Some Respite, if legal Tents, for Skid Row Homeless
The New York Times October 31, 2007 Los Angeles Journal Some Respite, if Little Cheer, for Skid Row Homeless By SOLOMON MOORE LOS ANGELES, Oct. 30 - Not so long ag...

$$$$$$$$make money online$$$$$$$
$50,000 for only $5 in two months? You gotta be crazy! How can you make $50,000 for only $5? Well, that's what I was wondering too until I came across this letter. First of all...

shoe size to wear while running
Hello, I've been recommended that while running one should NEVER wear a firm fitting shoe, in-fact while running one should ALWAYS wear shoes which leave a little gap in between y...

r cubed = wreck.running recipes. Here's one I anticipate enjoying again repeatedly. Super intense flavors, nice textures, and very satisfying as a one dish (with whole wheat couscous) meal...

Airmen Fly Past Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines This Year I'd have thought that the Air Force had more skinnies than all other services combined, so the wonde...

PBS does a marathon
Set your VCR/DVD recorders

Aldic's coordinates
On Oct 29, 7:44 am, Noko Nihi <[email protected]> wrote: > N W Hey, ya know these will be very handy when I finish that thermonuclear device I'v...

Painful Wart
I have a painful wart on the bottom of my foot and I am treating it but I am worried that do to the pain I will land incorrectly on my foot and cause a worse injury. Does anyone have any sug...

Cramps during long events
Hi, I finished a 50k trailrun recently (palo duro, ~7 hours), but as in every marathon-length event for years, I got cramps around the 20mile point and had to powerwalk the rest of the dis...

5 Weeks Out to Marathon - Should I run LSD Training Marathon or do the Half this weekend?
Hello All, I would appreciate any feedback on a training dilemma this week. I am 5 weeks out from my target Marathon (Dallas) and am considering the Bass Pro Marathon (Springfield, MO -...

Stretching/Strengthening the Calf
I've been trying to restart running again after a ~10-year hiaitus. In the interim I've done a ton of cycling, so my aerobic conditioning is good. I tend to over-pronate my left f...

Missisipi's 10 most wanted: KNEBEL????
Check out the goofy looking fuck at the bottom right corner.¤t=10Knebels.jpg

"King Crimson" goes gay!
Well the King has come out of the closet, and admits he's gay. I'd like to be the first to say that there's nothing wrong with being an ass-crackin', stinking, filthy, disgusting, dirty, rot...

Being kind to liver when taking meds
1. Lamisil is hard on the liver. Web surfing says to abstain from alcohol or consume in moderation. For a healthy person, is one drink a day considered moderation? One of the te...

How to call Knebels house and beat the privacy block.
Email me for info on how to fake numbers on Knebels caller ID.

How's those phone calls Knibbles?
Hows the phone situation going Knibbles? In an hour or two I will have hit my goal of 1,000,000 people reading what a pervert you are. Sleep good lil' fuckface.

Achilles Tendon
Hi, Has anyone got any ideas/sucess stories on Tendoitis rehab? Ive tried all sorts but not got anywhere in a couple of years. Although the pain subsides as soon as I run ag...

My new hoe, Alricina and her number.¤t=hoes.jpg

Hairy Gorilla
DF, see you at Thatcher Park. I will arrive, don't know if I'll survive past mile 6 though.

Where's that big hunk King Crimson?
I need a tight butt to crack. Where are you King Crimson?

Used Exercise Equipment at
Used Exercise Equipment at Find, compare and buy Used Exercise Equipment and other Sports and Outdoors products. Read product reviews and compare prices with tax and shippi...

Hi, all, Long time lurker here, first post. Background: I'm 55, running for many years. Race a couple 5k's a year, I do about 21 and change, hoping someday to get near 20. I run about...

Training Week Ending October 28, 2007
Greetings rec.runners! Please tell us about your training week and goals.

Ah Knebel, it was WONDERFUL!
Well I'm crawling in at 5am, so that gives you a good idea what I was up to. You know I'd love to tell you guys about it, but with Knebel reading he'll end up pukeing. Tales of male/female l...

the AIM of LIFE
What is your purpose in life? What is the rationale behind our life? Why do we live in this life? These questions frequently intrigue people who try to find accurate answers. Peop...

My date. P.S.
Oh and if you are the lucky candidate, rest assured once I get my operation and get a vagina, you can nail it, but in the meantime I can take it in the mouth or ass. Michelle ...

I need a big one.
I'm pre-op, so don't be surprised. Michelle Steiner

I need a boyfriend!!!
Hi group, Well my frustrations are boiling over, and I need to get laid, bad. I mean not a "bad lay", but I need to get laid, badly. No not "laid badly" just laid. Um, you know what I m...

Smokey times in L.A.
I've lived in LA all my life, and while wildfires are a fact of life through October, I've never encountered smoke pollution like this. The entire southern part of the state, from above S...

Michelle Steiner the Tranny!
I need some dick...besides my own. Michelle Steiner, the horny tranny.

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