Where's my Dominatrix ~ ?
I'm lost in the Matrix.

See you all in a week!
I'm off to Norway for a week. I'll be back in a week from tomorrow. I plan to get a couple runs in during my trip, so I'll be sure and tell you all about it. Have a great week!!!

first impression of Portland Fit (USA Fit)
We had our first meeting today. There are about 1000+ people participating, but for that size, they were very organized. There was a massage/chiropractic booth, water/gleukos station, sh...

Training horror story
Today was supposed to be the day I extended my long run from 5.05 tp 5.5 miles for the first time. In the last week I ran every day except for Tuesday and Thursday, on those days I played so...

OT: Training for adventure racing: mountain biking, hiking, running (mostly hills)
I can only run 36 minutes at a slow pace and I have to up my mileage slow or i get injured so I concentrate on hiking and biking to get into shape. the race will be 2.5 hrs of uphill and tha...

Twisted Ankle and tight calf muscle preventing running
Hey guys I need some help on a long term injury which is preventing me from getting back to running. I twisted my ankle playing squash a few years ago and it was a bad one where i...

excel training log question
I've been tracking my distance and time, but would like to see it converted to pace. What is the formula I'd use for that? Say I did 2 miles in 18 minutes. So I have 2 in the first colu...

training week log linkage...testing.

This marathon is out of this world :-)
Wouldn't mind trying this one... http://space.newscientist.com/article.ns?id=dn11496&feedId=online-news_rss20

Attn Garmin fans
Wouldn't you prefer an arm-mount computer which also plays MP3s, and more importantly whose slogan mentions produce? http://www.paroos.co.kr/english/product.htm It's not c...

Slowing pulse late in workout dangerous?
This question has probably been covered before in this forum, but I haven't been able to find anything on it. Today, I was swimming laps in an indoor lap pool while wearing a heart <...

I broke the sound barrier!
No, not really. But it felt like it! I ran 2 miles today in 19 minutes. Ok, it was flat, and maybe I had a tail wind, but still! I have been averaging 11 minute miles, so for me this wa...

Walking is torture but running is fun. Then why dont more people run?
I guess most people dont even walk. Running is a high so you would think everyone would be running. I can only run 20 kms a week because of defective legs and advice (freese). I cant imagine...

run faster when there is wind
I believe conventional wisdom says that you will run slower when there is wind (assuming that you are running out and back) because the wind will cost you more time when you run against it, ...

10K roadrace (Danish championship) race report
Sunday 25. The route was a relative flat "8" figure. All together there where 28 90deg. turns. 2 "down" sections lost a few meters over 100-200 m and one "up" section (~400 m gain...

respiratory training device
Is this yet another useless gizmo, or a real training device? They say pro-cyclists use similar device. It is more convincing than a magnetic bracelet. http://www.heartratemonitor.co.uk...

is this normal? :) http://bp3.blogger.com/_JSev9SXdUWA/RgBUfeP8xnI/AAAAAAAAAC0/fasqB-73Dtc/s1600-h/Picture+038.jpg from the same blog: "If you look close you can see t...

Ironman Achiever Elliptical?
Does anyone have any experience with this Elliptical? Or any Elliptical by Ironman? costco.com is offering this one for $300 off this month, bringing the price to $1199.99 which includes s...

Job for Doug
There's an ad in our local paper for guides for the Catskills. "Volunteer trail interpreters are being sought for the trail to Overlook Mountain in Woodstock. To be considered, volunt...

Preventing knee and joint injuries
Is there any kind of consensus in this group about which supplements are best at preventing knee and joint injuries/pain? Or should I just not take any supplements and live naturally. I don...

Hat run pictures
What no Doug? A good shot of Jimmy: http://www.hatrun.com/07Photos/large-25.html And here I am cleaning my feet and orthotics with water from my bottles after th...

The Hat run race report
Well, here it is my first ultra experience. I woke to a cool drizzly day the morning of the race, meet up with DF and company and walked over to a local diner for some breakfast....

Race Report: ING Georgia Marathon
Race: ING Georgia Marathon Location: Atlanta Georgia Date/Time: Sunday, March 25, 2007, 7:00 AM Weather: Sunny, 7:00 AM - 56F, 86% humidity. 11:00 AM - 78F, 39% humidity, 1 mph ...

Brooks Beast - Changed?
I have been running in 2002 (?? grey with blue) Brooks Beasts for a few years and found them to be great. I am a clydesdale, varying from 230-250 and have run a half marathon every spring, ...

Brooks Beast- changed?
I have been running in 2002 (?? grey with blue) Brooks Beasts for a few years and found them to be great. I am a clydesdale, varying from 230-250 and have run a half marathon every spring, ...

Brooks Beast - Changed?
I have been running in 2002 (?? grey with blue) Brooks Beasts for a few years and found them to be great. I am a clydesdale, varying from 230-250 and have run a half marathon every spring, ...

Ziquin Triple Action Bio-enhanced Nutrition for Athletes
Ziquin nutritional products were uniquely designed to fortify, balance and resonate with the life force within the body. No one-except Ziquin- has created a formula that combines amino ...

Overwieght runners? Marathon a possibility?
Hello, I am 39 and just started back running. I used to run 3 times a week for about 15 miles about 10 years ago, but now I go out once every 6 months for a mile or two. I am about...

Another race in the books
Satirday I ran the my third 5K ever, and this one was run on a beach. It was Siesta Key Beach in Sarasota, Florida, if anyone knows of it. Running on even hard packed sand was different than...

More Marathon and Half-Marathon Photos
I have uploaded over 200 photos from the More Marathon and Half-Marathon, which took place this morning in New York's Central Park: http://gallery.nycrunningblog.com/thumbnails.php?al...

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