FA: Rare booklet - Jos Naylor, Fell Runner Extraordinary

Miss Anne Thrope - the point being?
I read a lot on this group but only post occasionally but I have noticed the above named appears to post pointlessly , adding nothing to debate just sneering jibes. Why is this? why would so...

Advice on which softshell to buy
I am looking to buy a running softshell and have narrowed it down to the following: Patagonia Core Skin Arc'Teryx Sigma AR Arc'Teryx Sigma LT Marmot Sharp Point The...

Teaching "Logic Tells Us That One Word Does Not Cover..." 9-8-97
TEACHING DELIVERED THROUGH FRANCES M. KLUG ON SEPTEMBER 8,1997 "Logic tells us that one word does not cover 'all of the offenses against one Commandment'.

Dr Fiona Lim - Malaysia Triathlete Personal Blog
Dr Fiona Lim is a top Malaysian female triathlete who has competed in many races including the Ironman series has recently started a blog with pieces on her training, compe...

heart rate slows as you run?
I'm training for my first 10-miler and had my longest run yet today at 8 miles. (I'm two months into a three-month training program pulled from Runner's World.) As I was running ...

Tuning ladders
In my track workouts, I generally do a single pace throughout. Question came up recently about doing ladder workouts, and they seem good for variety and mixing up paces. But ... how do yo...

lower inside shin is tender
I did along hike last Saturday and then a pretty hard hike on Wednesday and I run 32 minutes every second day. am i doing something wrong? In the previous few weeks I have been doing small <...

the 5k that wasn't...
Woke up Saturday morning ready and rarin' to go. I seemed to have a breakthrough in my running the previous week, and was sailing through 4+ mile runs with ease. I couldn't wait to get o...

Runner's World Buys Running Times
http://tinyurl.com/2dbpab -- Phil M.

Odd Combo Of Hip/Thigh Pains
I've been fighting a problem and I'm at the end of my rope. Last August I read the Chi Running book and adopted it's techniques. I was coming off of PF (moving to Chi Running made the ...

Anyone with Marathon race experience use the Camelbak? My goal is to run the Marine Corps Marathon in October, and qualify for Boston. So to minimize my time, I thought getting the Camelback...

Marathon guides - I need some input from you guys!
Hello there! I've recently created a free guides for the 2007 Flora London Marathon that can be stored and viewed on an iPod. This type of digital guide (called a Pod SnapShot) ty...

A runner's dictionary of pain
Hello, I've recently (since last year) decided to take do my running a bit more seriously. Up to then I had been mostly doing resistance training at the gym. I never had any injuries to s...

6 Tips for Looking and Feeling Younger
Maybe one for the ladees here! (And Miss Anne Thrope). Wendy Churchill is an amusing and quirky journalist who thinks outside the conventional health box. I like her style. If you'd like to ...

Terry Fox Biopic on TV
I hadn't heard of Terry Fox before seeing this Biopic on TV earlier. he lost a leg to cancer but decided to run across Canada to raise money for cancer research. He managed 3,300 miles over ...

Training Week Ending February 25, 2007
Greetings rec.runners! Please tell us about your training week and goals.

hi ..... i want to discuss with all of you about my favourite diet....jogging.. i like jogging... for me, it is one of the types of exercise that more easy than other... how a...

Running on rooty/rocky/uneven trail good?
A mountain trail with lots of roots and large rocks. Does that help prevent running injuries?

Latest Race
I just finished the YMCA Heart Healthy 5K Run/Walk in Port Orange, Florida. This was my second race overall, the first being the Daytona 5K last month. I improved my time from 29:...

Calf cramp. Ouch!!
I woke up yesterday morning with a calf cramp. It was as if someone had stabbed me in the calf. I had my leg up in the air for about three minutes. I did not shed a tear, because I am a man,...

Interview with Jurek

NCIS shoe-pod
Did anyone else see the episode on Tuesday with the runner who used a shoe-pod to track his running? And note Gibbs's reaction to it? bj

best treatment for blister?
I have a blister that is just behind the ball of my foot, and it's hurting alot! My first 5k is on Saturday, and I am wondering if there is anything I can put on it to protect it. It wil...

PodCast Fdip85: Running Legend: Steve Prefontaine.
Phedippidations # 85: Running Legend: Steve Prefontaine Greetings Fellow Runners... Steve Prefontaine was a runner, and an artist in motion: all beauty, and passion, fire a...

Shoe construction
Hello - I've been running on and off for two years - sometimes due to injuries, sometimes due to committing more to other sports. The thing is, my favourite and least injury-inducing s...

running & eating healthy
Hi, I have started jogging and been at it for about 6 months now. Now I would like to change my eating habits to give myself more energy, but have no idea where to begin. All the books ...

stride length?
A girlfriend and I met in Sedona for some hiking over the weekend, but spent some time in the gym while there. We ran side beside on treadmills, and she pointed out that at the same speed...

Older runners - Sound off!
Anyone in here decide to get serious about running after you turned 45 or 50? Can you briefly describe your progress curves? How fast have you gotten? How much have you improved? Cheers ...

FYI: Video on The 80s Puma Computer Shoe
Definitely grandy nerd/geek stuff on Computerized Puma running shoes from the 80s paired with Apple II computer, at http://geekvideo.blogspot.com/2007/02/80s-puma-computer-shoe.html

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