Water resistant cable and connector
Hi everybody. I'd like to ask if You know where can I buy such (http://www.pbase.com/image/14302988, http://www.pbase.com/image/14303184) water resistant, rubber cable with cord (2 pin)...

Mares Rebuild Kits
Need websites on retailers who sell Mares rebuild kits?

Dive Rite Regulators
I have observed that www.DiveRiteExpress.com, operated by www.fillexpress.com, offers both Dive Rite Regulators and service parts for them on-line. Presuably in their shop, too. And some t...

Hoeveler will be remembered as Glades hero
CARL HIASSEN Hoeveler will be remembered as Glades hero Hoeveler always will be Glades hero For those who've fought so long to save what remains of the Everglades, it's...

Viking vs. DUI ?
Considering a new suit by either. Pros, cons ... ? Alternatives for cold Souther California diving or colder Northern California diving ? Thanks,

Dacor Scuba Gear For Sale
Everything you need except tanks. You can see pictures at http://www.kathycrain.com/forsale.htm $1,000 for everything email me at [email protected] if you have any ques...

Mares M.R.S.
Hi, I'm looking for some gear tips please. We just took our gear for the first dive after going "shopping". My buddy and me have both Mares Morphos Twins with the integrated...

Epoque ES-150DS Strobe???
Hi, any experience (opinion) with Epoque ES-150DS digital strobe? It seems to be an interesting (the price!) alternative for Sea&Sea 25DX. brunner

Online equipment retailers?
Anyone know anything about divingear.com? Came across them on the web the other day during my usual trip through the online scuba gear sites... Thanks for info... --- Synchronet ...

CDNN News: Johnson Outdoors Battles Allegations It Covered Up Uwatec Dive Computer Defect
CDNN News: Johnson Outdoors Battles Allegations It Covered Up Uwatec Dive Computer Defect http://www.cdnn.info/industry/i030920/i030920.html

CDNN News: Jailed Scuba Quest Owner Faces More Child Pornography Charges
CDNN News: Jailed Scuba Quest Owner Faces More Child Pornography Charges http://www.cdnn.info/industry/i030923/i030923.html

FS: X Bracket
Selling one X-Bracket with clamps. Taking reasonable offers!

Ewa-Marine camera housing question
Hi, I got a Ewa-Marine U-AMZ underwater camera housing but it doesn't come with instructions. I know about the silica gel, but not sure what the opening in the back is for; do I need to get ...

dive computers suggestions
interested on any imput people have on a good quality dive computer must have oxy adjustment and profile download...

SCAN 5 is junk
Thgis is just a warning do not buy this item or any of its cosmetic make over versions...This is total garbage have gone through 2 refurbished ones allready on the so called warrantee..fails...

My e-mail address
As some may know, I've been having a terrible problem with my e-mail. Specifically, I've been getting so many messages from people infected with the W32.Swen.A virus that legitimate messages...

FA: DAN Pelican 1450 Oxygen Rescue Pak Waterproof Case with Complete Foam
A DAN Pelican 1450 Oxygen Rescue Pak Waterproof Case with Complete Foam has just been posted on eBay auction at: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3627846585 Good...

Heated Suits
Looking for a heat unit, heated suits, electric under garments...anything to keep warm while diving in frigid waters. Anyone know of anything? I am currently using a DUI crushed neoprene d...

Nitek3 and d/ler for Macintosh?
I have both a Dive Rite Nitek and a Nitek3 and recently purchased the downloader. I am attempting to run Nitek Logic using VirtualPC but I can't seem to get a connection going. I'm on a Ma...

Uwatec dive computer & Apple Macintosh
> This message is in MIME format. Since your mail reader does not understand this format, some or all of this message may not be legible. --B_3147012044_16445111 Content-type: ...

Mares Morphos Twin
I have a question regarding the shoulder strap holders on the Morphos Twin. The manual doesn't cover this for some reason. Both shoulder straps come back into a piece that is looped in...

FS- Scuba gear
I have some scuba gear for sale. 2 regulators,mens medium wetsuit, mask, fins, bc, tank etc. This is older stuff in very good condition. Make a reasonable offer. call Herb at (613)386-7256. ...

We have a line of personal strobes that is outstanding. Ck them out here: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3626722328&category=1300 Boat Ski Rescue Kayak Scuba Strobe...

ever flex wet suits ? by scuba pro ?
Hello, I have to buy a new wet suit. I heard I think Scuba Pro is coming out with a new material called ever flex. Have any of you heard about it ? have you seen it ? tried it ? P...

FS: Vintage Scuba Mags on Ebay
1959 Skin Diver Mags. Just do an Ebay search for "Vintage Scuba magazine" or "Skin Diver" or by my seller name "donbarnett59"

Halcyon Super cam Buckle
Hello all, I am looking for graphic instructions or even the pdf file that shows how to thread this buckle system. I'm stumped. Randy

Nikon Coolpix 5000 housing
a couple of months ago I read an article in one of the dive magazines (can't remember which one) about a $120-$170.00 housing for a coolpix5000. I have checked Rodale's archives and ca...

Looking for dive lights and strobes
Hi, I'm looking for good second hand dive light, dive lanterns and emergency strobes. Any offers? Cheers, Marcus

CDNN Scuba News Portal: In Harm's Way: The Wave Dancer Victims
CDNN Scuba News Portal: In Harm's Way: The Wave Dancer Victims http://www.cdnn.info/article/wave_dancer/wave_dancer.html

PADI Underwater Child Molester Specialty Course?
CDNN News: PADI scuba instructor arrested, charged with molesting boys during scuba diving class http://www.cdnn.info/industry/i030916/i030916.html

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