consensual pedophilia is ok
If you have engaged in consensual sexual conduct with a minor and have not used force, intimidation, deception, or drugs, then you are innocent of wrongdoing. The pe do philia sca...

I don't understand all I've been reading about how the foot is supposed to fall "flat" for long-distances or "on the toes" for quick sprints instead of landing heel-first. P...

To joanne and group
I need your opinion, should I use the diamonds or the squares on this quilt? This is a present for my new daughter in law so it has to be perfect! The picture is below: http://...

Off to the Gym....
For the last lift of 2007, it'll be the flat bench press. I'll likely do my customary lateral raises and biceps work as well. After a quick shower and a little one-hour nap, I p...

Training Started
about a month ago I was released from my doctor to run, but I decided to just train with swimming. So now I think I should start running if I want to make my goals (running a 9:40ish two mi...

The Fastest Way to Lose Weight Using These 7 Tips
Are you planning to lose weight this winter? Want some tips? Take a look at this. Then the first thing you need to do is to STOP eating high calorie food. You know what I mean... h...

rec.running FAQ, part 1 of 8
Archive-name: running-faq/part1 Last-modified: 15 June 2007 Posting-Frequency: 14 days Answers to REC.RUNNING FAQ and Interesting Information This posting contain...

Training Year Ending 2007
Greetings, rec.runners! Thanks to Dot for posting this last year, I borrowed from the template that's been used here in the past. Please feel free to join this thread and s...

Training Week Ending December 30, 2007
Greetings rec.runners! Please tell us about your training week and goals.

Got a New Garmin Forerunner for Christmas
Hey guys, I just tried out this new Garmin application - - which is really cool. Simply export your Training Center data and open it with http://www.r...

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KKK meeting at my place, friday 7pm
Greetings haters! I'll be holding our weekly KKK and ANP combo rally at my place, as usual. Friday night, 284 McDonnell Ave, Biloxi, 7pm. Clothing optional. -- Alric Knebel...

Advice on ActiveWear for Jogging, Please
Hi, All: I used to simply go jogging during wintertime in a sweater and sweatpants -- maybe with a long-john underneath and a scarf around my neck (never ever ever saw the p...

Folklore on Shin Splints: Building on Kaz's observations
Building on Kaz's comments: How does that relate to shin splints? Your anterior shin muscle not only raises your toe, but it also resists a forceful extension of your ...

Will a tense person have more shin splints?
I have a history of cramps in my calves. In my recent runs i could feel my right calf being tense as I run and now i have shin splints right where i felt the tension. I try massage and see i...

Did Push-Ups Again Last Night
I was still able to knock out a good 50 at a time -- maybe another ten if I was going to wheeze my way through (compare that to GEN Patraeus, who does 81 in 90 seconds -- but then agai...

Road bike news, reviews, cycling advice, gear, parts and accessories,
Informations guide for all cycling equipment,and many more ...

How do people run on the sidewalk?
And not get shin splints? I am completely baffled. I see people running everyday on the sidewalk. I can't becaues of these damned shin splints, yet I'm almost ready to give up because I can'...

From start to (first) finish.
I was discussing new years resolutions with my family the other day, and when I said that I'm sticking with my usual resolution which I've managed to keep for almost 30 years now (I wont s...

The Gymnast's Way to Total Fitness
You know, the more I think about it, the more it seems that my ideals of "fitness" are more in line with those of gymnasts than any other sport or physical discipline. So just wha...

Bodybuilding Mags versus Running Mags
Funny thing, bodybuilding magazines are big and bulky, compared to running magazines, which are slim and thin! Funny thing, indeed: I'd have thought that the running and jogging marke...

Iliotibial band syndrome - Shoes
This past Saturday I ran my usual five mile loop and a few minutes after I got home I was limping around the house. I was experiencing sever pain on outside portion of my right knee. Two day...

Searching for Happiness ?
Searching for Happiness ? Dr. Saleh Abdul Azeez As Sindee Happiness is a common goal that everyone strives to attain. Philosophers, intellectuals, doctors...

I am sooooo lonely...
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Trail ultra shoes question
What's your experience and advice? I run all my road races in racing flats with some cushioning (Saucony Fasttwitch Endurance). Lately I've been running almost all my runs i...

Contour abs
I lost 130lbs with Contour abs. This thing is GREAT! I'm down to 230 now. -- -- Alric Knebel 284 McDonnell ave or 16201 Cervantes Ct Biloxi, MS (228) 432-0131 <...

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