Goes Live!
Contact Information: Elayne Chow Founder 202-258-2054 [email protected] Carolyn Rumbarger Co-Founder 202-680-3665 [email protected] Grac...

leg length discrepancy
I went to see a chiropractor for my knee pain, and had a CT scan done of my leg bones because he suspected a length discrepancy. Turns out my left leg is about 8mm shorter than the right....

new runner's diary >>> feature - lace up with the running shoes overview & editor
Dear fellow runners, runner's diary >>> ( helps you to keep track of your running exercise - and now features a new function. F...

Worship the return of your god
Talleho chums, Just thought I'd drop in for a spot of tea, or me. I was great at boston this year. Glad I didn't run in no pansie races like that disaster in london. God, what the hell ...

Posting race pictures of strangers on imageshack?? is it appropriate?
I took several hundred photos of participants in an adventure race. I uploaded the pics to imageshack and made them public. Is this ok?

70-year-old marathoner nabs alleged thief Reminds me of when Ben Johnson had his wallet snatched by a kid who then managed to run away successfully. -- Posted...

Do you suspect you have a food allergy?
TS you pussys.

I be Lowtuc Zzzzzzzz
The sun masters the darkness, as the abismyth rotates three times clockwise, then twice counterclockwise. I ride bike. As it rotates clockwise the vericircle will elongate into oblivion, on...

Do you suspect you might have a food allergy or intolerance?
I was sent an article by a friend regarding food allergy's or food intolerances. It included a simple 12 question test to see if you might be a sufferer. If you'd like to read the whole arti...

Training Week Ending April 29, 2007
Greetings rec.runners! Please tell us about your training week and goals.

Drills to teach proper athletic stance
My sons 11 and 12 are resonably good athletes for their age but I have found since they are tall for their age (5' 5") they have never really learned the proper athletic stance. They are al...

so excited! longest distance ever
Portland Fit meets every Saturday morning. The longer the runs are, the earlier we meet, and the slower you are, the earlier your start time... So I had to be there by 7am! I was really...

3 Meets in 4 days
I had a tough week I'll start with Saturday. I ran in an invitational the 3200 and ran an 11:09. Tuesday we had a duel meet and I ran the 3200 in 11:15. Thursday I ran the mile for the fi...

I'11 be Damm! Farmer resurrecting from dead:>)
That old man farmer who died years back were we care to save his land now a subdivision by his sons reiterated and saw him this a.m. driving his oldest son truck..he bought that farm renovat...

Comprehensive Speed Enhancement Resource
These speed training programs were created exclusively for SPEED EXPERTS and have never been available to the public -- until now! Why settle for a book or video from only one trainer when ...

De-Motivation: Beyond Inspiration (The Letter "C")
Start your weekend off with a little "De-Motivation". Today we showcase the letter "C" of the series. Check it out at: and cli...

"I still here you Bastards"
classic movie steve Mcqueen escapes on a bunch of coconuts; to freedom from the french prison systems on a island. I still here you bastards. love it rec runners <...

World reknown troll Bapip to run for president.
If you dumbasses could elect a jerkoff like W, then you'll LOVE me.

tensor fasceia muscles
Sorry about the likely bad spelling, but you know the muscles I am getting at. They end up really tense and short feeling on me after a run and ache the next day; is there an exercise anyone...

Another victim of overhydration
David Rogers, a 24 year old, 3:30 London marathon finisher dies from hyponatremia - drank too much water. An interesting quote from the article --...

today's dirty phrase- "metatarsal head"
has anyone ever had a problem with the joint where their toe, possibly the big toe, meets up with its corresponding metatarsal? first mpj in picture-

Running Programme for new runner
My wife has not run for many years and as part of a diet programme, she would like to exercise. I run frequently and would dearly love to help her but do not know where to start. I relis...

taking the kids running
My 9 yr old daughter I guess is catching the "running bug" and would like to go with me on one of my runs. I figured I could take her out for a very easy and slow mile or two, I don't wan...

First Outside Run of the Year
I've been running indoors on a treadmill for most of this past winter. Now that the weather's gotten nice again, I ran outside yesterday for the first time in several months. I notice th...

Boston Marathon Report
It was the best! Sure made that crappy thing in London look silly.

Newbie Got Blisters
I needed to start exercising and lose some weight. I decided to do some neighborhood walking. I started walking a mile. Then upped it to 2 miles. Then 4. Although I have walked as many as 7 ...

fractured rib?
what are the symptoms of fractured rib?

How can you tell if you have fractured rib
Fell off my bike last week, and my right chest is sore to touch. Hard to get out of bed. sharp pain. Hurts to cough. Doesn't hurt to breath anymore. No bruising or discoloration. no swelling... Beta
We have launched a new map-based running route creator. It's still in Beta. We'd love to get some feedback, so please give it a test drive and let us know what you think. ...

biking at night.
April 24, 2007 Look for Saturn quite near the Moon tonight. They are high in the south at nightfall. Saturn looks like a bright star just to the southeast of the Moon. The Moon...

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