Mosquito depth error
On a recent dive trip to the Channel Islands off Santa Barbara, I ran into a problem on my Suunto Mosquito: It was off by 16 ft in depth. On one of the dives I noticed my buddy was go...

They told us we were shooting a Greenpeace commercial!

Computer Battery Ripoff
I just found out that my local dive store, which I've been doing business with for years, has been charging me $20 PER BATTERY for CR2032 coin batteries, which are needed for my dive compu...

Shopping 4 Scuba Online
Can anyone recommend an online SCUBA retail place to pick up non-technical gear (like gear travel bags, clips, light sticks...etc). While I love my local dive shop, the mark-up is too painful fo...

admiralty charts
is there anywhere i can get these charts, as free downloads... help

WTB: Dive Rite Nitek He or Nitek3
Looking for Dive rite Nitek He or Nitek3 Please send me an e-mail: [email protected]

help me choose canon G6 or olympus c5060 ?
Hello, I finally narrowed down the choice to these cameras: Canon G6 or Olympus C5060 which one you recommend me ? Canon G6 newer model, 2 megapix...

On Bonaire Nov. 3-13
This is a multi-part message in MIME format. ------=_NextPart_000_003E_01C4BC2A.FC0EE760 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1" Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-pri...

Uwatec SmartTrak IR trouble
I have a SmartCom that works great with a friend's laptop IRDA port. On my computer, I have an MA-620 USB IRDA device that works fine with my cell phone from about 6 inches. ...

You know anything about weird fish etc from Sipadan and Lembeh?
How much you know about werid fish? I need some help. Just came back from a 8 week diving trip form all over North Sulawesi. I really need some help identifying some of the critters I ...

which of these digital cameras you recommend me ?
Hello, I have narrowed down the choice of digital cameras to: Olympus C5050 or C6060 I think the c5050 is no longer available, which one replaces it ? or <...

I recommend to wear steel-armour underwater ! ! !
Without armour, sharks and killer whales may bite off valuable body parts !

which one of these cameras you recommend me ?
Hello, I have narrowed down the choice of a digital camera for general purpose and for rarely if needed also underwater to these cameras: I want a camera that will take very...

Suunto Cobra
Anyone out there know where the serial number is located on the Cobra computer. Is it part or the software that can be called up or is it located inside the unit?

Urgent : "The Save Ningaloo Reef Campaign"
I usually ignore mail chains and unsolicited mails, but this time I received a link from a friend that I wanted to share with you. I think Australia has many unique places we can help ...

Recommendations for shops around North Miami Beach
I will be going to Florida for a few days in November and will be staying at a place called the Newport Beach Resort in North Miami Beach. I have YMCA Open Water Certi...

HID 35W (DIY project) with separate ignitor and ballast
Hi everybody I am building my dive light (lighthead + canister) based on 35W HELLA car kit with d2s bulbs. Can I separate ignitor and ballast with 1,3 meter (4,3 ft) (on expand) sp...

FA: Nikonos Underwater Camera Complete!!! ame=STRK:MESE:IT

DIR/Halcyon BP slots
Hi, I have been spending some time choosing my first dive equipment and recently bought a Halcyon Alloy BP and 27lb pioneer wing. Setting up the harness, among other problem...

FS: Equinox Under Water Vedio Housing
I have for sale an Equinox video housing set up for a Sony 8mm camera. It's condition is good. It also includes a fish-eye lense and color corection filter for the camera. I can e-mail ...

FS: Computer, regs, octos & fins
1- Mares Abyss w/ Mr22 first stage. Exc. condition w/ last service done 3/93. Have original Manual. $175 + shipping of your choice. 1- Oceanic Delta II w/ Alpha IV Octo. on Oceanic Piston ...

Foot Cramps
I have been diving for more than 25 years and have been using Scuba Pro Jet Fins for the past 20. Lately, I seem to be getting cramps in my feet. Most diving is tropical. Any suggestions?...

Reefmaster 3.3 mp digital camera DC310
Has anyone used this camera and if so any comments please.

Halcyon ABC mounting - how?
Hi there, I've just bought a set of the Halcyon Active Ballast Control (weight pouches), but I'm not quite sure how to mount them to the BP. Maybe it's because my BP don't h...

cameras - where to start
All, I just started diving again after many years off. I'm quite happy to be back in the water! My wife and I are taking a sailing/diving trip in BVI this winter. It ...

TUSA jacket
Hello I need advices on Tusa jackets, specially the Platina Evolution. What's about this jacket and the inflator ? thanks ps: also asked on and fre...

new suunto computers
I have noticed that Suunto have released a new computer a D9, does anyone know if they are intending to releasee any more models in the near future ? THnaks, Justin. <...

Compass for Computer Suunto EON
Hi I'm searching for the compass for EON Suunto computer . If someone has pne for selling or knows from where I my buy it , please let me know . Regards, Alc...

Surfing vs Scuba wetsuit?
Has anyone used a surfing wetsuit for diving? I have a 4/3 O'Neill surfing wetsuit that I'm thinking about using to dive in Hawaii, but I'd like to hear any experiences with this in c...

Rockboots and jet fins
DIR dogma says wear jet fins with my rockboots. I'm not one to follow dogma, but I actually like the idea of having short & wide fins to maximize my maneuverability in the water, as I...

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