YS-60 strobe rotary switch O-ring: what size?
Hello! Some time ago I ordered "maintenance-kit" O-rings for my MMII-EX and YS-60 strobe. The O-ring intended to seal the rotary switch of the strobe was rather small -...

NIKONOS III----forsale
I have a complete system for sale. if you interested please email me back!! comes with a Helix Aquaflash 28 works with Ninonos I, II, II, IV and V.The flash comes with sensor unit, detachabl...

signal device-Great tool for instructors
Signal Devices If you have ever had problems getting your student's attention, try the Mini Hammerhead signal device. I found this works much better than the fist-to-hand cl...

Underwater Speaker
I'm planning to make an underwater speaker to enjoy my music while I dive. If anyone has any plans, ideas, contacts, or equipment your help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you...

WTB: VX1000 or PD150 underwater housing, etc
My apologies if this posts twice... Looking to purchase: VX1000 - low hours preferably VX1000 housing PD150 housing I'd like to stay with Sea and Sea, but w...

Anyone use scuba tanks for air tools???
Just wondering if anyone runs air tools from their scuba tanks. I've been experimenting with smaller tools through the lp side of a first stage. It's great to fill up a tire, but not much ...

FS: SL515 Reefmaster RC Underwater Film Camera
HI, I'm selling my underwater camera to the best bidder... See the following url for details: http://cgi.ebay.ca/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3800161111&category=4703&sspagename...

I have a brand new 2004 Mercury 25 HP engine for sale. I bought the engine but then got another boat with different engine. Short shaft, manual start, tiller control. 6 gallon gas ta...

FS: OMS Superwings in MA
For Sale: OMS Double bladder wings in good condition. 94 lbs of lift. With dual inflators. $500.00 new. Will sell for $225.00 I can ship it to you. See a photo at: h...

FS: EPIRB in Mass
EPIRB Alden Electronics # 406 EPIRB, Model 1015. 406/121 MHz, with strobelight. Mounting Bracket. Never installed on a boat. Mgf date 4/95. With instruction manual. Phot...

transpac I og II?
Hi group, I've bought a 2nd hand DiveRite Transpac harness, but have trouble finding out whether it's a Transpac I or Transpac II. On the lefter shoulder it only says ...

10w HID Bulb
Hi all, Has anyone found another source for 10w HID bulbs? I've been to Welch allen they are more expensive than the light manufacturer (Bulk buying and all that). Than...

Mares BC Sizing
ANyone out there have the Mares Vector 1000 or Morphos pro that could give me an idea of how the sizing runs? I'm 5 10, 180, 42 inch chest - 33inch waist. Not sure If I need a large or can g...

Marking equipment
What's the best marker to use on scuba equipment for putting my name on the items? I need something that will work on nylon. Thanks.

dangerous ss fin strap clips from manta
To my great astonishment I did find out that at the both ends of the pin of the ss fin strap clip manta is actually selling there are merely two buttons which are pressed on the pin as depic...

Diving in the Republic of Panama
Thanks to those who responded to my earlier posting. Because of other considerations, I will be traveling to Panama City, Panama and was wondering if anyone had any experie...

Underwater Photography with Disposables
Please can someone advise me. I am trying to get the negs. from a snorkelling trip to Antigua ec., properly printed. However both Jessops and Boots technicians in London (U.K.) haven't a clu...

aladin air
Hello, My computer (5 years ), an Aladin Air, shows an Err on the left site of the display. Is someone familiar with this. What is the problem and is there something I can do abou...

Housing for Canon 300D/Rebel/Kiss
My Fellow Divers! I am looking for an u/w housing for Canon 300D/Rebel/Kiss. While there are lots of information from digideep.com, Wonder if there's any hands-on experience on the hou...

FA: UNUSED Scubapro MK25AF DIN w/ S600 and Yoke and adapter!

FA: NEW Koplin SS BP w/ LW STA and Oxycheq 45# wing

FA: NEW Koplin SS BP w/ Oxycheq 45#wing

Newbie Camera Q
I am looking at getting a "universal" housing for a el-cheapo digital point-and-shoot I picked up for $30 at a pawn shop. But first I have a question - what effect does the "lensing" effe...

FA: Adjustable Thruster Fins (M/ML) with Boots (8)
If interested, please see the link below to bid on ebay. Satisfaction Guaranteed! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3661720868&category=16054&sspagename=STRK%3AMESSE%...

FA: New Mares SETA mask with Snorkel (purge)
If interested, please see the link below to bid on ebay. Satisfaction Guaranteed! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3661721704&category=16055&sspagename=STRK%3AMESSE%...

Weight Belt Buckle Threading
Hi Folks, Newbie question.... Does anyone have a diagram, or photo, that illustrates how to properly thread the buckle onto a weight belt? I think I got it right, but would like to be...

BC size question
I have a question about the size of BC I should buy. Judging from the size charts I've seen, I either need a medium or large, but I'm not sure which. I am 6'1" tall, 175 lbs, chest 41", ...

Strobe set up for digital housing
I have a Cannon S40 with the factory underwater housing. Does anyone have any suggestions on strobe outfits that would work with this? Thanks

Dacor Falcon BC
I'm thinking of buying a new BC and one of the choices I'm considering is the Dacor Falcon. I asked previously about it, but I didn't hear from anyone who had dove with it or even tried i...

Knife sheath needed
I need to replace a sheath on a titanium BC knife. It's a semi generic one that looks like the one on the PromateUSA webpage: http://www.promateusa.com/displayCmn.asp?ID=KF210T <...

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