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Took 30 days off from running. How do I restart?
Got a little obsessed with hiking for past month and have done no running. I think I was running about an hour when I quit. How gradually do I have to get back into running?

I'm "Knebelrific"!
I make up new wordz. Ha ha. -- _________________ Alric Knebel

Self traction - Hips / Deep lower lumbar area / Sacroiliac joint ?
I was hoping someone might be able to give me some pointers regarding some possible self traction? I have done all manner of stretches and exercises, but there is one particular thing I am t...

See Jane Run, Run Jane Run ef=slogin ONE day, about two years ago, my son asked me a probing question. łAre you running just to run...

Which shoe last do you wear?
If you wear a straight lasted shoe you are straight. If you wear a curved last you are gay. Mine's curved, heavily... -- _________________ Alric "assperv" Knebel ht...

The Knebel 10k RR.
I want 40 to 50 guys to show up for my road race, and then instead of running we'll get your 'frustrations' and energy 'out' in other ways. Thongs are welcum in my race. Men only of course, ...

Alan Webb does it again
By finishing 8th in the mens 1500m final. This much over hyped and vastly over rated middle distance runner could run fast times and break American records in races that don't matter. B...

No Knebel, no yahoe?
Interesting that our resident midget only posts at the same times as [email protected] does. Gee, I wonder who it could be....

question about MBT shoes
I figured a running newsgroup would be the best place to ask about shoes. I have plantar fasciitis and it hurts pretty bad. Ive been scouting around for better orthotics/inserts f...

Choosing the right trial shoe
The selection process for buying trail-running shoes varies tremendously from person to person and is often haphazard. Finding the right "fit" is a key, but elusive, objective for both newco...

The "Kneb" (assperv) blew me last night.
He was sloppy, but we have him in training with gramps Douglass Freesepops and Charlene Pendejo.

Difference between running and walking shoes?
When walking your foot is in contact with the ground up to 50% more than when running, for this and other reasons there are a number of subtle differences between the two shoe types. A walki...

T&F World Championships Results page Check it out. One thing of note. The top Marathoner for the US finished 21st

It was YEARS in the making, but with thgis RR'ing has finally come full-circle.
On Aug 28, 12:18 am, Charlie Pendejo <[email protected]> wrote: > Doug wrote: > > That was cross-dress not cross-train. > > I'm starting to realiz...

My new song.
It's about ass. I love ass. Bills especially.

Hey Kneb?
Did you get those poop-pics you requested? I ate at Taco Bell last night as you requested, and I'm waiting on the Hershey squirts to make you that video you requested. Check your email later...

Finish chute designs
Where is the actual finish line in relation to a typical funnel-shaped chute - usually - widest part of funnel, where wide part meets the neck, far end of the cute, never-never land? ...

Dan's Article in M&B
Dan Stumpus' article 'Running with Kenyans' is published in the September/October issue of Marathon & Beyond. Nice read, Dan.

Shoe test
I had about 400 miles on my ASICS Cumulus shoes and tested them against my NB 1030 shoes which had about 20 miles by running 4.5 miles with one of each shoe on a foot. It was very evident ...

How I Spent Saturday Night
People, things did not go well for me last night. After I posted to RR in my various identities, I hitchhicked out to the truckstop to earn some extra cash. There are several I work, but...

Race report-Bodock 5K
So a month ago, finished a run and ran into a friend at the trailhead. We know each other because her son and mine ran XC together on a multi-year state championship team. She a... sell brand clothes like Bape series, BBC, Kidrobot,10Deep, A&F,Locoste,
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Anyone notice Knebels a fag?
He spends hours/days/weeks studying my ass, and ranting and raving how much it turns him on, yet those pics of me bangin' one of my hoes never gets mentioned. I guess we all know where ...

"Assperv" Knebel

The gayest running shoe EVER!

Keeping fit while my achilles heals
So now that I've got myself a 6 month plan to heal the achilles, I had to find myself another exercise form that would be easy to do and be just as hard. I found it - jump rope.

Dredging up the past - Zola Budd
May not be a pleasant subject, given the tendency to flame on Usenet, but I was reading about her story in the 1984 Olympics and wondered who truly was at fault - if anyone. The descripti...

Track world championships broadcast on Versus
It's on right now, and every day, with what looks like repeat showings. -Tony

Training Week Ending August 26, 2007
Greetings rec.runners! Please tell us about your training week and goals.

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