Boston Marathon PodCast on the Run
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: CONTACT: Steve Walker [email protected] Voicemail: +1 (206)-338-3211 Boston Marathon PodCast on the Run ...


Interval training advice please
I'm a 5"10 or 5"9 1/2 (1.78m) 14st 12 (94kg) 44 year old male. Though I'm considered a fat bastard by some of my pals I do various activities regularly. Twice a week I do interval...

Good Running Hat for Desert conditions?
I'm planning on entering the Bataan Death March marathon next month, and am looking for a superior hot weather running hat. I'll be wearing a longsleeve wicking shirt with a fairly high c...

new blog post on running technique Enjoy!

McCain seems dead; Obam spin happy; O, Hill, you have my heart ~ !
GO Texas & Ohio ~ ! ! !

Online Running Stores
I know this gets brought up from time to time, but I am due for a new pair of shoes. I wanted to try buying them online again (the local store I had been purchasing from has let there select...

tired of weight loss scams
i am tired of weight loss scams. check out real people real results

Many Companies are seeking persons for doing simple computer
Many Companies are seeking persons for doing simple computer typing jobs. Any body with basic computer and Internet knowledge can do the work. Need to spare 5 to 10 hrs. a week. The more you...

Fiona Lim - Triathlete
My sister Fiona Lim is a top Malaysian female triathlete who has competed in many races including the Ironman series. Fiona has a blog with pieces on her training, competition, and family. ...

scissor techniques
Left to right, or right to left? -- Michelle - Because I can

Running of the Reindeer race
This race was held in Anchorage for the first time yesterday (while I was off watching ITI start) - sprint distance. Yes, it's patterned after Running of the Bulls. Fur Rondy is one of lar...

Wind Chill/Sore Throat/ Bleeding
Hi Guys, i have a pretty good question here thats been bothering me for about 6 months now. Ive been lifting weights seriously for about 2 years now and have a pretty good build going. About...

Back to running
In High school, I was floating over the planet without effort. Now thirty four years later, I am weighing down the planet! I need to get in shape, but my efforts have led to knee problems. <...

Sprint training progression
This year I started some light sprint work in order to alleviate boredom. In the past endurance-type running I would simply attempt to go as long as possible every 'long run day' and run as ...

Sell HID Conversion Kit $45us/pc
we selling HID Kit in $45us/pc and very cheap UPS shipment. the first kit shipment is $37.5us and the other kit shipment $26us/pc. for example:if you ...

Running Night Light
What is the best, lightest, night light for running? Thanks!

Just lazing around today...
yeah mock me for not working out for the 12th consecutive day!

"Scissoring" with pipers.
Hi, For those who don't know me, I have just recently completed my trans-gender operation, and am now a complete woman, like many of you I'm sure. But the reason I'm here is I've been ...

Runner's knot
I learned something today while buying shoes. The salesman showed me something that he called a runner's knot, where he laced those last loops on the shoe by lacing them straight back ins...

Training Week Ending February 24, 2008
Greetings rec.runners! Please tell us about your training week and goals.

Help with improving my running times
Im new to running and im trying to reduce my running times. If anyone has any advice i would appreciate it. Im hoping to take part in the new york marathon this year. Im trying to get down i...

"jones" can't make up its mind (such a tiny thing; shouldn't be hard
I said of "vegans" that after they're pushed off their false claim to be "minimizing" harm to animals, they fall back to a weaker claim of "doing the best I can." To that, "jones" ...

Reading on treadmill question
I spend about an hour each day on the treadmill. Most of the time I just walk (incline), sometimes I may run. Walking on a treadmill at the gym can be boring. My eyesight generally is fine. ...

Happiness is...
... adding "vegan" and "veganism" to your kill file. ;-) Tim

Runners rash?
I scissored for 4 hours last night, and now I have this nasty irritation "down there". Is it runners rash, or scissor burns? -- Michelle

Re: Why Vegan Instead of Just Vegetarian??
'For a Nebraskan, going vegetarian means going against the grain With friends and family in the land of Omaha steaks, it's hard to explain that you're no longer a carnivore. ...

customizing/repairing a treadmill
The deck on my Pacemaster broke, not all the way through, but cracked enough to make running a hazard on it. So I disassembled the unit and noticed that the deck is simply 1" particle boa...

Scissoring report!
WOW! Those huge thighs on lifters really are great to scissor with. I guess the extra muscle is good for something afterall. One question though, I noticed that lifters have no sex at all b...

Where the Marathon Matters
Interesting article on running in Japan: -- "The goal is training and adaptation, not destruction and injury." - Jo...

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