mistral?
Has anyone actually used Reg yet? If so any comments or have a report? Thanks in advance. Ed

Underwater digital SLR system like new for sale!
Underwater digital SLR system like new for sale! Canon EOS 10d in box with software [ 2 bodies] paid $2800 total, currently $2000 value Canon 15mm f2.8 fisheye lens $500 Can...

$1400 Atomic T2 Regulator
This month's Rodales best-new-reg winner is the $1400 Atomic T2. Anyone here use this regulator? Adam

Diving Holidays in Sicily
Dear Diver, we have the possibilities to let you and your family get a several discount (10% - 25%) in the Hotels, pensions or B&B of Taormina and Giardini Naxos at the oriental coast o...

Dive Computer malfunction
I have a new Oceanic Pro Plus 2 air integrated dive computer. I only used it three times. On the first dive, it worked fine. On the second dive, the pressure fluctuated several hundred ...

Where to Sell Wet Suit?
Just bought a brand new Henderson Hyperflex suit, Men's Small- brand new, never worn. Dive shop wouldn't allow me to return it- total jerks and scam artists. I checked ebay, but wet suits ar...

I'm want to buy your used equipment.
I'm looking to buy used dive gear. Preferably OLD gear that is about 30 to 40 years old. I am also interested in buying newer gear too. Please email me if you are looking to sell your dive...

Wanted:: Aeris Atmos Pro IR download
Anyone have an IR download docking station for the Aeris Atmos Pro they are willing to part with? Mine is getting beat up and would like to get a new one just in case.

Used Scuba Gear Brokered
Looking for large assortments of High End used Scuba Gear - We broker - no charge to the seller - let us find you a buyer today. U.S.Brokerage Cocoa Beach, Florida dc...

FA: Regs, Tanks, Pony, etc.
I have some stuff I don't use anymore for auction: http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQfrppZ50QQfsooZ1QQfsopZ1QQrdZ0QQsassZrstark17 US Divers Impulse Regulator & Computer/Console Aq...

looking for a housing for the following camcorder
I have a canon mv750i camcorder. I am looking for a reasonably priced underwater housing. I have checked eBay etc. Search engines etc but I have only found one company so far who makes a h...

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