Difference between Mares M1 and Dacor Darwin computers?
I'm looking to buy a dive computer and these look to me like they are the same unit. Does anyone know any differences? The Dacor is priced considerably less. Thanks fo...

octopus for hookah
Any suggestios as to what octopus brand and model might be really good for hookah use? My local dive shop will adjust any of them for hookah use but want to sell me a new one. I, on the othe...

voting system
Hi, I'm currently testing a photo voting system on my website, any comments? Also if you can see any bugs in the cgi code please let me know! http://www.kazdivephotos.com/cgi-bin/...

FS: Sea&Sea 20mm and 16mm Lenses
http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3870416337 http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3870427257 The Sea&Sea 20mm and 16mm Wide-Angle Conversion Lenses can b...

WTB: Dive Rite Nitek He or Nitek3
Looking for Dive rite Nitek He or Nitek3 Please send me an e-mail: [email protected]

sealife dc310 or sea&sea dx-3100 ?
Hello, I have found only this cameras so far to be digital underwater with no need of housing. Any of you owns them ? how is it ? how much you paid it ? best place to b...

small compact underwater digital camera ?
Hello, I would like a small compact underwater digital camera. One without a separate housing, do they exist? I dont care much about quality of pics underwater, I will carry...

Dacor Transcend question
I bought an IRIS to download dives but the transcend is not listed in the V2 software list. Anyone know how to make it work? -- Message posted via http://www.scubamonster.com

Bonica SEA PIX 5.25 Megapixel Underwater Digital Camera
I was thinking of buying this camera. I want to spend about 500-800 dollars on an underwater camera. Does anybody have any experience with the bonica. I am interested in the a...

I just ordered a Xcel Infiniti Glideskin Hooded Vest Online Scuba
I just ordered a Mens 6/5/4mm Xcel Infiniti Glideskin Hooded Vest, anyone have an opinion on either the store or the product? http://www.onlinescuba.com/eshop/10Expand.asp?ProductCode...

I'm getting ready for a spacewalk - can I use my dive light on my helmet?
http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/4208155.stm Suuure looks like an UK 4AA light to me....? Wonder how much it cost if it was 'provided' by NASA...

Equipment purchase inevitable!!!!!
Hi all, Myself, wife, brother, brother and other brother are new to scuba and needs some help. After reading much information about BCs, Regs and Computers I am now very conf...

Hilco Prescription Dive Mask - Fogging
I finally decided to get a prescription dive mask, so I would be able to read my computer and more important, to see the display on my camera. My optometrist convinced me to get the H...

Newbie advice
Just looking for opinions on what direction I should take to buy my own equipment. I've been diving three times, all while I was in Aruba and I got totally hooked. So much that...

O'rings for Nikonos Lenses and macro tubes
Hi Does someone knows from where I may order O'rings for Nikonos Lenses and macro tubes . I'm not interested in buying all the kit , if I only need O'rings for lenses and m...

Help with O-Ring ID
I am trying to replace an o-ring in an underwater camera housing. The manufacturer is no help at all. I have found several O-ring suppliers on the internet, but they need technical specs t...

Wisdom Download Cable
When I returned from my Christmas dive in Florida, one of my bags didn't arrive with me when I flew home. It caught up a few days later with the typical TASA tape on it. It had been thourghly searched...

Vintage 1959 Aqua Lung DA - "Aqua-Master"
Here is your chance to own a piece of scuba diving history! This classic Aqua Lung DA Aqua reg has been stored in an air tight container and is in nice shape. Attached to a tank,...

Underwater Images 2005 - Call for Entries - Deadline coming soon.
Entries for Underwater Images photo and video competition will be open until February 1, 2005. There are categories for video an still photography with travel and equipment prizes awarded fo...

US Divers steel 72 scuba tank
This tank is in excellent condition for either use as a sling tank or a nice little tank for afternoon dive. I have used the tank in the past for double hose diving and as a sling bottle. ...

FS New Mares Regulator Bag

Dry suit - Trilaminate or neoprene?
Hi I am looking to buy my first dry suit and am having trouble choosing between a trilaminate or neoprene (such as Tyhoon Seamaster). I'll be diving UK in warmer seasons an...

FS: Ikelite Housing for Sony DSC-F717 Camera
I'm selling a Sony DSC-F717 Ikelite Housing on eBay. It's in excellent condition and includes two Hoya +4 Diopter Filters, a Removable Top Mount Assembly, Slate and Bungie, Extended Black-ou...

FS: Slob Knob
Custom divers 'slob knob'. VGC, complete with rubber knob. 55 including postage within UK. TonyH

FS: New unused Aluminium backplate & STA
Brand new and unused 3mm high quality hard anodised aluminium backplate. Does not include webbing or any hardware. can be used with single tank (slots will align with many single tank...

FS: Lots of Ikelite stuff...
Everyone, My wife and I are upgrading a lot of our UW photo gear, so I'm selling all the spare stuff at 1/2 the current retail price. Let me know what you need - first come, first...

Kettenhoffen Enterprises? "Skin-in" Wet Suits?
For almost three decades, Kettenhoffen, that was located south of LA in Orange County, has provided me with "skin-in" suits. A "skin-in" is a suit where the lycra is on the outside the th...

Cave diving light FS
Hello I have listing for a English engineering cave diving light. It is in super condition and I have just replaced the batteries get more infor at the e-bay listing http://cgi.ebay.c...

O2 Sensor needed in Thailand
Anyone know where I can get a reasonably priced O2 Sensor for a MiniOx I, As well as a VTI, Vascular technologies VTI-580 Galvanic Oxygen Cell Here in Thailand? Cheers <...

Anyone know of MAC download software for suunto computers

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