The new Scuba Store
Hi this is Roland, the founder of the DiveINN Scubastore. Just to inform you that most of us have left DiveINN and that since the summer we have been busy setting up our new company, i...

Swatch Fun Scuba - ????
Hi! I'm looking at a Swatch Fun Scuba watch/depth meter/timer. Does anybody have any experience with these watches?

Vyper: no fly time and data transfer
Hi all, I was thinking about buying a Suunto Vyper, but I came across a disturbing user review. In this review, you can read that the user was unable to transfer the data from his...

Let.s fight against InfoRelation - spamming service!!!
Hallo, Here is Jilly. Let.s do something with this crazy InfoRelation. By accident I have visited this web... and I am teriffied with what people wish to know and the money they o...

Aborting a dive
Hi folks, I would like folks oppinion on this, good and bad,as i think there is a lesson to be learnt or understood somewhere. To qualify,from all my training (mostly PADI,some with Bs...

Hyper Aqualand watch, wrong depths
Hi all, A friend lent me his Citizen Hyper Aqualand watch (1994 model) as he don't dive much. He very recently had the battery changed and the water resistance tested (for 90 euro...

test post

O2: Round up or Round Down
In my NAUI Advanced Nitrox class, I was taught that I should always round the percentage of oxygen up to the next whole number when calculating MOD, PO2, EAD, OTU, CNS, etc. In other words...

Computer Uwatec Alladin Air Z
I'm a newbie in this activity and I'm now searching to buy some equipment so I'dd like to know if anyone has tested the Uwatec Alladin Air Z Computer and what's your opinion about it. ...

FS: Nikonos V kit
Nikonos V with 35mm lens in excellent condition and SB105 flash (almost new) for sale in a Pelican case. Includes all brackets and cables as well as some extra components and the Nikon so...

Pricing for one-on-one dives in Miami area
I would like to do some one-on-one dives in the Miami area. I have Open Water Certification. I was quoted a price of $175.00 to include boat fee,equipment,guide. Does this ...

OxyCheq rig for sale
It is a demo unit, great shape, but used. Backplate, STA, cambands, crotch strap, 45 pound Signature wing; $350 + shipping of your choice ping me at scottk at localacc...

Super Aquazepp for sale
Super Aquazepp for sale. More details at:

hp 120
Hello, I am looking for a good HP 120cf tank, I would prefer PST, but would consider others. If you have one let me know the details at: [email protected] ...

Snorkel 3
I,m also lookin for a underwater saltwater light thit I can strap on my head. [ if there is such a thing ] rechargable ? I,m so happy I found this group. Bobby...

Snorkel 2
Thanks to everyone for the good advice in your replies. I want to take one of these compressors to the Philippines, I live on th sea there. I will go there inDec. and come back to Tennessee ...

I cant find a group for snorkeling. I would like t buy a floating air comressor so I can dive shallow debts. Can someone direct me ? Thanks in advance Bob Nance

club in new york
want to join it just started

Happy Thanksgiving
Over the many years, I've had more than my share of joy, more than my share of friends and more than my share of love . . . and I'm a diver. Just when I thought I had it all, along came J...

Why aren't underwater video housings generic?
Excuse the newbie question but for those of you who've used different underwater video housings, what is it that keeps them from being semi generic? Obviously they have to be big...

Mares Concorde freediving fins
Has anyone used these freediving fins? There is no reference to the fins on the Mares website. I was told that these were made as a sample and not officially released, but none the less are ...

FS: Near Mint Condition SCUBA Gear - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Hello fellow divers, I have a few lightly used SCUBA items that I've decided to part with and offer for sale. All of my gear has been very well cared for and these items are in ne...

200 BAR Scubapro manifold and matching Highland #803 bands
These -won't- be on ebay starting at $.99 anytime soon. Selling an o2 clean 200 BAR scubapro manifold. I'm also selling the Highland 8" bands designed for the scubapro manifold. Asking $2...

Wetsuit, Boots & hoods.
Couldn't get any bites on the boards, so they're on ebay starting at $99. A 2piece 7mm wetsuit, a couple pairs of wetsuit boots and a hood.

FS: Hoseless, Air-integrated, Nitrox Dive Computer
X-No-archive: yes I am selling a Beauchat hoseless, air-integrated dive computer. It includes software and computer cable. You can set any oxygen percentage on this computer.

Canon Powershot S1 IS - opinions?
Canon has a 2-page ad for this camera in the September edition of Scuba Diving magazine. Has anyone used this with the option underwater housing (and without it, on land, of course)? I lik...

Why 'is' online purchacing no cheaper than local retail!
I thought the advent of online purchase was to find deals. Shopping for new SCUBA stuff isn't paying off in savings. For example, I purchased a AB Biller 48" speargun for $200.00...

Mares Nemo
Does anyone have Mares Nemo??? Are you satisfied with it? SOme recomendations Thanks

Help__Where to buy scuba dive equips : 30min from LAX ?
Hi, there, It would take me 4-5 hrs to wait for my connecting flight in LAX. I would like to see or buy some scuba diving items. mind to tell me if there any sport warehouse or scuba d...

Underwater Cameras
Hi, I have a question regarding digital cameras for scuba divers. I am not a scuba diver, but I just want to get one as a present for a friend. I'd apprecite if someone can bear ...

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