Latest News on Casio G-Shock Watch
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FS: Diving Concepts Drysuit
My friend is selling a Diving Concepts codura drysuit for $1200.00. It is a custom size X-Large. He's 5' 10" and 230 lbs. It has heavy duty wrist and neck seals, the warm neck option, and th...

Merry Fucking Christmas
Santa Claus is coming to town. -- "We're going to rush the hijackers." -Jeremy Glick, aboard United Airlines flight 93, September 1...

NE1 have a link to a camo-farmer john?
I'm in the market for a 5mill farmer john, I found a NEOSPORT BY HENDERSON for $80US but not como ...

Re: Japanese Watch - Casio, Seiko, Citizen Site
A personal collections of links and directory on Japanese watches such as Casio, G-Shock, Seiko, Citizen etc. Please visit

Swatch Fun Scuba
Hi everybody My father and I recently purchased Swatch Fun Scuba watches. We tried them on a couple of dives, and seemed to work fine at depth, taking accurate readings for depth ...

Dry suit
Hi, I need a new dry suit. I need to choose between: - Northern Diver Cortex - Bare NexGen Any experience would be appreciate. Thanks Chris

Aladin Air Z Nitrox
I have had my Aladin Air Z Nitrox for about 2 months when the computer was delivered it had 6 dives already on it - the so called test dives that I hope are really run in actual wa...

Dacor Darwin & IRIS
have a Dacor Darwin computer, and the IRIS desktop software with the IR reader. All of a sudden my IRIS won't download the dives. Keeps saying COM port not found or something like that, o...

Jan. trip to Fantasy Island Roatan.
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The Wife Was Right
She kept telling me that if I got a half decent digital camera I wouldn't need an external strobe. My experience with rented film cameras of varying qualities, a low end film camera (Sealif...

Divelog Software new import text data reviews
for those of you that might be interested in trying out a new dive log book software package that includes heaps of information about your dives including pictures, text export and import, ...

FA: Weezle extreem on ebay

Wanted a pair of Divator cylinder's
I am looking for a pair of Divator cylinder's. If You have available please supply photo and cost Thank You Joseph mailto:[email protected]

WTB- Scubapro old AIR I 2nd Stage
Hi There, Anyone out there got an old Scubapro AIR I 2nd stage to get rid of? I am looking for the diaphragm cover to repair on my exiting one. Thanks Davy ...

Snorkeling float
We're going to be snorkeling in an area of the Mexican Caribbean that requires you to have a dive flag on a float. The area also has a pretty decent current, so the best way to do it is to s...

Drying Desiccant
I recently got an Olympus C-8080 and an Olympus PT-023 housing for it. I've always shot 35mm before this. I was suprised to see that the housing came with desiccant packs that I assume are...

Wet Suits For Sale
One Mens Fathom Farmer John.Top nice,bottom never worn.Size small. Two womens one custom made,one shortie Med size never worn. All three $125.. Mens alone was over $200.

FS: Mares Synchro Pro BCD Size XL
Haven't been diving much. Have barely used BCD, have dove with it maybe 5 times. Great condition , looks like new. Looking for $350.00, Sells for about $525 new. High Quality BC wi...

O-Ring Sony P-10 Housing
I have a Sony P-10 digital camera with the underwater housing. I would like to replace the housing's O-ring but can not find a way to order them from Sony. Does anyone know where I can get...

Dacor Darwin & IRIS software
I have a Dacor Darwin computer, and the IRIS desktop software with the IR reader. All of a sudden my IRIS won't download the dives. Keeps saying COM port not found or something like that, ...

Santa Claus will come from underwater this year !!!!!!!
He like his new scuba equipment, so expect Santa to come out of the toilet instead down the chimney this year !

FS: Scuba dry suit
For sale. used four times only. BARE TRILAM ATR HD Dry suit, two fleece jumpers, Hood, Gloves, Ankle weights. Size large. Can e-mail photo. Lorne 613-623-1049

FA:Weezle Extreem

FA: Dive Tracker Scout

FA: Russian Spear gun
Russian Spear gun up for auction. New condition.

New Heimlich Drowning Frauds Cover Story - Detroit
OFF THE DEEP END: Dr. Heimlich's Dangerous Maneuvers by Curt Guyette, Detroit Metro Times (cover story), December 8, 2004 Mor...

bandos maldives
Hello,My wife has booked me a holiday to Bandos in the Maldives(its the big 40)We are going in April.Has anyone been?Recommend a dive centre?Thanks very much, ...

List of Italian manufacturers/factories of scuba equipment.
Hi! I need some help too assemble a list of Italian manufacturers of scuba equipment. So if you could be so nice to add the links and information you know I would be ...

review: a new website about scuba equipment
I've recently published a new website that people in this group may be interested in. It doesn't have any specific product reviews, but instea...

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