Steel vs Aluminum Backplate
Is the weight the only difference between the steel and aluminum backplate? I currently own a steel plate but I am constructing another unit and was wondering if I am better off using alumi...

WTB" Scubapro Jet fins
Looking for X-large in good condition(ie. no dry rot from sitting in storage) Must be willing to ship to Newfoundland Canada.

Viking 02 HD
WOW! I have a NEW Viking 02 HD with neoprene neck seal, latex wrist seals & pee zipper. Used on 3 days of diving, wrong size for me! NO LEAKS NO HOLES! You get the whole package, r...

housing for digital camera - need help
Hi all, I would like a camera for day to day point and shoot use and an underwater housing for photos when snorkelling (and the occasional dive). I think a 3 megapixel would be fi...

Experience with Olympus C5060 and PT-20 housing ?
Hello ! I am in the process of looking for a new UW-Camera (digital). Before I used a Olympus C5050 with a PT-015 housing and I was very satisfied with the result - even wi...

Scubapro Warrenty Service
In Albany, New York we seem to be loosing Scubapro dealers left and right. Now closet dealer is 35 miles away. Are others having problems getting warrenty service on their Scubapro gear?

U.S Diver regulator for sale. Thanks for looking. Later, John

FS: Scubapro Mk2, two R190, 3 Gage console and BCD hose
All ScubaPro Complete Regulator Setup Scuba Pro Mk2 with two R190 Regulators, ScubaPro Console ScubaPro Depth Gauge, ScubaPro Pressure Gauge and Scubapro Compass and BCD quick dis...

A size question concerning BS's
I'm trying to find a BC which wil comfortably fit my 6'2" 335lb frame, 52 inch chest, you should be getting the idea. Which Technical BC, (no flashy colors for this guy), would best su...

Hi, Did anyone know where ( which web site ) can I get some info about the Panasonic u/w video camera housing? I'm using a Panasonic MX500. and I'm planning to get a u/w housing f...

Info on Small Digital Cameras w/ Underwater Housings
I'm in the market to buy my self a small digital camera. I've been looking at the Canon Power Shot S 400, and the Canon underwater housing they sell for it. Does anyone on here have a...

gear for sale
1 never used !zeagle tech with octo+ size lg $800cdn 10 rental reg set just serviced complete $300cdn cressi oceanic sherwood aqualung ...

Hi, I bought a used Regulator that has some minor corrosion on some of the chrome parts. I was wonder what I could use to clean this up? Was wonder if I could use something ...

FS: 2 aluminum 80s
Two yellow aluminum Luxfer 80s. Current hydro , VIP and Visual plus. $80 each. Located in Massachusetts. 508-612-1213 or [email protected]

Can you fit a 300 BAR manifold on LP Tanks?
Can you install a 300 BAR Manifold on a set of LP tanks?

Broken first stage
Does anyone have any broken or unreliable regulators or first stages? I am interested in using a similar device for controlling non scuba equipment. Either something which I can take apart ...

In the News: What? Only 12 hours bottom time?
In the News: WHAT? Only 12 hours bottom time?

VR3 question
Howdy! I have a VR3 dive computer with software V2.1CXR and I am unable to add addtional gas to my Gas list and was wondering if anyone else experienced this issue? The problem is...

scuba diving equipement for sale
1 pair of aqua lung dive boots size 9, $10.00 , 1Dolphino mask and snorkel $10.00 ,1 pair of divemark dive boots size 10, $10.00 ,Sea Quest " Carrera " dive suit and hood , 6mil,(Blue ...

FA: New integrated weight system and harness/thigh pocket
Thigh/harness pocket: Integrated weight system: <...


looking for underwater container storage dry for meds.
I am looking for a small water proof container to take while diving that will hold my asthma inhaler ( meds used at the surface in case of emergency ). Is there anything that seals and...
Could someone share with me e-mail & password to unterwater Of course privat cotact: [email protected] Thx Martin

Din Valve Question
My regulator has a din valve with 8 threads and I just got a tank that has a din valve on it with 5 threads. Can I use these together? The regulator doesn't screw in all the way. In ...

Which is better - Contact Lens or Presciption Mask?
I am not sure which way to go when scuba diving... Should I use contact lens or a corrective mask? Anyone know which is the most popular and the pros and cons?

Where can I buy 7mm wetsuit on-line
I would like to purchase a pair of 7mm NEW wetsuits on-line. I would like good name brands ( Henderson, parkway, or equal ) to choose from. If they don't fit can I exchange for the correct s...

Can my Mares Abyss be used with Nitrox?
According to Mares, I can, but only up to 40% Nitrox. I must say, they didn't sound too convincing. What does everyone else think? TIA! V.

Bonaire Trip, 1/05/04-1/15/04
This is a multi-part message in MIME format. ------=_NextPart_000_006E_01C3C413.6A7856C0 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1" Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-pri...

Regulator,slow leak...
I went to go diving the other day; and my regulator (2nd stage) had a faint air leak... but when I got home, it didn't -- back to the water, it was leaking -- could the cold have something ...

Scooter for sale
Gavin clone. Must sell. Pics on Ebay, more with request. D Burnworth

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