Want to buy--Seattle area
I am looking for some Faber steel 72cf 3000 psi tanks. If anyone in the greater Seattle area has any they'd like to sell me, please email me. Thanks.

Sea and Sea MX-10 DID NOT honor warranty on manufacturing defect
I am pleased to bring my case against Sea and Sea to a happy closure, and publicly thank Matt Endo for his role as the go-between between myself and Yamaguchi-san, President of Sea & Sea, a...

SmartTrak software command line options
A quick look at the binary of SmartTrak 1.0130 shows some command line options, some of which are explained in the uwatec FAQ http://www.uwatec.com/english/frameFAQ_S.htm - does anyone know ...

newbie questions
Hello, I have never scuba dived & want to take the certification course, I am going to Florida in June & was going to take the course down there. after a little more thought, I decided to ta...

UWATEC/ScubaPro SmartCom/SmartPro and Windows XP?
I've been unable to get Smart Track 1.013 (latest) to connect to a SmartCom DC under Windows XP. Does anyone else have this problem? I called ScubaPro technical support, but they...

difference between high and low pressure ports
I have an Aqualung Conshelf XII regulator. The first stage has three ports. One that has my pressure gauge attached to it is stamped HP. Two are not stamped. One is for my primary second...

BCD w/CO2's
I have not been diving for a few years. When did they stop using CO2 cartridges in BCDs?

Wanted: Ikelite flash ds-125
Hi, Are the anybody here there have a Ikelite ds-125 incl. arm to fit a ikelite housing for sale? -- Ses, Peter www.dacor.dk - Min hjemmeside om dykning med ...

Advice needed on drysuit purchase
Hi All, I'm just about to complete my PADI open water diving course and have been buying some gear, snorkel, fins and mask. I came across someone who has both an Oceanic Flex 2000...

I Strangled My Dog Then Fucked it
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Teenage Boys Shat on By Fathers
My own Personal Pictures of Teenage Boys Being Shat on http://www.mysexywebcam.0catch.com

Underwater Camera Equipment

Items FS
I have the following items for sale in West Sussex, United Kingdom. 1. Gates Pro CBX450 blue & black drysuit suit. Cordura material, Fit male height 5' 7" to 5' 10", front entry zip,...

"Undersea Speargun" parts
I am located in Miami Beach, Florida, and Looking for an "Undersea Speargun" trigger body assembly. I am having trouble finding a dealer outside of Australia. Thank you.

Atomic SS1 with Adaptor Question
I was looking around for a new Safe-Second and ran across the Atomic SS1 which is a combination inflator/regulator. I would like to use it with my Sea Quest Pro Unlimited BC, but to do so t...

FS: OMS V103 Modular DIN Tank Valve
This is an OMS V103 (right). Includes DIN to Yoke adapter. USA 3/4" valve thread 14NPSM. Following NOT included: You will need a cap (eg. OMS V112) to use stand-alone, or an OMS...

Scuba & Snorkeling Mask Recommendations?
I'd like to buy a good snorkeling mask that I'll also be able to while scuba diving after I take lessons. Any recommendations on a nice, quality mask? Thanks!

Pentax optio S4i - Amazing ?
I am reading great reports about the Pentax S4i with its special Pentax underwater housing and 'Marine' mode to help blue colours properly reproduce. Has anyone used one??? Is it a...

Samsung Digimax V4 digital camera
Anyone familiar with these products? I just purchased the Samsung Digimax V4 digital camera and their SPH-V3/V4 Underwater Housing. (about $850 CDN in total) I do a lot of ...

ADVERT: New dive t-shirts from painorglory.com
New range of dive t-shirts now available on www.painorglory.com Painor Glory have always supplied great extreme sports t-shirts and have just branched out into dive clothing.

Northern Diver BCD
Greetings all from a newbie diver. Just passed OWD course and am looking to buy my own gear. I am looking at the ND Atlas BCD, any comments gratefully recieved.....

Comparison Suunto vs Oceanic
In the end my cheapness prevailed (over the Vytec) and my Suunto Vyper came. I've had a chance of playing with the functions on the surface and have a few early comments in comparison with m...

Toronto. CANADA - Annual SCUBA Swap and Sale - Saturday April 24. 2004
The Ontario Underwater Explorers SCUBA Club is again hosting our annual SCUBA Swap and sale. This is our 13th exciting year hosting this event for the SCUBA diving community on Ontario.

Part 2 F/S more stuff
Thanks everyone for the overwhelming response to me cleaning up my garage..- I number of emails have asked me about what tools or for other items... I went into the storage boxes and took mo...

Mares V16 vs V32 1st and Proton vs Voltrex 2nd
I am doing some reg rehauling and wondering if anyone out there has done some comparisons between the v16 and v32 1st stages. We are currently sucking on MR22s and are parting with them. I k...

Oxycheq Signature Wings
Anybody had a chance to use these? Would appreciate comparison between these and similar offerings by Halcyon or Dive Rite. Thanks in advance. pat

Scuba and Hypothermia
I'm a mechanical engineering student doing a project to make a device that combats hypothermia.This is not a device to keep you warm, but rather to warm you up if you were to get hypothermia...

Color underwater lcd
Anyone ever seen color displays on anything for underwater usage? K

Aquata Pacyfic - advise needed
I am considering seriously to buy Aquata Pacific for my first dry suit. Is there anyone having experiences with this one? Quality, durability, usage comfort. I am a bi...

HELP !! Need J valve parts
Desperately needing an o-ring kit for a 70's Dacor J valve. The model with the knurled metal on/off knob. I have tried all the logical and local places in my area but they wont or...

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