15 Aug 2005 07:48:09
FA: oxygen regulators, masks, kit

I'm moving overseas so have LOTS of stuff to get rid of.

I've put together two oxygen provider kits. One is a regulator with
0-25lpm constant flow, 2 DISS ports, demand valve, hose, new-in-bag
mask, and new-in-bag nonrebreather mask. Rent a tank locally and
you're ready to provide O2 for 2 divers at once:


The other is a full kit with everything listed above plus 2 tanks, a
carrying case, and new-in-bag pocket mask with oxygen inlet.
Everything you need including two tanks.


Both of these regulators and kits compare with the $700 kits DAN sells.
My starting price is about half of my cost to put them together.

Check my feedback, I take my auctions very seriously. Ask any
questions through the "ask selller a question" link on ebay please so
others can see your question and my response.