PC and Palm Software
Any recommendations for dive log software for the PC and/or Palm?

FS: Oceanic Datamax Pro Plus dive computer in Central Texas
Datamax Pro Plus Computer <20 dives Includes owner's guide and fresh battery Paid $749.95 new Try $375 Too expensive? Make a resonable offer. mailto:kgoodw...

FA: VINTAGE SCUBA EQUIPMENT-US Divers/Healthways-Regulator/Knife/Speargun/More Updated 7/31
I have several vintage scuba diving related currently up for auction at ebay. They are from the estate of the original owner & seem to span the years 1956-1961. A few of the items are in the...

Suunto Eon Manual
I am in dire need of a Suunto Eon Manual or a copy. I will gladly pay for it. Glenn

Wanted: Light Cannon
Send cond/hours on bulb/location to my email only

Wanted: USDivers 1/2" reg. hose
Looking to replace a broken hose on an older USDivers 2nd stage.any length /used is fine. Send price /Im in Phoenix- send email only-

FA: Last two PST 100's
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OT: best spear gun.......
Not the most expensive, but which is the most gun for the money ? Why ? Appreciatively, -- Courtney Thomas S/V Mutiny lying Oriental, NC

Back Plates
Who is making backplates these days? I am interested in getting one.

FS: Underwater Video Equipment
For those with a penchant for underwater video and a few extra bucks lying around, have a look at http://www.seahoss.org/video_sale.htm This may not mean much, but I can persona...

How to clean or remove dirt on a trilaminate drysuit ?
Hello, I would like your input on how to remove dirt on a trilaminate drysuit. The main stains I am having difficulties with are from clay and algea. Thanks.

CDNN News: DAN's Dirty Peter Still Dripping with Money Lust
CDNN News: DAN's Dirty Peter Still Dripping with Money Lust http://www.cdnn.info/article/peter_bennett_dan/peter_bennett_dan.html

DUI Weight & Trim Classic and the new WT II
I am considering the DUI weight and trim system. Undecided as to which one to get. Currently using a system made up of four pieces of webbing, two weight belt release buckles and 4 triglides...

EARN$£$600week downloading free software
http://131695.PlugUsIn4Cash.com We know it sounds TOO good to BE true, but itís REAL! Our International Technology firm will pay you hard cash each time FREE software is downloaded.

Anti-fog gels? Help please
I was hoping someone might be able to help here. I know there are lots of different anti-fog gels on the market. One that springs to mind is SEA GOLD for diving masks. Does anyone know what ...

passport size like log book
Hello, Can you please post any log book that you have found usefull but I would like them to be passport like size: 12.5cm X 9cm (4.9in X 3.5in ) approximatelly. PLeas...

WTB: Genesis React downloader
As per the subject, if any of y'all want to sell a Genesis React downloader kit, either reply here or email me. Cheers David M

Simple and inexpensive dive computer
Hi, I am a newish diver and was wondering what to buy for a dive computer. I am not doing anything fancy, just diving with air. I would like an idiot proof (or near enough) dc that won'...

PADI logged dives card 25? 50? 100? how to get it ?
Hello, Is it true that the way to get the PADI Logged dives card has changed ? Read this: Unfortunately, PADI no longer produces certification cards as in the

instrument for console diameter space 4.1cm (1.6 in.) compass or anythign else ?
Hello, I have a console with depth and pressure gauges, it has an empty smaller space in the front and rear for some smaller instrument like compass or anythign else available, di...

FA: Mares Volo fins
http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3619516028&category=16054 &rd=1

FA: OMS Professional Dive Analyzer
http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3619158325&category=1300& rd=1

help please - looking for neoprene supplier
hi maybe anyone can help me. i'm looking for neoprene supplier, (first of all EU, if not, Asia). sorry for spam Marek

REgulator reviews
Does anyone have a website link for reviews of the different regulators on the market. I have found one review but it about 1 year out of date! Thanks, Justin Champio...

Time for new BC
My BC just broke and I am considering getting a backplate and wings. I have OMS 112 cu ft tanks and use them as singles. What would I need and what is the best brand. Any help would be app...

OxyCheq Wings
Gang, I have the new OxyCheq wings in hand, and I have a limited number of them available at a very reasonable introductory price. 30 and 45 pound single wings, and 50 and 7...

drawing first and second stage
I have to give a lecture tommorow and I need some good drawings. My HD with my material is damaged Pls help

FA: DIVE RITE Scuba Diving Light - DIR
A DIVE RITE Scuba Diving Light has just been posted on eBay auction at: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3618546686 Good Luck & Happy Bidding!

FA: Mint Ocean Reef Full Face Mask Neptune NIRA 2
A Mint Ocean Reef Full Face Mask Neptune NIRA 2 has just been posted on eBay auction at: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3618538610 Starting price is $199.99 an...

AGA Help
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