Looking for good (probably moderated) message board
Are there any good, moderated bulletin boards devoted to running that are free of all the trash talk and infantile infighting here on rec.running? I wanted to get other runners' opinions on...

transitioning from treadmill to pavement
I've heard anecdotes that claim a person who trains on treadmills, then for whatever reason decides to begin training on pavement can be at risk for calf, achilles, and plantar injuries du...

Training question
The half-marathon training plan I'm going to follow has has this schedule: Monday: Strength training and extra stretching Tuesday: Run Wednesday: Cross training or short ...

57 minutes continuous
No pain. Slight pain in right foot from hiking across steep snow slope with crampons on. calves still have doms. shins are not sensitive even after run. im prolly pushing my luck so wil...

Training Week Ending July 29, 2007
Greetings rec.runners! Please tell us about your training week and goals.

NOT ABOUT Alric Knebel!
Just kidding. he's a pervert.

Alric Knebel passes on.
It seems the pussy tried to up his usual 3.5 miles, and died trying. I guess 3.6 was just too much for the little canyass.

13.38 miles
This morning I successfully ran 13.37 miles for the first time. I did it in three stages just about like I planned. I ran for 50 minutes, walked for two minutes, ran for 50 minutes walked fo...

Alric Knebel's long criminal record
More investigation has revealed Ms Knebel has over 26 arrests for various misdeeds. No wonder he needs to run...from the cops.

Alric Knebel arrested for molesting young boys.
AGAIN! His second offense in as many months. I think Altric Knobber is heading for "the joint" where as a "diddler" he'll be treated appropriately.

WS100 on NBC @ 3PM EST
NBC has coverage of this year's Western States 100 at 3PM EST, in their World of Adventure.

Knebel a registered sex offender!
It seems our boy "nasty Knebel" has been diddling little boys. I found him registered here www.sexoffenderregistry.com

Alric Knebel: Burger King's employee of the month.
My competitor tells me that Knebel did such a nice job cleaning the restrooms last month (looked like tongue marks on the toilet seats)that they are giving him the "King Toilet" award for la...

Measuring a mile
Awl-- I have a couple of local HSs with the red oval rubber track, and it's been so long since I've used one, I've forgotten how many times around is a mile, and how to use the ...

Dean Karnazes-Catch him while you can!
Got a question for the Ultramarathon Man? From July 27 to August 3, TNF athlete Dean Karnazes will be logging on to our forum to answer your questions. Here's you chance to get tips and advi...

40 minutes continuous run
I did a 9 hr hike one day ago and my calves have that lactic acid feeling but my run was pain free. I took it easy because there is no point getting injured. recovery has to be upper most in...

Blisters - HELP!
Hi, I'm not a runner, just a walker. I try to walk 4-7 miles a day. I walk on the sidewalks through town. I started this regimen about five months ago, and I've lost 45 pounds so ...

Alric Knebel diagnosed with AIDS
I just did a search for Knebels health records with my password for the national health archives, and found some interesting things. It's no wonder the punk only runs 3 miles 3x a week, his ...

new race

Tour de Dope
"This year's Tour has lost at least two teams, the winners of four stages and the overall leader." Precisely why I refused to even watch the tour this year although I love the s...

To reduce your body weight & slim your body
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Humanitarian collection for Alric Knebel
Look, all of us can see the pain wrought by a lifetime of no sex (blowups, porn, etc don't count) and how it's effected the attitude of Alric Knebel. The solution is simple, we'll take up a ...

Great new race in Alabama
Check it out http://www.tri-mansworldmailboxofficesupply.com/1917500.html

Jumping rope as a training
Hi, I'm training for a marathon in about a year from now. I did my first half-marathon a couple of months ago. I just bought myself a leather jumping rope. I wanned to know ...

Fartlek Running
All: Hi. I have run for years but have never run any real races. I've decided to train for a 1/2 marathon and found a good training program at coolrunning.com. One of the runs I n...

I wantto punch TBR!
I want to punch you, you sissy boy you. I bet my internet threat scares you? Alric Knebel -- www.dickheadsplace.org www.alrictheliberalnazi.org --...

Black Toenails
Sorry for the unpleasant subject, but I invariably get them in my once or twice a year marathon run. I've tried wrapping the toes in medical tape (useless) and was hoping for some permane...

Soy nuts may reduce blood pressure
Soy nuts may reduce blood pressure http://thehealthcare.blogspot.com/2007/05/soy-nuts-may-reduce-blood-pressure-in.html

My path to fitness
I'm a 19yo guy who simply got tired of being really out of shape. I decided to do something about it by going to the gym with some friends who are outstanding athletes, and fitness has...

Training Week Ending July 22, 2007
Greetings rec.runners! Please tell us about your training week and goals.

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